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“The Lesson of Nothing” - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“The Lesson of Nothing” - by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: The Lesson of Nothing 
October 4, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to GUIDANCE FOR YOUR LIFE - Wisdom for Your Soul. This is the Padawan to the Modern Day Mystic himself, Hans Christian King. I will be here to help through  the Announcements before turning the show over. Today's topic: The Lesson of Nothing. 

But before we get to that, we have the Announcements. Jennifer, can you tell us what's going on this week and what's coming up?

Thank you Alfred. We have two exciting events coming up this week. On Thursday, October 9th, Hans' Interview "Spirituality in the Now" will be replaying on Awaken to Your Greatest Life. And also on October 9th, Hans will be appearing live on "Beyond The Ordinary" with John Burgos. This is a perfect opportunity to call in and talk to Hans live. The links for both of these interviews are on the Events page on and they will also be posted on Hans' Facebook page.

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Feel free to "follow" us on Facebook to get Daily Quotes and other information about what's happening in our world and how we're trying to reach out to you. So getting to the topic of today: The Lesson of Nothing. I present to you the Modern Day Mystic himself Hans Christian King.

Hello everybody and welcome to the show. It's with great laughter in my heart that we picked this topic. "We" being Spirit and I. Actually Alfred and I were in Lowes, and Spirit said to me this morning: I want you to talk about the value of "nothing". And Alfred looked at me and he said: What? I said: That's what they say - a show about “nothing”. I said: Yes, a show about “nothing”. And it reminded me of when Jerry Seinfeld decided to do a show about “nothing” for NBC. It's kind of on that vein. 

Do you know how much power there is, children, in "nothing"? Think about it a minute. If there's nothing going on, if you bring yourself to a loving safe place of nothingness, quietness... Not full of what happened yesterday...disappointment that somebody didn't call you...You know, I wonder if they're going to call me, I wonder if my mother's still mad at me, I wonder whether or not my boss likes me... What if there's "nothing" in that space?

You know when I do my readings, and I think for those of you who have been with us a long time know this little story. But when I teach you, the classes or I do readings for people, I kind of draw and doodle on a legal pad. And when I get to a certain point in the class or in the reading, I turn the page over and at first I say: Would you rather have this page, which their life has been written on this page here, or I say: Or would you rather have this page? And I show them the next page which is blank. Over 75% - 78% of the people will choose the page that's already written on. 

The value in the "unknown" is enormous. The value in "nothingness" is enormous. But our mind chatter tells us there must always be “something” in the space of “nothing”. Because if there's “nothing” in the space of “nothing”, something could be wrong, something might go wrong. What if nothing ever comes in to the nothing space...what if? A show about "nothing"...a class. If you sit in a class and the teacher says: This class is about "nothing" today, the mind chatter that starts to run in that class is deafening. 

If I say to a client when doing work with them: You need a space of "nothingness", most clients think that's strange, and most clients think that something bad could happen to them without being in control of the "nothing" space. So we have been taught, throughout our life, that there has to be something running through our mind at all times.

Alfred, you know of this through your teaching. What have you found?

I found that one of the most amazing spiritual paths is through "nothing". And it's the basis of meditation, it's the purpose of meditation actually, is to get to a point of "nothingness". And what we do through Hans' Intuitive Development Class and my Automatic Writing and Advanced Channeling Class is to take you beyond "nothing". To use the basis of "nothing" as a point where you can go far beyond what you could ever possibly comprehend. Now what does that mean? "Nothing" means there's no humanness or as little humanness as possible.


And that's what we're talking about. I'm sure Hans is going to bring up the "mind chatter" and the purpose of not having mind chatter.

Which is the opposite of having mind chatter is nothingness.

Exactly. And that's what we're talking about here is "nothing" is actually a spiritual path. Because through "nothing" you're actually disconnecting through everything human. With not having anything human, you've got "nothing".

Thank you Alfred. Doesn't it sound funny? What are you going to do today? Nothing. Well certainly you have to do something because you have time. So you must do something. No, I think I will do "nothing". I think I will just "be". Well what does that mean? Aah, there goes the mind chatter again. It doesn't matter what it will be, it simply is. This sounds a little bit like a round-about but what I want you to understand is "perfection in human form is nothingness". In other words, being "in" the world but not "of" it.

While Alfred was taking his welding class, I happened to turn on the news, and I had sworn off the news a year and a half ago. And living in Mexico for as long as I have, we don't get American news except for CNN and then it's the International CNN. And I turned this on and I heard all of these people spreading all of these rumors about Ebola. One person, from Africa, stopping off in Texas brought the virus with them, unknown to them. Passed the health test before they left Africa. And that has grown from 1 person infected, out of 335 million people, into a plague on the United States is about to happen. Shame on the President for not knowing this...and oh, he said it wouldn't be a plague... It's not, it's 1 person. It could be as many as 20 "if" all the people that person came in touch with got the virus. At that point, Guidance says to me: “Nothing”. Got it, turned it right off. 

