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“Walking In Both Worlds”- Rebroadcast from November 2011 - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Walking In Both Worlds”- Rebroadcast from November 2011
- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Walking In Both Worlds
February 21, 2015

Good evening everyone. How nice to be back with you all. Today's topic is "Walking in Both Worlds." One of the great lessons that Spirit taught me many, many, many years ago was that we are really not human with a spiritual attachment but we are spiritual beings cloaked in a human body, if you will. So we're actually Spirit in human form. This can often be a little off-putting for many people because they don't feel that way. They tend to feel the essence of the moment or the moment is about the mind chatter and you know Aunt Sue has, you know, a problem and your mom or your dad are going through something, and so we begin to turn from that wonderful, wonderful baby essence of the angel inside each and every one of us and we start to go into the appearance of the non-reality that is our daily life.

This, I veer just slightly, every so slightly, on that teaching just for a second to say to you: Remember that when your life presents itself every day, there's nothing going on in your life you did not create. I want to hit that home again. Remember there's nothing going on in your life you did not create. You chose your job, your clothes, your home, where you live, your spouse. Everything is a choice. Now, periodically when things tend to begin to fall apart we begin to forget the essence of the little angel. Wouldn't it be fun if we could go back and say to ourselves: I wonder what the angel would say? I wonder what the baby angel would want in this situation? And almost always it comes back: Love and acceptance. You don't need acceptance people, but you do require love. 

So these little loving angels that we are that have put on these clothes, and this body of ours in other words, and walking into this world that we're about, sometimes we just lose our way. We lose our wisdom, we lose our knowledge, we lose so much of the essence of the inner-child which is our little angel. So we are, in effect, baby angels having a human experience. That's very difficult for a lot of people to believe. But it is in fact the reality. Who we are in appearance on the external only stays here for 70 to 90 years, that's it. No matter what you do to it, how you clothe it, no matter how much medicine you take, vitamins, no matter what you do, the body will leave you. Always. 

So spiritual beings cloaked in human bodies - sort of our focus this evening - how does that manifest? Well when we're on the Other Side and before we're getting ready to come back to this world, a bunch of us get together with our angels, our buds, our friends, and we have a look at the past life and what was it we intended to accomplish before we went to that life. And we look to see did we do what we said that we wanted to do, did we have the experiences we wanted to have, and if not we say, well maybe I'll go back and try that one over again. You've heard me say to you your friends and everybody get with you. And say: Well, I'll go with you. You can work on this with me and I'll work on that with you. 

When you arrive here, you have the word within you. And the word is: Love. You don't necessarily know that, but it will be pervasive in your life. That's why we worry about love, will we find love, will love be kind to us, will love hurt us... That is what they call the world outside of us, and visiting us through our mind chatter. The word within us says: I am enough. The word within us says: I and my father are the same. The God-force that is, is me. The God that takes care of me, that provides for me, is in me. There is nothing I need. Because all of my needs have been taken care of since I was born. The world outside of us, which is what we are taught to believe in, as though it was real, presents us with pitfalls, presents us with fear and doubt, presents us with...actually fundamental untruths. And so we tend to follow that fear. We follow that mind chatter to the world outside of us. And people begin to hammer home this is the real world. If it were the real world, it would stay the same. But it's not, it's constantly changing. Because the real world is based on other people's ideas of what is so and what is not so. And they put a number on over everyone and say this will provide to everyone. Be afraid of this, be happy if this happens...

Our entire nation, and most of the world, is being shaken to the ground. As you all know I have what's called My Prayer Request on my webpage. And I get a tremendous amount of emails everyday from individuals, including my dear loving friends you, asking me what happened? Am I going to be safe? Will I ever crawl out of this debt? Will I ever begin to live normally like I did before? What many of you didn't know is that was an illusion you were living in. The United States of America overspent for 30 years and borrowed money for 30 years and borrowed itself nearly into oblivion. We will get through this because we have the most diverse economy on earth. We will get through this. And you've heard me say: But we'll never be the same.

The word within us tells us we are enough. The word within us reminds me, reminds you, that we don't need to search for what we already have. We already are angels. The experience that we seek to have is only something we wish to visit us, it is not us. But the outside world bangs on the door of us telling us we're broke, telling us we're not enough, telling us we're alone, telling us all the horrible, awful things that could happen to us. You've heard me say: That the mind chatter never tells us how wonderful we are. Only the heart tells us how wonderful we are. And every day the Spirit reminds you, in any way they can, how wonderful you are to them.

