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Best of 2012 & 2013: Spiritual Principles to Receive Miracles by Hans Christian King - Spiritual Radio Show transcription

with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Best of 2012 & 2013: Spiritual Principles to Receive Miracles
February 8, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to GUIDANCE FOR YOUR LIFE. This is Alfred and this is probably the last time we're going to be playing the "Best Of 2012 and 2013" as we're getting tucked into our new place in Playa del Carmen. Hope you enjoy this week's "Best Of" and we'll be coming to you again next Saturday, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

Hello everyone and welcome to Modern Day Mysticism being broadcast on the WorldPuja Network. My name is Alfred. I am the young Padawan who's been studying directly under Hans for over 5 years now.  Unfortunately Hans recently ate at our favorite Mexican Restaurant but the restaurant did not agree with Hans. So I will be giving the teaching for tonight: "Accessing Unknown Possibilities". 

Working with your guidance is a way to receive information about what possibilities you may be presented with. “Surrendering the desire to control the outcome is merely the first step in getting out of your way”. Once you let go of peer pressure and your mind's desire to protect you, you can be peaceful. “Being peaceful is the foundation needed to begin accessing clear guidance about possibilities you never thought possible”. When Hans first presented me with these teachings, I thought he was crazy. I said: "How can this stuff be possible"? I would argue all these things - about how you have to work harder, and long hours, and that my education taught me this, and my experiences taught me that... And finally after I argued with Hans for about 6 months, he just looked at me and said: "Who knows more, you or God"? And for the first time, nothing in my education, nothing in my experiences, could provide an answer. What human could possibly know what God knows? Is there any religion, any spirituality that is totally encompassing of the spirituality of God? Is there any science? The fact is that what we, as humans, know is limited. And if we know that God knows more than us...if we know that our thoughts are limited, why limit what we know? Why limit our possibilities? It leads us to a funny point: "If you think you know, stop thinking". Why? Because if you think you know the answer, you are actually limiting the possible outcome to what you think you know. And since we've already realized, and what really struck me deeply, is that I don't have all the answers. No human could possibly have all the answers, or all the knowledge that God knows. All the possibilities for your life. By thinking you have the answers saying: “This is it. This is the answer”, you're actually excluding all the knowledge of Spirit and God and of the Universe. 

That's why I say: "If you think you know, stop thinking". Even Einstein, regarded as one of the most intelligent people on Earth, said: "I want to know God's thoughts. The rest are details". “I want to know God's thoughts”. Well, we're going to get to that. How is it possible to know God's thoughts? How is it possible to gain access to unknown possibilities? The first step to accessing unknown possibilities is to "surrender". To surrender that you “think” you know the answer. We teach a Safe Place Exercise, it's more formally known as "being in a meditative state". What we ask you to do is to practice this as much as possible. Practice it all day. Practice even at work. “Practice surrendering that you know the answer". “Practice surrendering thinking you know the best outcome, the best possibility for your life”. Unknown possibilities come from beyond your mind. They come from Spirit. They come from the Godforce. How do you access this? To access this guidance, Step One is to stop, is to relax, is to let go, is to surrender. Hans told me one time: "When you're in a hole, stop digging". When what you're doing and the way that you're doing it is not working, working harder, working more hours, becoming more stressed is probably not going to give you a different result. Someone once told me: "The true sign of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result". Step One is to "surrender" that you have the best answers for your life. So what is the best direction or possibility for your life? 

We like to say the best direction, the best possibilities are the opportunities and experiences that are according to your dharma. So for those of you who don't know what your dharma is, it's the agreement that you made with God, before you were born, before you were incarnated, when you were on the Other Side. And you said: "God, I'd like to be incarnated. I'd like to come down and have some human experiences". And God looks at you and says: "Okay, please present me with a plan about what you would like to learn, what you'd like to experience". And you create a plan with Spirit, with your friends and family on the Other Side. People choose to come down with you - soul mates, partners. Other people tend to stay on the Other Side and be your Guidance. And that turns into your contract for this particular incarnation. That is your life-path. That is your dharma. So when you come down and you're incarnated as a human, the best thing that you can do is follow the experiences and lessons that are according to your dharma. Why? Because when you were on the Other Side you had access to all of your karma, all of your past lives... How did you do in a previous life? What things did you want to do in this life? And when you had access to all of that knowledge, all of those resources, that was the absolute best possibility for your soul's growth for what you wanted to experience. What were the best directions, the best possibilities for your life. And you come down. And the funny joke is: "You don't remember your dharma". 

