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“The Possibility of Miracles” - Replay from October 20, 2011 - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“The Possibility of Miracles” - Replay from October 20, 2011   
- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: The Possibility of Miracles
November 2, 2014

Good evening everyone and welcome to MODERN DAY MYSTICISM with Hans Christian King. Tonight is a very interesting topic - "The Possibility of Miracles". And what a wonderful time it is to start discussing miracles as Hans is so great about talking about bringing things into our lives. Without further ado, I present to you Hans Christian King.

Good evening everyone. This is Hans Christian King. Welcome to the show this evening. Tonight's message, if you will, is exactly what Alfred said - "The Possibility of Miracles". Someone asked me a while back: Are miracles possible during times of lack? Oh, Heavens yes! In fact miracles shine brighter during times of lack. I have a dear friend, named Judy, and her license plate says: You Miracle. During times of lack is one of the few times we actually turn to Spirit and ask for miracles. During times of plenty, when everything seems to be going along fairly well, we don't bother to ask for miracles, because the appearance is we don't need them. And what we don't realize is the fact that we don't need them is the miracle.

Your connection with Spirit is always there. It only ebbs and wanes as you ebb and wane. Miracles, if you like to call them miracles, happen every day, all day. Let's say that you have to drive across town to your Dentist. On the way you pass many thousands of cars safely - that's a miracle. Every night that you go to sleep, you pray for unconsciousness, knowing that you will wake up in the morning. Although how that happens you don't know - that's a miracle. Flying across the country at 35,000 feet at 550 miles an hour and arriving safely in an aluminum tin can - that's a miracle. Every day, every day, you can count the miracles.

Awhile back Alfred was talking to you about the fact that he and I were busy running around catching miracles everyday. And that was true. We got so many miracles that we had to wind up asking them to turn off the bubble machine for a little bit so we could catch up with all the miracles they sent for us to do. Remember, lack is only an appearance. It really isn't true. You hear that? Lack is only an appearance, it's really not true. Lack is what your mind believes is happening, not what is actually happening. Have you ever noticed that how broke you get, somehow money arrives again? Have you ever noticed how sick you get with the flu, cold, whatever, have you ever noticed you get well again? Remember what I tried to teach you for all these years - that appearance is only passing through you. It is not your lifestyle, it is not where you're staying, pain, despair. The appearance of lack is replaced continuously in your life - there's another miracle. How many of you say: Oh, I don't know how I'm going to pay the rent this month, or I don't know how I'm going to pay the car payment, and somehow it gets paid. Do we ever stop for just a moment for just a moment and acknowledge the miracle that Spirit made to help you through?

There are going to be times in your life, in the appearance of lack, that things do not show up in your expectation. That is going to happen. But the fact that you are alive, the fact that you have options and choices is the miracle. You know children, sometimes we get slammed to the ground with what I call a trauma to the soul. And our heart if broken, and we're crying, and everything looks so bleak, and lack is everywhere...lack of joy, lack of hope, lack of the appearance of money. But all of those feelings, if you think about it, remind you you're alive.  And if you're wise you will know that no matter what the despair, no matter what the appearance, it will pass.

I once called a Wise Man that I know and his name is Ned. And something very awful had happened in my life and I was looking for him to fix it for me. And he wasn't being unkind, he was being a teacher, when he said: Hans, this will pass. I've got to go. And I thought, how cold, how unkind, how unfeeling. But he was right. He was absolutely right. Two days later it was all gone. It passed. So what I learned in the middle of the appearance of the disaster, if you could call what was going on for me, I had bought into the appearance of it. Forgetting all the while that it only came to visit me, it was only passing through, it wasn't going to stay so why should I spend all my time, you know, being upset about it. 