Trust in your spiritual growth. Choosing what feels best. This can sometimes be a very difficult thing because the outside world tells us what it believes. Our mind chatter tells us what it believes. So you have two things that are just telling you what you should do. But if you listen to the heart... In other words, if you had what used to be called your druthers, which now is your options, if you had your options and everything were equal, what experience would you choose for you in this time in your life? Watch the mind chatter, watch the outside of us try to diffuse that. 

I talked to a dear friend of mine today who said: Every time I start to do something for myself I talk myself out of it. And it's been like that since I was a child. I know a person who told themselves: Yes, I can. Yes, I am. From very, very humble beginnings. And accomplished those goals in their lifetime. You get on a daily basis feedback from the Other Side. Who is constantly trying to enforce and renew the wonderful baby angel that you are. It's constantly renewing that angel, constantly saying why not, constantly trying to get you to dream past your limitations. So feeling that baby angel in you, trusting that baby angel in you, choosing what feels best for you... 

I knew a wonderful young lady who, some years ago, decided that the experience that she wanted was to be a lawyer. A wonderful profession, I don't poke fun at lawyers, they're very necessary...good lawyers. And Spirit says to her: You're too soft for that. It will be difficult for you. It's not who you are. Well anyway, the outside of her, the outside world, her parents, all the children in the family were lawyers... She proceeded down that path and one day she came to see me. And she said: I didn't listen to your advice. And she said: I'm faced with the terrible task of telling my family, especially my mom and dad, and my siblings, I don't want to be a lawyer anymore. We gave her the courage. Spirit gave her all the courage they could give, reinforced her heart. 

And at a big family event she announced that she was dropping, not renewing her credential to be a lawyer. And her parents were absolutely aghast, aghast. And her father said: But why Jane? She said: Dad, it doesn't work for me. It doesn't feel right. And he said: But child you will find your entire life that you do things that don't feel right. And she said: I've decided not to go down that path. I'm only going to do things that feel good to me. And he said: Well honey you could find yourself in a lot of trouble financially. She said: No, I don't think so dad. Because my God, my soul, my Spirit will take care of me. 

This same young lady eventually opened a very small shelter for lost animals, lost puppies and kittens. And she turned that into one of the biggest concerns of that particular profession in the nation today. Because she believed. And she believed what she was told by Spirit when Spirit said to her: Have you all you already need. Just like Yoda. Follow your dreams, pursue your dreams, all will be well. And because she believed that, her life changed so dramatically that her parents are just thrilled for her. And her father said to her: You know child, I never would have believed it. And she said: Dad, that's what I was talking about. And she said to him: Did you really want to be a lawyer. And he said: No, I did not. I did not want to be a lawyer. But my father was, and my grandfather was, and his father was. It was what we did. We became lawyers.

It is a very good idea, wherever possible, to surround yourself in a community of like-minded others. In other words, people who see you. People who hear who you are and support that. People who were there to literally add positive energy to whatever endeavor you might embark upon, to open as many doors as possible. The problem that has been out there for many years is so many people don't have or can't find a community where they feel they can go and be loved and appreciated. And so what I say to those of you who want that - create it. Create it yourself. If you have a friend who you believe might benefit from something you've been reading, share it. Talk about it. Find a book that you feel has helped to change your life. I'll mention a few - The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, you all know I support this book. Spiritual Unfoldment 1 by Grace Cooke (White Eagle). 

Get together and read a chapter or two a week. A different soul reading a different chapter each week. Build a community of what I'm going to call light-thinking and watch and see the miracles that happen as others begin to join your group. I've had to, on many occasion, limit the size of the groups that I have had around the country. Because it simply was not able to accommodate all the people that wanted to from our classes in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We have people that came out of our classes, went out, hooked back up again, created little mini, if you will, centers. It's just really groups of people that get together who are teaching what we taught them, who are helping open doors for others who may not have been able to attend the class or maybe wasn't aware that the class was available on-line from our webpage. But finding a community of like-minded souls, souls who refuse to be dragged down by the appearance of mind chatter, world mind chatter, personal mind chatter... There is an old saying "That there's got to be something better than this." I think that was from Sweet Charity, Broadway show.

You know, my friends, you all know the wonderful actress Shirley MacLaine. As I look back over the last 30 years, I cannot think of another soul who brought the awareness of life after death, Spirit, Spirit Guides, Angels. I can't think of anyone who ever risked their career as much as that wonderful person did. And because of who she was and because of her intention to serve and make a difference, she opened doors for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. She would not be dissuaded. She absolutely held her ground. And in the end she won because the world has moved towards the light. And there are new people coming on-board today. There are more people than there have ever been saying: You know what? This doesn't work for me. This doesn't work. 