Why? Why don't you remember you dharma? Well, it actually is programmed. I like to say: "Why take a test if you know the answers"? Would you study if you knew the answers? Would you work hard if you knew the answers to a test? Would you prepare yourself? Would you even bother going to school? Would you learn anything? Would you put yourself in difficult situations where you had to overcome if you already knew the answers to the test? Hence, why you don't remember your dharma. But there is a way to get in touch with your dharma. There is a way to receive guidance and be presented with possibilities and opportunities according to your life path. Step Number One, we were saying: "Be as peaceful as possible". For many of us that's not the easiest thing in the world. There are so many of us that were trained to think that "stress is your friend", "working a ridiculous number of hours is a good thing", "working on the weekend", "working at nights"... Letting go of the need to control, for many of us, is extremely difficult. That's why it's Step One. It's extremely difficult to allow Spirit into your life if you have control...if you've already set the way things need to be. Once you begin to open cracks - a little peaceful moment here - a little peaceful moment there - then Step Two can begin. You begin to allow Spirit room to allow possibilities and opportunities on your behalf according to your life-path. According the best opportunities possible that you requested. What type of possibilities can be presented? What can Spirit present you with? Composers have said, they've just heard music and they write it down. Well, where does that music come from? Well, Spirit can provide guidance in all areas in your life. Again, as we teach, Spirit is your friends and family on the Other Side. And if you think of the infinite possibilities and the knowledge and experiences of souls that have been here, having human experiences and have returned home to the Other Side... Think about it. Architects, Computer Programmers, Engineers, Waiters, Housekeepers, Painters, Composers... Every single walk of life that was here is on the Other Side. And what do they want? They want to be able to help those on this side. Especially those who have agreed to provide guidance to you. So Spirit can provide guidance in all areas of your life. 

As you begin to work with Guidance, practice in small areas. A good one is when you start rehearsing what to say to someone, what to say in a speech, when you need to confront your partner, when you need to confront someone who's bothering you and you feel the stress - Stop! Don't do it. Don't start creating mind chatter. Practice being peaceful in that moment. When you start stressing about what to write, when you're having writer's block, when you don't know what to paint, when there's something you need to be creative about and you start feeling that stress and you start feeling that...Stop. Stop right where you are. Don't stress. Let it go. Practice Step Number One. When you're going crazy about what direction to go in your life - "Should I take this course"? - "Should I take that job"? "Is this partner for me"? Then you start feeling that stress, that you have to figure it out - Practice Step Number One and just relax and let it go. How you know you're doing the exercises right is when you feel the stress going away. Nothing's going to change except your vibration. Except the opening of the possibility of Spirit to come in and guide you and provide possibilities that you couldn't imagine when you were fighting to figure it out, when you were fighting about what direction to go, when you're stressing about what to write, when you're rehearsing what to say - just "relax" and open up to the possibility that in any of these areas Spirit can come in and help you in ways that possibly you couldn't even imagine. Hans has been teaching a Three Door Exercise. Many of you may know it. Where you go into your Safe Place, you go into a meditative state, you absolutely ensure that there is no mind chatter. 