I have a wise lady friend of mine who used to say when something incredible in appearance would happen to her, sort of a down-time thing, she would say: Um hmm, I wonder what I can make of this this time? I wonder what I can make of this this time? And she always came to the same conclusion: I can grow myself through this. I can look at this as a tragedy or I can look at it as an opportunity. There's the miracle. Children always remember that few things actually are as they appear. I know that sounds crazy to you, but it's true. Our perception tends to blow things out of proportion. Our perception tends to say that this is real, or that pain is real, or this is happening, when it's only an appearance. And if we say what my friend Alexandra used to say: Hmm, I wonder what I can make of this. I wonder how I can grow myself through this? She used to refer to being alive as "the human scene". "The big illusion of the human scene" is how she used to call it. She was an advocate of Joel Goldsmith, if any of you are old enough to remember Joel. And he talked about how we become victims of the human scene - how we get caught up in the appearance, and we forget that every day that we wake up, and we have these challenges is and of itself, a miracle.

I thank Spirit every night when I go to bed for the miracles that occurred in my life this day. And being in human form, and my staff with tell you I get crazy sometimes, and then I wind up giggling at myself remembering: Ah, you teach what you need to learn. Well, this happened today, so what am I going to learn from this? I have learned that my in my 68 years kids, that most appearances are illusions, most fears don't happen. We spend an enormous amount of time in our waking hours in our lifetime being concerned about illusions and about things that never benefit us.

I was giving a reading the other day to a lovely lady in London and she would not let Spirit fix her by explaining what was going on in her life. She kept saying: But this...but that...but what if this happens...what if that happens? And she so was caught up being a victim of the situation that she had lost all her sense of spiritual understanding and awares. And this was a young lady of 45 or 50 who taught this truth. But her relationship had said to her that morning: I don't think I can do this anymore. And she had no coping mechanisms in place for that situation.

You know, I have a friend that he used to say: You know Hans, relationships are like the subway, there'll be another one along here in 5 minutes. In other words, whatever your lessons is to learn through relationships, it will be presented to you. That's a miracle. Setting up housekeeping with someone who is opposite of you and you find a way to make it work, that's a miracle. Teaching a baby how to ride a bicycle, that's a miracle.

If we live in the possibilities of miracles. and don't live in the victimization of fear through illusion, our life takes on an incredible sense of wonder. Because no matter how difficult the lack may appear, remember always it has a corresponding opposite - that's how good you will feel, sad as you feel, how happy you will feel. Like a pen, I said this the other day, or a pencil - one writes on one end and one erases on the other. Everything in life, children, has a corresponding opposite. I repeat these truths through the years because we have a tendency when lack appears to forget our truth. Half the battle of spiritual growth alone is just trust...just trusting. Didn't somebody just write that 90% of success in life is showing up? It's true. Just show up! The worst isn't going to happen. The worst is that you believe it's true. Whatever the lack may appear as, half the battle of spiritual growth is to trust. And if you simply trust that no matter what is presented to you there's an answer, there is relief, it is growing to and through something... And sometimes you're in a relationship with someone and you love this someone to pieces, but you forget that this person came with their own baggage. They came with their own victimization. They came with their own lack. And you see this person and you love this person but every once in awhile their demons and their devils show up. Why, you think yours don't? But when you love someone you say: No matter what this appearance is, no matter how you're behaving, I see you you know. I see you. To me, that's the greatest statement you can ever say to another human being. I emailed James Cameron as a joke and said: You stole my line. I've been using that line for 45 years - "I see you". 

Children trust in what you do not know. Trust in what you do not see. Every day. I don't quite remember, I don't quite remember what they said how many times, every day you trust the air, you breathe automatically without thinking a thing about it. You drive your car automatically without thinking a thing about it. You go to bed, you wake up, without thinking a thing about it. You don't go to bed  saying: Gee, I wonder if I'm going to wake up in the morning. You don't get in your car and say: Gee, I wonder if I'm going to have a bad accident today. You trust. You don't say I wonder if there's going to be any air for me to breathe today. I wonder if my heart will beat one more time. Trust in what you do not see. Trust in what you do not know. Because if you have a heart, a pure heart of trust, then you will know that whatever you will go through in your waking hours and in your bedtime hours, whatever you will go through, will always be to your highest good. Only the mind gets in there and messes with that reality. So having an understanding, having an awareness, that that God that loves you so unconditionally is always present, omnipresent in your life. The Spirit, the Messengers, the Angels - they're all there for you. Not lumping you into groups, not comparing you to others. Knowing full well that you're on a journey, you're on a mission. Knowing full well that their role is to walk “with” you, not “for” you. Knowing you have the ability to make decisions through a spiritual heart, not a mind that's filled with doubts and fears, but a spiritual heart. 