Walking in this world and the spiritual world at the same time, learning balance while walking in both worlds... You don't want to completely dismiss all of your life's lessons because you say they don't matter. Because that isn't true. You still will have your life's lessons. However, when you're armed with the awareness that you have one foot in one dimension and one foot in another dimension, you can literally, and I mean literally, motivate your life in wondrous ways. Your human self looks at a particular situation as a catastrophe. Your spiritual self will say: Ah, but that's only the appearance and what can we learn from this today? How can we be better? How can we use this to grow? How? 

You know folks, the best plants in the world, the best bushes, the best trees, all grow in the dark. We never grow in the light, we always grow towards the light. Armed with the essence that you are Spirit in human form and you connect to that form, the Source, if you will, you can sail through life in many, many, many different directions, always. But always knowing that that God is your Source and being very aware of how much the mind chatter tries to interfere with our peace. 

Having an awareness, knowing to balance between the two worlds helps create a belief within ourself. A belief that we are the Spirit operating in the human form. And when you learn to do that, there's this sense of a wonderful freedom. It's like a heavy weight suddenly is lifted from you and the divine you begins to emerge in such a way as to create all these wonderful possibilities. You see? The divine you has been pushed down behind your heart chakra. And it lives back there in the hopes that maybe someday its light will shine greater than the lies that the mind chatter and the world are creating for you. And it dreams to take you back to the essence, if you will, of who you are. Never pondering pain, never pondering how life is out there, never worrying about all the stuff on the television and the newspapers. Oh my goodness people, go to the garden please. Go to the garden. Feel the wonder of God surrounding you. Look at the clouds, see a kitten, see a baby with its parents. Go to the park, it's free. Feel God in action. 

Belief, knowing. Knowing that no matter what happens, no matter what transpires you will always be fine. You have nothing to fear. No matter how bad things get. Even if you get a pink slip. I had a wise friend who used to say to me: Kid, he said, there's only two ways any one thing can go for you - either fer ya or agin ya. And if you're prepared for either eventuality, you'll be just fine in life. Having the belief that says: I know in my heart I am okay. I know that Spirit is my co-pilot. I know God does not love anyone more than me. I believe. 

Folks, I have to bring up a difficult subject called patience. Now we all know patience, don't we? Patience is when we feel we would like for something to show up and Spirit says: Eventually. But before you can do that you have to do this. Patience. Setting your feet, and your heart, upon the path of a new experience, letting go of it, giving it to the Spirit and saying: To my highest good please, thy will be done on this issue. And believing that you are not being ignored, believing they're busy at work trying to manipulate energy and possibilities and people to bring you to that wonderful conclusion.

I will say to all of you there has never been anything in my life that I have ever asked for, ever, that I did not get. Mind you, there were times when I had to ask myself why I asked for certain things (laughing)... So the old adage of: Be careful what you wish for, pray for. But you are entitled you know. All of you. You are entitled to your heart's desire. That is the law of life. For Heaven's sake, my angels, have fun. Have fun. Don't take life so seriously that you ruin each day. 

I saw a bumper sticker and it just really pained me. It says: Life is what you do while you're waiting to die. And I thought: How horribly cynical. I wonder, I said to myself, if people actually believe that. Life is what you do - period. Life is what your dharma speaks to. Whatever your path speaks to. Every day of your life find something beautiful. I look at Bella in the morning, my little Shih Tzu. And she is small for a Shih Tzu. She looks like this little toy. And every day I say to her in the morning: Thank you for coming to visit my home. I love you very much. Even when you're naughty, I still love you.

You know our animal friends, our daily life, has the potential to teach us in a wonderful a wonderful way. Have fun every day. Even though, my friends, you don't feel like having fun. Remember I told you that every day my dad used to wake up to make somebody laugh? He did. Every day of his life that he had an awareness. He did have dementia in the end. He made somebody laugh. He made me laugh every day. He used to pull tricks on me. He loved to tell me something and it not be true and then he'd laugh and laugh and laugh because he thought it was the funniest thing.

Have fun with life. Don't take it so seriously. The only part of you that will ever turn out for you is the little child inside of you, the baby angel having the human experience will always be there for you, will never let you down. Only the mind chatter is capable of doing that.

And that is our lesson for this evening.  

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