There is no thought. And it is only at this time that you can begin the exercise. That you ask your Guidance to come and provide you Doors of Opportunity about your life. And that's the Second Step. Asking them to come in. Asking them to participate. To say: "I've opened myself up. I possibly don't know the best thing to do in this situation. Why don't you come in and present to me possibilities". Just like a painter. If you're going to paint, you start with a white canvas. If you're going to allow Spirit to paint the possibilities of your life, of the moment, of any situation, allow them a blank canvas. Don't say: "Well, I think it could be like this", and "I think it could be like that" - because you're restricting what the possibilities could be. The more you are like a blank canvas, the more Spirit can present unlimited possibilities on your behalf. So do you have a say in your possibilities? Do you have a say in how things are going to go? Yes, absolutely. You can ask "for the experience of something". The more general you are when you ask "for the experience of something", the better. For example, say you're an artist. But you're living in a small apartment. And you say to Spirit: "Spirit, I needs lots of money so I can rent a big studio or rent a bigger apartment so I can expand my work. Can you please provide me with the money"? That's limitation. Instead, just say: "Spirit the way that I am in service is by art, is by painting. I feel it would be beneficial if I had a larger space. Could you please help me find and use a larger space. However you make that happen, I would be grateful". You see the difference? How things happen, how something is presented to you is not defined. You don't say how it's going to happen. You just ask "for the experience of something". 

For example, the first year that I worked with Hans I was taking most of his teachings and putting them into a book format. Well, I got to the point where I said: "Okay, Hans we're ready for a publisher to come in. I'm at the point where I need help". And I sat Hans down and I said: "Okay, this is the way it normally works. I would research your peers, other people in the industry. I would research who their publishers were. I'd make copies of the first few chapters of the book and send them out to to the publishers”. And I told Hans: “That even when we found a publisher we could expect 3-5% of sales after the publisher sells the book”. We'd get 3-5 cents of every dollar. And I explained to Hans: “This is the way the industry works”. And Hans looked at me and said: "Don't look for a publisher". I said: "Well, how are we supposed to get a publisher Hans if I don't look"? He said: "Don't". He said: "Ask the Other Side for a publisher". So having faith, trust and belief I said: "Okay, everybody, Hans' book is ready. Could you please present us with a publisher"? Hans asked for one copy of his book. And for a couple of months he took it around with him. And about two months after-wards, Hans looks at me and said: "Well, we have a publisher". And he explained that he had these clients for about 20 years. So these were long-time clients. Hans didn't know that each of them, husband and wife, had their own publishing company. And as Hans was giving a reading to the husband, he looked over and saw the book and says: "Hans, what's that"? And Hans says: "Oh, that's my book". And he reached over and grabbed it and said: "Mine". To make a long story short, by the time we were done, these absolutely angels in human form agreed to a 50/50 split. A joint venture. And they were even willing to give up everything they were doing to focus on Hans and allow us 50% of the profits being sold. Not one email was sent, not one phone call was made. Instead Hans and I trusted that the Other Side would provide, in the best possible way, what we would like the experience of. Can you ask for specific types of help? Like at work? Absolutely. You can ask them to help you with specific problems. You can ask them “to help you be creative”. 

For example, if you're in advertising and marketing - “What would this advertisement look like”? “What type of slogan can I come up with”? And don't brainstorm. Instead clear your mind and see what comes "to you". Clients for those of us who are in service, how about asking Spirit to present to you people who would benefit from your assistance. Here's the prayer: "Spirit, could you please provide me with clients that would benefit from the service I provide". For those of you who are recently spiritual, you will have known that you have lost a few's okay. As you move a little spiritual sometimes you don't keep your friends with you. You can ask Spirit: "Spirit, can you present me with friends that have a like vibration and have similar interests as me. I'd like some new friends please". When you're practicing talking, stop, surrender about what you "think" you should say. If you're giving a speech, if you're writing something down, if you're practicing talking to someone about what you're going to say to that person, stop. Surrender what you think you should say. And at that moment say: "I have faith, trust and belief that at the right moment what will come through me is best for everyone involved". And every time you do this specific type of help, feel the difference. Feel that you are uplifted and don't limit yourself as to what possibilities Spirit can help you with. Even with fixing things. Even with computer tasks. I come from a background of 15 years in International Banking where I focused on building computer systems for International Banks. You think I would know computer systems. Every once in awhile my computer doesn't behave. And there was one time I'll never forget. For an hour I tried to make the computer do what I wanted it to do and it just absolutely would not. An hour later Hans sees me being frustrated and puts his hands on my shoulders and says: "Alfred, did you ask Spirit for help"? I said: "It's a computer". He said: "Did you ask for help"? I said: "Okay, guys could you please help make the computer work"? 60 seconds later, the computer was working. If my jaw could have been on the floor, it would have been. This has happened every few months where Hans will see me struggling, trying to make the computer do something and he'd say: "Did you ask for help"? Six years later I have to be reminded to ask for help. And that's why the subject of this little talk right here is that you can "ask" for specific help, not "expect" specific help. Very, very important that you have to “ask”. What's the difference? The difference is acknowledging the law of free will. Everyone has free will. Everyone has an opportunity to choose in every single moment of their life. If Spirit comes in and assists without you asking, it's not assisting, it's interfering because you did not ask. You have to ask to be presented with creative thoughts. 