My friend Alexandra used to say: No matter what shows up today I'm prepared for it because God is my champion. Spirit, they're my warriors. And I know they will turn the appearance of lack into the appearance into the miracles of opportunity and possibilities if I just believe. She's now 98, and she doesn't know who I am anymore. But if ever there was a champion in spirituality in my life, it was Alexandra. I have never known, nor I doubt will I ever know anyone who so lived their truth as she did. The mind, of course, has deteriorated due to dementia. And so she's walking in two worlds at one time now. But who she is is always in my heart. What she taught me, I can never ever forget. All of you will have an Alexandra at some point in your life. And even if from time to time you may disagree with what they say to you, remember Spirit helps us choose our friends to grow us. Spirit presents us with interesting possibilities through our friends, disappointments through our friends. 

But the greatest gift that Spirit ever gave you in the appearance of lack, is the person looking back at you in the mirror. If you could simply take all the nonsense that's going on in your life, put it in a basket, put it in the garage and just say: From this day forward I am living a miracle. I have no lack. I am everything I need. Allowing Spirit to work on your behalf, allowing Spirit to open new doors. There are millions of miracles in your life waiting to occur. Lack is a refusal to accept miracles. The appearance of lack has nothing to do with money, children. Lack is a place in your heart that said I am not good enough for miracles. Therefore I will live in fear. Living in fear... I once told you that fear was it's own food. It creates lack on a daily basis. It creates lack from morning until night every single day of your life. The mind does not wake up in the morning for most people and say: You're enough for me today! We have no problems, we are a miracle, we expect miracles.  On the contrary it says: I wonder if I'll have the rent money. I wonder if he or she still loves me enough. I wonder if I'm going to get fired. I wondering if I'll ever get another job. None of the things I have just described, believe it or not, are of any importance in the long run.  All, children, the only thing that is important is the relationship to you and your God. That's it. There are no boundaries in that love. There are no victims in that love. There's only love in that love. 

I have been accused from time to time as being simple minded or simplistic. I thank whoever started that rumor for me because I'll tell you what, I love my life and I love who I am. I love my intention. I love what I am doing. I'm not saying to you, beautiful people, that I am perfect. But I had a sign for many years on my refrigerator door at my home in Mexico that I loved. It said: I'm so far from perfect I'm pleased. Blue, see if you can take that and run with it, okay? (Hans laughing) I'm so far from perfect I'm pleased. 

I have people in my life now... You want to talk about miracles? I have people who are listening tonight, making this broadcast possible, making the live streaming possible, the Facebook possible, people I don't even actually know...I've never met them. But their love and dedication to what, with Spirit, I'm trying to accomplish, what we're trying to say, has no bounds. It is amazing the beautiful people who have shown up. For those of you who are tithing to us so that we can produce these shows and the ministry, thank you, thank you, thank you, and you all know who you are. Sometimes I can't get right back to you, but please know you're in my heart and I thank you very much.

Tell Spirit the miracles you would like to see in your life and leave it alone. Remember to watch the mind chatter as it comes in and starts to play you up a bit. And it will do so. The mind is so fearful of a miracle that it continues to throw up the appearance of lack because it doesn't know what else to do. It would have no job if ever there was no need to worry. The mind would have no job because it doesn't have any congratulation skills. It doesn't have anything in its being that helps it to understand that it's nothing more than the opposite of God. The mind isn't fixated on the wonder of who you are, the mind isn't fixated on everything being okay. The heart-mind knows that. But we tend to, through the years, as the appearance of lack and tragedies and disasters in appearance occur in our life, it keeps reminding us: I told you so. I told you you weren't good enough. 

