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“What If Nothing Is Wrong- by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“What If Nothing Is Wrong- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: What If Nothing Is Wrong
February 7, 2015

Hello everybody. Thank you for being on-board with us today. Today's topic is "What if Nothing is Wrong?" I've noticed with the questions there is this sort of flow of concern that comes with almost every question. And I've addressed this before but I'm going to try to see if I maybe work it a little differently to help you out. Every time you send in a question, I want you to notice the manner in which you send the question. I am always here, along with Spirit, to answer any question, no matter what. Always happy to be so, without having a judgment of where you're coming from or what's going on. But Spirit is taking this opportunity to maybe give us a little lesson on love and acceptance. In other words, knowing that everything is okay. It is only our perceptual mind that is taking an unknown and making it a wrong for us. Making it scary for us. 

For instance, someone says: this person isn't responding to me the way I would hope that she would respond to me, can you tell me if she's going to respond to me? Spirit will say, at that point: Now, now. What's the importance? Why do you need this to happen? And why are you making it sound like there's something wrong if she doesn't respond to you? Because in the Spirit they operate out of "exactly's," as I call them. Something either "is" or "it is not." They don't have a gray place, like maybe it could be or maybe it could happen. So right now, what they're trying to help you all to understand is, coming from a basic place of spiritual reality, that nothing is really wrong. And if you want answers to the question, it's just out of curiosity, nothing more. But so many people, when you listen to their questions... Now we have 2 groups of questions that we're going to be answering this week because we were traveling. And so everyone listen to the questions and feel the concern from the individual. If you remove the concern of the situation from you and simply have a quiet knowing, it is what it is and will be what it's going to be. Without having expectation, all the concern, the worry, the fussing, starts to disappear. 

I know a lady, who I'm very fond of, who is worried and concerned about every single solitary thing in her life and she does it every waking moment of her life. What if the coffee maker is broken? What if I can't make coffee? What if there's ice on the step and I can't go get my mail? And she starts with this the moment she wakes up. And her life, for someone who is financially as blessed as she is, her life is simply miserable because of the concerns. So her questions are always directed at: is this going to happen, is my mother going to understand what I'm saying, how long do I have to wait for an answer from this company. She just never stops it. And therefore she disturbs her ease. And she's constantly ill. 

When you're asking a question, try not to make it sound like your life depends on the answer. Because it really doesn't. And I know about those heart ones, those love questions, I understand those. But sometimes you get questions from individuals who already know the answer to the question but they're asking it anyway. And all of you can see where that comes from. Does he love me? Well now you know the answer to that. Because if he loves you, you know it. Does she want to stay with me? You know the answer to that question also. Because if you're asking it, there is doubt. And if there is doubt there is a problem. You see? 

So the way our world operates is in a constant flux of survival. This constant flux of: will I get this job, is this going to happen, is that going to happen, does my partner love me, are my kids going to be okay... It's a non-stop flow of fear and uncertainty. So I want everyone to start going back to a quiet, simple place. So I think a good place, Alfred, for everyone to start and graduating to that peaceful place is for them to listen to "You Are Enough." 

Yes. A lot of it has to do with you understanding that you don't need anything. Everything that you need is available to you in the moment.

Yes, you already have it.

And it is through things like worrying that you separate yourself from that which you have and place yourself into a place of limitation, a humanness place, a place of suffering, pain, by worrying about it, by trying to find that which is already available to you. By focusing on the You Are Already Enough and everything you need is available to you if you simply have faith, have trust, believe in what we're telling you, then all of a sudden that which you're looking for will appear.

Yes. So asking questions to clarify things that you already know is you trying to change the outcome of what you already know to make it what you would like to see and hear. That doesn't work well. You know, you can fit a square peg in a round hole if you shave the peg to make it fit. But does that mean that's supposed to be in that hole? A whole other thing entirely. So what I want all of you to understand is that you have a resource here with Alfred and I that can basically change the outlook of your life. And when you change the outlook of your life, you change the direction of your life. You see? So when we say: What if you woke up tomorrow morning and found out that nothing was wrong? It's really hard to wrap your head around that. When I first said that to Alfred he said you're full of prunes. So the more he worked on that, the easier it got. Yes, Alfred?

And it is something that can be worked on. It is part of the inner work. It really is removing those aspects of you that think you have to be in control, that you have to protect yourself, that the outcome is up to you, you get what you negotiate. It's by removing the things that protect you by focusing on your goals. All of these things were beat into us. We all know what they are. And it is through the inner work, by removing them piece by piece, brick by brick, that you're much more able to be in the moment. To understand that there's nothing more important than to be connected with universe, to be in-sync with your Guidance, to just simply be in bliss and listen to what the Other Side has to tell you. Even if they tell you: Everything's fine, everything's okay. Your job is to "not to understand," to just have faith that what they're telling you is the truth. By questioning, by trying to understand, you separate yourself from that which you're trying to get. If that makes any sense at all.

It makes sense. Thank you. Try to write that down will you?


What I've noticed throughout the years we've been on the radio with you is that questions from a lot of people come in to us from a place of fear, a place of doubt, a place of unknowing. When if we could teach you to simply know that there wasn't anything wrong. Only our perception of what is going on. That's what's telling us. Our perception is telling us something is wrong. You see? So just look at this as a new way of being, a new way of learning for this new year. Okay? That this is a time now when everyone can start to let in all the light, all the hope, all the joy that is theirs, without having that filter of fear. That filter that says: Well this could happen, or that could happen, or what if this doesn't happen, how will it affect that? And we build up this scenario of fear and doubt. 

And sometimes when things happen to us that appear bad, well it's actually a blessing in disguise. And if we knew that in advance, we would be able to say: Well, that's the way it was supposed to be so I'm good with that, I'm on the right track. Now your mind chatter's going to come in and is going to tell you a whole new story. Like if you break up with someone, for instance. You'll going to run all of this stuff by about what you might or could have said better, what they could have said, or why didn't this work. Be grateful in the moment, bless the relationship, bless that person who has been with you, wish them well, no guilt, and move on. Because the best is yet to be. 

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