You have to ask for clients...ask for friends...ask for what to say...ask to help fix something...ask for anything you want. “But you have to ask”. Step One...don't forget Step One, is to create a space for whatever it is to come through you - to come to you - to be presented to you. Then once you're in that Safe Place, once you're in that meditative state, then you can ask. Then Spirit has a space to work through. So how do you recognize whether it's you or when it's Spirit? How do you know whether it's your mind chatter or whether an opportunity is being presented to you from beyond your mind? "Feel" the answer. When you're looking at something and you feel stress, if you feel a negative vibration, chances are it's coming from you. When something is in front of you and you feel a lightness as if the wind is behind you pushing you forward...if you feel uplifted...if you feel less stress...if you feel a little light-headed - then that's you tapping into Universal Energy. And Universal Energy is supporting you in that moment. That's how you know when it's Spirit. Here's a good example to tell the difference. When you're in a stressful situation and you have to confront someone, normally what happens is your mind chatter kicks in immediately and starts saying - "Well you have to say this" and "You have to say that" and "Don't forget to say this" and "Don't forget to say that". I want you to feel the stress, the negativity as those things are going through your mind. And then as soon as you relax and say: "You know what, this isn't up to me. The best outcome is by allowing Spirit to come through and say what needs to be said for the best of everyone involved". And at that moment "feel" the difference in your vibration, in your stress level. When you feel that stress, in that particular example, say: "I ask you to help me say the best for everyone involved". "Feel" the difference. "Feel" the presence of Spirit. "Feel" the opening. That is the perfect example of how you know when it is Spirit in your life and when it is your mind chatter. 

Unlimited possibilities means allowing the unlimited knowledge and love of the Godforce to provide you with opportunities, to provide you with knowledge, and provide you with guidance. If you'd like Spirit's input about opportunities for your life - possibilities for your life - do the Three Door Exercise. If you don't know what the Three Door Exercise is, please feel free to email me - "" and I'll point you to the product that has the Three Door Exercise. It's part of Hans King's Intuitive Development Package. It is one of the fundamental exercises that begins a dialog with your Guidance for you to ask them to present you life possibilities. “What is the next step in my life according to my dharma”? If you'd like to access the knowledge and creativity of Spirit, you want to allow it to flow through you. You want to surrender and allow Spirit to access your fingertips...access the paintbrush...access the pen. Be the conduit. Be a blank slate. Allow them to come through you and present knowledge and creativity in any instance you would like. It's merely up to you to say: "This is the situation that I'm dealing with, I would like some assistance". And go into a blank state and allow Universal Energy to flow through you. This is 'Automatic Writing'. This is 'Channeling'. This is creating music...painting... Anything like that Spirit can provide you help with. If you'd like guidance before making a decision, ask the Other Side - "Is something for you"? Now may of us are not clairaudient. We can't hear a clear 'yes' or 'no'. Everyone can "feel" the answer...everyone. Just look at one possibility and say: "Is this for me"? Again go into a blank state, meditative state, Safe Place...”feel” the opportunity. Spirit will present you with an  uplifting vibration, a very calm vibration, if it is for your highest good. If it is not for your highest good, you're going to feel're going to feel're going to feel a negative vibration. It is not your job to understand “why” - that's mind chatter. It is your job “not to understand”. It is your job “to let go of any mind chatter”. It is your job “to be open to feel the answer” when you're making a decision. Allow them to come in and tell you if something is for your highest good.