Folks, there is oftentimes a situation where a person, sometimes in the humanness, is operated by two consciousnesses. Always go with the one that's in the light please. Never listen, never listen to the anger. Never listen to the fear. You know, the ugliest puppy deserves to be loved just as much as the prettiest puppy because there's absolutely no difference in the puppy's love. Sometimes situations do not appear to fit what you think is your modus you would do things, or how you would be. But remember you haven't seen your dharma yet. You don't know what your soul chose to create. And sometimes the appearance of lack is nothing more than a lesson. And what is a lesson? A miracle waiting to happen. Because once you understand the lesson, the miracle occurs. 

The burden, the pain... I was talking to a lady a couple of days ago and I believe she was out of Toronto. And she was angry, and she was resentful, and her husband had left her of 36 years, and all the terrible things that he was, and all of this and I said: Excuse me, are you saying that you regret having gone into the relationship? She said: It's the worst thing I ever did. I said: How many children do you have? She said: Four. Now, I said, are you resentful for being in the relationship. Oh my God, she said, maybe the relationship was between he and I to bring those angels on-board life. I said: You got it. And when that role was finished, there was no more purpose in the relationship other than to be friends, and to be a family for those four children. That's the miracle. You brought them on-board through heck or high water, you got them through, you got them up, you got them out, and they're good citizens. That is the miracle. But you're operating out of a place of lack. Woe is me, poor is me, oh look at my life, who's going to want me at 56? Who cares, I said. Who cares? You mean the only thing you have in life is validation from another person? Where's you? You've been married for 30 some years, I don't want you to have another relationship. And that's what Spirit said: We don't want you to have another relationship right now. We want you to have you. We want you to rediscover who you are. Let's bring you to you. 

Sometimes children, sometimes when relationships no longer can survive or endure, we believe that something is terrible, something is wrong. The only thing that is wrong, that I know of, is when you start to throw stones and sticks at each other, rather than witness the wonder of what you had, regardless of whether you had good times or bad times, it was all mixed up. You had them both. Seeing your baby in that birth room for the very first time and you both start to cry. That's a miracle. Would you trade all of those miracles of the first step, the first tooth, out of your anger towards a partner that doesn't want to be with you anymore? Turn to that partner and say: Oh my God, thank you, thank you. And no matter how bad they're being, if they're fighting you for money, or support, whatever, say: Thank you for these children. Thank you for all the years we worked together. Because it's true. Do not be a victim of your own love. Bless the person, thank them, and move on.

The heart's a funny creature. It wants to keep calling up the invalidation. I have  been there, I know. But if you really think about it, would you have traded all the good times, would you have traded that experience for not having done the experience? I don't think so. There are times in our lives when we've taken up with somebody and said: Well, what did I do, take leave of my senses? (Hans laughing) But in the moment, it seemed liked the right and proper thing to do. Find the humor in it as I'm doing with you tonight. Find the humor...and say: Well... I once called my friend Ned and I told him about something and I said: I fail to understand what the lesson in this is. He says: Well, would you do it again? I said: No. He said: There's the lesson. He always taught me with very short, cryptic comments that were meant to grow me. One of the great lessons that Ned gave me, when I was in my 20's... We were to attend a meeting in San Francisco and as a young man of 22, 23 years old I thought I knew everything. We were walking up the court house steps to this meeting. He says: There's one thing I want you to do for me today. I said: Alright sir. He said: Shut up and listen. You don't have the answer Hans. Not yet. And I did. And when I turned my mind chatter off about how I thought the proceedings were going, it was amazing what I learned. So when you shut the mind chatter off, you'd be amazed at what you hear. You've heard me for years say: "You see what you look for you know". When you turn your mind chatter off in how it perceives things are that are appearing to you, you'd be amazed what you can see. There's the miracles.

So the possibility of miracles occur every day. The miracles are waiting to happen for you. Folks, I don't get you pep-talks, I give you spiritual wisdom. And maybe it's a spiritual pep-talk, who knows? But it's true. Miracles are waiting for you every single day. All you have to do - stop the mind chatter, stop listening to lack, stop being in lack, and let's see what happens for you. Alrighty, that's the lesson for this evening.

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