Went to the Discovery Channel and just sat for a moment looking at some glaciers that were melting and trout that were coming up a stream. Nothing going through my mind...nothing. Have you ever sat in the park, and let's say the park is very empty, very quiet, and you see a squirrel coming along looking under leaves, looking for where he may have buried one of the nuts from this season's crop...but nothing else was going on in your mind just watching the squirrel. You ever heard of that adage: I lost track of time. Isn't that wonderful? Alfred, would you like to comment on that?

It's through "nothing" that you can find happiness, joy, bliss... It's why when you go out into nature and you stop thinking about human things - work, stress, what you have to do - that you're happy. That you actually can connect to God and Spirit better when you're in nature. Because you go to a state, or as much as possible, a state of "nothingness" releasing humanness. That's why when you sit there and think of nothing and watch the squirrel try to dig up a nut, you're in bliss. You're thinking that doesn't make any sense.


Exactly. It's not supposed to make sense. If it makes sense, you're thinking back to humanness which goes back to stress. We don't want that. We're telling you, if you're looking for happiness and bliss and God and Spirit and the Universe and Oneness, start at "nothing".

It already "is". You've often heard me tell the story of the Buddha and the dandelion. And looking and the dandelion and looking at it and he doesn't say anything. And finally one of the devotees says to him: Gurudev, we fail to understand the value in this lesson. And he takes the dandelion flower and he points it to the group of people and he says: That it is is sufficient. It doesn't need to be explained. It was a metaphor. For when something "is", a tree "is", the squirrel "is" - it doesn't need to be analyzed because it's already bliss. It's simplicity itself. Truth is simplicity itself. But the more you try to "understand", the more you confuse the bliss of your moment. 

I have a friend who still is my friend but he's now in Spirit. And he used to say when he came upon something that was rather large, he would just turn to his internal child and say: Well here's something interesting. Let's see if we can play with this today. No matter how negative something may appear...because what he had learned of his 83 years, what he had learned was: Nothing is as it appears to be. Everything is an illusion that we or someone else has created. You see folks?

So when you finally get that "nothingness", being peaceful... I have a lady that I know who goes whenever she can...she lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and whenever she can she goes up to one of the Reservations, and one of them has this beautiful little stream, and she's found this wonderful rock to sit on. And she goes and she takes a little cushion, and she sits on the rock and she just does nothing but sits there. No thinking, no reading a book, just "be in the moment". And she's done this for a very, very long time...over 40 years. You too can learn the value of "nothing". 

If I have a pitcher and I want to spoon out water, okay? At some point, I will run out of water. When you refill the water pitcher, you're saying: I trust. So in that moment you're not asking yourself why you're filling the watcher pitcher, what is  all that about... In the moment you're going to refill the water pitcher and it's automatic. When you breathe, you're not saying: Gee, I wonder if there will be another breath. Nothing. Sitting in a place of "nothing", there is peace. Our minds are so constructed to think that there's something wrong with silence. We, and this is part of the book that's coming out for us that I'm currently doing, we have been programmed to go from one subject in life to another. And in the process of doing that we tend to validate the current pain by a pain from the past. Rather than say: I have had a wonderful life up until now. I choose to just "be" for a little bit. I'm not going to be fearful, I'm not going to be angry, I'm not going to wonder, I'm simply going to sit and "be". You see?

Alfred, any comments?

What we're trying to get at is through the search for something, the search for knowledge, the attempt to understand, the attempt to think things through - you're actually disconnecting yourself from Spirit, from God, from the Universe. You're actually in limitation because you're focusing on using your human self, whatever that "something" is, in order to get through life. And what we're trying to tell you is if you're looking for your connection to God, if you're looking for your connection to Spirit, it is through the letting go process in an attempt to get to "nothing" that  you'll find clarity, you'll release the limitation. And it is through the release of the limitation that you can be who you truly are. You're not piling anything on top of your perfect soul that already has everything it already needs. You're not piling on limitation to yourself. It is through the "nothing" that you'll find clarity.

Thank you Alfred. You know we are taught throughout our lives, and you know this is one of my pet peeves, we are taught throughout our life to be somebody. We can be somebody. This makes the Spirit World insane. They didn't send nothing people here. No nothingness came here. You already were. You are someone and you're resonating in that moment because that moment is where you are supposed to be. And when children get fractured, and adults get fractured, is when others keep reminding them that they're not enough, reminding them that they should try harder, reminding them they should do better. That gets locked into that child's soul and never goes away. And they keep trying harder and trying harder. And I want all of you who are thinking: Yes, but isn't that good? Nnnooooo. Because it's taking you away from the essence of who you are. Find out who you are and see what you would like to have the experience of in life. That's what we should be teaching our children. Oh yes, they need to know their ABC's and math and all of that. I understand that. 

But the greatness of the soul does not lie in what it does. The greatness of the soul is in who it is. And in that is a place of quiet knowing which is "nothing". What if you found out today there was no place you needed to go, nothing you needed to accomplish, that just who you are in this moment is enough for God, you see? Nothing. And once you find a safe place in "nothing", everything in your life will change. Everything. Yes, there are human things that come up again. Because we put them in motion. Our parents, our grandparents, our employers, our employees, have put these, what they perceive to be deeds, in motion. 