Accessing unlimited possibilities means ensuring that you are not providing the answer. It means, as much as possible, when you're looking for an answer that you calm yourself, you be peaceful, you turn off the mind chatter. However it also means not interfering with, not judging what is being presented to you. For example, if you ask for a relationship and someone is presented to you, and the very first thing you do is say: "Yes, this guy is really nice but he doesn't have half of the things on my list". We all know our list of things we want in a relationship. Well maybe that list is not the right time for you right now. Maybe this person is just bringing a lesson or an experience that you asked for. Yes, okay maybe he doesn't look the way you'd like him to look. Or have the right job that he's supposed to have. Or have the income that you wanted him to have. But maybe you did ask this person to come into your life. Or maybe Spirit is using this person to present you with an experience that you asked for. 

So we have gone over when to understand if something is “for you”. It is not your job to “judge” or to understand “why”. Or to interfere with what is being presented “to you”. You are not to understand why something is there. Again you're not supposed to remember your dharma. You're not supposed to understand exactly why everything happens to you. You're supposed to have faith, trust and belief that what is being presented to you is for your highest good - regardless of whether you understand it or not. And trying to understand many things, especially for us old souls, will drive you crazy. If you want mind chatter try to understand your life as an old soul. The less you understand, the more you can be at peace and just accept what Spirit is presenting to you. Just have faith and belief that what is being presented to you is for your highest good - is for your best good - is according to your life-path. 

Accessing unlimited possibilities means being a 'conduit' for knowledge and possibilities to come through you. If you want to know God's thoughts. If you want to know what the next step in your life-path is, then you have to surrender and allow guidance and knowledge from the Other Side to come through you. It means being a blank slate. To be empty enough to receive knowledge and guidance from the Other Side without tampering with it. Accessing unlimited possibilities means living as Spirit. Being peaceful, having non-judgment, being grateful as much as possible each day - all day long. It doesn't mean meditating once a day for 15 minutes or maybe 1/2 an hour. What is means is: “By living as Spirit is to be peaceful all day, to be grateful all day, as much as possible:. We're human, we can't do it all day long. There are some people in life that will shake your cage and rattle your bones and you have to take a deep breath every once in awhile to put yourself right. Keep your vibration high as much as possible. Work on your mind chatter every day as much as possible. Practice non-judgment every day as much as possible. Because you never know when Spirit is going to coordinate things and an opportunity, a lesson, a possibility, is going to be presented to you. That is why all day you need to be as calm and peaceful as possible. Accessing unlimited possibilities means “surrendering to the fact that God knows more than you”. This is the life changer. This is how it all begins. This is when your mind finally admits: "Oh, if we're going to be successful, if we're going to be intelligent, if we - body, mind and soul - are going to get what we want out of this life, it's not my job to protect you. It's not my job to create mind chatter. It's not my job to figure everything out. It is my job as a brain to surrender and relax and to realize that if I want to be as intelligent as possible and if I want to access immense amount of knowledge, then I need to surrender to the fact that God knows more than I do. And when that happens, when that seeps down into your bones and your brain finally gets it, you will begin an unbelievable peaceful journey. 

Accessing unlimited possibilities means allowing the wisdom of God to flow through you in each moment of your life. It means on a moment to moment basis practice what we were talking about. Every moment practice being peaceful. Every moment allow the Godforce to flow through you. Every moment allow yourself to think “there's a possibility in this moment that I'm not aware of”. If you're “in the moment”, then you're not having mind chatter about the past. You let that go. You're not having mind chatter about the future. It doesn't concern you. What the absolute most important thing for you is, “in the moment” what is the next step, the next lesson, the next experience in my dharma, in my life-path. What is the best for me and for that unknown possibility that you don't remember.  You just have faith, trust and belief that Spirit will present it to you as long as you open the door and ask them to present to you with unlimited possibilities.


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