Sunday, June 22, 2014

“Being Peaceful” - by Hans Christian King REBROADCAST from JULY 2011 Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Being Peaceful” - by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Being Peaceful
June 22, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to MODERN DAY MYSTICISM with Hans Christian King. We're so glad you can join us and we hope you have a very peaceful evening because that is the topic of today's talk. Hans will be talking to you about "Being Peaceful". Without further ado, I present to you the Modern Day Mystic himself Hans Christian King.

Good Evening everyone. How are you? Alfred and I are down in Puerto Vallarta and having a little bit of rain outside, so that's great. Tonight's topic is "Being Peaceful". You know you hear a lot about people saying: I wish I was peaceful. I probably get around 100 emails a day, on average, and I bet that one-half of them somewhere in their Prayer Request will say: I need to learn how to be peaceful. I want to bring peace into my life. I used to be a person with a peaceful nature but it's gone now and I don't know how to get it back. One of the things that helps you to become peaceful is not having judgments. When you no longer have a judgment - of anything - no matter what it is - you begin to bring a peace and a calm around you. When you work. as you've all heard me say so many times, with the mind chatter...when you finally conquer that little demon called the mind chatter, then there's a remarkable sense of peace that begins to descend upon you. Because it isn't so much all the appearance of the hectic freeways and airways and people running to and from and all of the arguing and bickering in society that makes you unpeaceful. It is actually your own being that tends to drown out your peaceful nature. For instance, do you have a judgment that something is wrong? Search your soul, search your heart on that one. Do you have a judgment that something is wrong? For most of you the answer will be: Yes. But what if you found out, my dear friends, that nothing was actually wrong?  Absolutely nothing. Only the way we perceive it. Only the way we run it through our own mind. Someone said to me recently: Well, how do I not have a judgment of it? I said: That it is, is sufficient. In other words - can you have a judgment of a tree or a flower? Can you actually have a judgment of another spirit in human form? No, you really can't. That's the humanness of it. That's the human side of us. And people point out sometimes they feel I become very simple and naive because I say these words. But these words don't come from me. These words comes from the Spirit. Spirit never looks at mankind and judges it by saying: There's something wrong. They simply see the angel in us and how are we responding to the conditions in our life. 

For instance, I'm just going to make this one up myself here - let's say that your partner says to you one day: You know I love you very much but this really just doesn't feel like it's really working for me and I need to look at an alternative. I think I need to be out of this relationship. Now the mind will go crazy. It'll start throwing out "why". Why are they doing this to me...I'm a good person...I love them...there must be something wrong with couldn't possibly be me... And then it turns to - what if it is me? What if I'm not enough? What if I'm the one who's causing all this problem for my partner? Children it is what it is. Nothing is wrong, only your perception. Why would you want to be with someone who didn't think they wanted to be with you? It's simple - something is or it is not. I've been teaching you this for many years. There's no gray in Spirit. The situation either is or is not. I've taught you about the Buddhist tradition of looking at the flower over and over again. And one of the devotees said to Buddha: Master, he says, we fail to see the lesson in this. He said: That it "is" needs no explanation. So whatever the circumstances in your life at that moment - it is what it is. Also, it is in the process of moving past you. All pain, guilt, illness, is all in the process of moving through and past you. 

Now sometimes there are teachers out in our society who talk about learning to forgive. Spirit absolutely is adamant when I say to you: That is not true. There's nothing you need to forgive yourself for. Whatever you did was a reaction to a pain that occurred in your life - could have been now, could have been past. But Spirit only looks at the intention, never the deed. You don't need to forgive yourself. You don't need to forgive your parents. You don't need to forgive your children. You need to "be peaceful". Because all of those emotions that you went through were only memories and what if's and what could have been's passing through. We have books written, we have videos, CD's done on learning to forgive yourself. What makes you think you did anything wrong? It is your mind's perception children, not reality. When Spirit looks at you, when God looks at you, do you think that they have a perception of your actions? Do you think that you need to be forgiven by them for something you may have said or done? What kind of god are you praying to? The Spirit loves you unconditionally, period. All the guilt’s and the shame, all the anger and resentment, feeling of helplessness and loss are all coming out of your own perception in your own mind causing you to be not peaceful.

I had a friend named Solmy Satchidananda that you've heard me talk about before. Many of you know who he was. And he used to say: Do not allow anything to disturb you ease. Because when you disturb your ease you become dis-eased. You see? When you allow something to disturb your ease, your peace, you become unpeaceful and dis-eased. Then Spirit says: Oh no, oh no. No judgment - just wanting to hold you in that moment. Just wanting to say: It is of no consequence children. It serves no purpose. Learn from whatever from think. Learn whatever you feel to learn. We love you unconditionally in this moment - before, now, always, forever. It's that ongoing need to distract ourself from our peaceful place. It's that ongoing desire to hit ourself emotionally, to hurt ourself emotionally... Learning to be peaceful means dropping old perceptions about what is wrong, about forgiveness, knowing that you are One, in this moment, always have been, always will be One with the Great Spirit, with the Godforce. You and Spirit, you and God are in an eternal flow that has always been, is now and will always be. 