I was talking with Alfred the other morning at breakfast and we were just talking about how he got to where there was a shift. And he said to me: You know, it was like an internal voice that came out of my chest that was telling me something but I wasn't paying attention. Alfred, you tell the story please.

Hans, that's the story of when I left my career in Banking. There was just some internal voice inside my chest that said: Okay, you've had enough of this time to leave your job and do something meaningful. And I said: Who are you and what's meaningful? Well, a year later, after its still yelling at me and raising its voice saying you have to quit what you're doing and leave and just go back to California and we'll explain it to you later. Finally I got to the point of stopping arguing. I just resigned and left and came back to the U.S.

So what's the point of all of this? If you want to be led by Spirit, if you want to receive Guidance, if you want to follow your path, sometimes you need to l”et go”  of what you're holding onto no matter how important, how successful, that you think it is in order to allow Spirit to enter your life. Sometimes you have to go to "nothing" and we really go over this in great detail in our Video Class, The Void. I think it's about 6 hours of the "good" that can come from when things are taken or when you release them from you.

So what I want everyone to really get from today's show is having the appearance of "nothing" is a huge step towards your spiritual growth. Very quietly buried in the "nothing" is a trust. You're actually saying I trust that even though I'm not orchestrating my life at this moment and I choose to simply be quiet and be peaceful, I know Spirit and God have my back. You see? That's what they see. They see: Ah, she believes. Ah, he gets it.

Remember that old adage that says: When you finally get it, when you finally see it, when you finally hear it, doors appear where previously there were no doors. The reason was you were standing in front of the door and thought it was a wall. You didn't know it was a door. "Nothingness" allows you to see a blank page as beautiful. 

When a painter looks at a blank canvas, they envision something in the "nothing" and they create that. But they're not forced to. That comes from a place of quiet knowing and quiet trust, that I know out of "nothing" will come what I need to hear, will come what I need to know and will teach me. I know that. So when you turn loose of what you perceive is important, Spirit presents another door and I can't tell you the thousands of people through these many, many years in service who have said to me later: It all happened when I let go. I was holding on to something because I thought that was what my safety was. I didn't believe that Spirit, God would take care of me. 

For many people, Alfred, going to a place of "nothing" is extremely fearful. Because for all they say that they believe, for all they work at believing, inside of them, they're still trying to control the outcome of the "nothing".

Did you ever have that experience?

That's a really good point Hans and as you've seen over the many years for those who have been following us, a huge part of the path of spirituality is merely a perception change. What the brain has been taught, especially in western civilization is that more is better, gathering is good. It's security. You can be a better person by getting more, whatever more is. And what we're trying to tell you in terms of changing your perception is that if you wish to lead a spiritual life, “nothing and less are better”. And we're saying not just "less" is better, but "nothing" is actually much, much, much better. 

Because that means you've gotten to a point where you've released so much that you're in clarity, you just "are". I just "am". You have no judgments, no opinions. You're in a constant state, or as much as possible, a constant state of meditation, of connection with Source Energy, your vibration stays high as much as possible. 

So in this perception change that we're asking you, you really need to look at and say: what do I value more? Am I a human that occasionally has spiritual experiences or am I a spirit, a soul, that happens to have some human experiences? And if your focus is being a soul, then we're telling you look at changing your perception that "less" or even "nothing" is a spiritual path.

Very good, Alfred. You know my friends, one of the great things that Alfred brought to my practice was a simple statement that I had, for many years known about but hadn't incorporated it into my teaching. Now, let me backtrack here. People say well how can we go someplace and do someplace if we live in "nothingness". That's not what Spirit is saying. If you believe, and you say to them: In my life ahead I would like the feeling of... And let it go - whatever it is. And you go back to "nothingness" because you believe at that point that Spirit heard you. You believe they're going to organize. When you say to Spirit: In my new life I would like the feeling...I would like to feel so and so... That's something you can do. That's something you can tell them that you want. You can also tell them you would like the experience of whatever you want. But before you get to that place, you have to first believe. And the belief comes through "nothingness", getting to a place where you stop the control of all that's going on and are hurt by all that's going on. Okay? 

Alfred, anything more on this subject today from you?

What we're trying to tell you about is the huge, immense value of "nothing". And again this is a massive perception shift compared to what most of us have gotten beaten into us that acquiring stuff is better. What we're trying to tell you is acquiring stuff, thinking about stuff, trying to make yourself better in the western way may take you away in an opposite direction if you wish to lead a spiritual life. All of Hans' harping over the many years about mind chatter is all about releasing, letting go, and every single spiritual methodology that there is, everyone will always talk about surrendering, trust, belief. And it is through the of letting go, and getting to a state of "nothing" that you could have true meditative experiences, that you could have true bliss, true joy in your life, and that's what we're trying to tell you is the value, spiritually speaking, of "nothing".


Yes. Alright, Alfred, I think that will conclude the lesson for the day. And I thank you for your wonderful input. I thank all of you for being patient. What I want you all to do is listen to this show several times, and I want you to write down bits and pieces from it that you think affect you and what you'd like to look on. Okay?

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