You cannot have a judgment of others without hurting yourself. Others cannot have a judgment of you without hurting themselves. Looking beyond the anger and the resentment and the sadness of what was and looking at the possibility in  just this moment that what you do have is peace. “Learning to be peaceful changes your perception.” "Change your perception, change your life" as somebody has written. I love that. "Change your perception, change your life." Being peaceful means not reacting to thoughts of others. We have a saying in metaphysics that sounds very cruel...and it's not meant to, but it says: Not my problem. When someone is bringing you all kinds of their anger, all kinds of their dysfunctional life, their victimization of themselves, all this - you have to turn to them and say: I love you, but this is not my problem. In other words, don't disturb my ease because you are dis-eased. Find your ease, find your peace, but don't bring that into my life. People say: But where's the compassion? There is an enormous difference children, between compassion and being dis-eased. You can have all the compassion you want by saying to Spirit: Please take this one and where they are right now - surround them in pure white golden light - help them to see what this is about for them, whatever lesson may be in this for them. Help them to find their way. Help them to be able to see what they need to see. You can do that and still say: Not my problem. All teachings in the end come down to one word: Love. And in love there is peace, there is bliss. 

I'm watching this debacle being carried out in Washington. All these political people disturbing the ease of millions of good and decent people...who depend on the government to survive. Older people, younger people, students, pensioners. All of this is being done for political purposes. There's absolutely no good in any of it except political gain for next year's election. Our government needs to become peaceful. Will that happen? Most likely not in my lifetime. Perhaps in yours. But you can make yourself a peaceful being by watching the way the way your mind perceives your condition. If you have lost a job, if you are in foreclosure on your house and you sit in a quiet place and you say: I know I am not these things. I know this fear of lack, the fear I'll be thrown in the street, I know these are fears being generated by my own consciousness. I know that I sit in God's lap of abundance. And whatever is to be for me will arrive and that's where I will go. Sometimes our perception is we need this house or we need that car or we need this job or we need another thing. But the Spirit knows what is best for us. In my life all things have happened so far that have affected people in this recession. And a wise lady named Alexandra said to me: And what would you teach others in this? I would say: This is not my problem. I am peaceful. Then she said: Son, you have no problems. We have been taught to view appearances as reality - but that's not true. Before this show started I went out on my front deck and I was watching the rain and the wind and in that moment I was with the rain and the wind. I was peaceful in that moment because I gave myself permission to be peaceful in that moment. If you are not peaceful because you're afraid financially, Spirit hears you, God hears you. Surround yourself in the vision of white light of abundance. Knowing that Spirit is your source. Spirit will find a way for you. 

We always marvel how some people, through the worst of times, some people through the darkest of what appears to be great challenges have managed to break through. There are members in this audience tonight, in our Spiritual Circle, that I know of who are sleeping... There are people that I know of tonight who, in appearance, are losing their homes. I will tell you what I told them. Remember it's only in the moment. Watch and see as you surrender this appearance to Spirit and say: I have done all I can do with this issue, please take it and do that which is best for me. I choose peace. I choose to be be peaceful. I will not be torn apart. You know folks, when hurricane Andrew hit South you know where the safest place of a hurricane is? In the middle of it. So when all things are being ripped apart on one side of the street, on the other side of the street there is peace. In the middle of all that's going on in your life, no matter how violent the winds may be, the appearances may be, the fear matter how high the fear factor is, if you say to Spirit: I choose peace. I choose to be peaceful in the middle of all that because I know my source is not affected by the appearance of the wind. My source is perfect always and I sit in that safe place. It is phenomenal how people's lives begin to change when they discover a peaceful place in their soul.

I was talking to a gentleman once in an airport and we were talking a little bit about this matter. I said: So you hate to fly? He said: I absolutely hate to fly. I'm literally Hans, terrified to fly. I said: Okay. How do you do it? He said: I have a safe place I go to that will last as long as the flight. And he said: And in that place I'm not in an airplane. I said: Where are you? He said: I'm on a lovely tropical island sitting with a cold beer, like in the Corona commercials, and looking out over the water...all I know is I'm peaceful. When the plane lands I jolt back out of my safe place, he said. And I get up and get off the flight just as quickly as I can. 

Folks, in my experience of being in human form - this is the worst calamity I have ever seen our nation go through. Yet in the middle of all this, there are people making money, there are people getting married, there are people having children, there are people finding bliss, and happiness. Take a page from this statement: "You ain't see nothing yet". Because it's true. This that's happening...this...I'm just going to say just what it is - this terrible mess that our country got itself into was not visited upon the United States, it was caused by the United States...caused. Other nations are now coming out of the recession and we're going further into it. Why? Because they knew they had to make sacrifices. We're not willing to do that as a society. But you can add to your sense of abundance, you can add to your sense of well being, by finding a peaceful place. Now if you don't have a place in your home, find a place in your heart. "Know" you're going to have shelter, "know" you're going to have food, "know" you're going to have transportation... You may not know "how", but "know a way will be found”- “always" and you will pass through this temporary condition and turn around one day and say: Peace got me through. Worrying and crying and fussing and calling your friends and being a victim and all this stuff will do nothing but grow the pain. And will continue to make you dis-eased. By taking yourself and saying to Spirit again: "I have done all I can do with this. Please take this and do that which is best for me, to my highest good always". Watch and see what happens children. It's the most phenomenal thing.

I was saying to a dear friend of mine today: You know there's so many things that come out every year or two years - some new teaching, some new way of being...but they always come and then they go. But there is one teaching that doesn't have to arrive because it has always been here...and it never leaves under any condition - and that's called "peace". Peacefulness. Knowing that you and Spirit are the same. Knowing you're not a victim. That a way will be found. It may challenge your being, but a way will be found to get you through this, out of this, and onto incredible new possibilities you don't even know exist right now because your mind is so caught up in telling you what was going to happen to you...what is happening to you...what did happen to you. So please, please know that Spirit is waiting for you to say: “I'm ready to be peaceful. I'm ready to allow myself to be who I truly am which is a loving spirit in human form. Draw to me all the doors that I might look to see where I would like to take my experience of being a spirit in human form”. And it is kids absolutely remarkable as to what begins to show up for you.

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