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“Violence in America” - Rebroadcast from December 13, 2013 - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription GUIDANCE FOR YOUR LIFE Radio Show

“Violence in America” - Rebroadcast from December 13, 2013    
- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Violence in America
November 29, 2014

Good evening everyone. Welcome to Modern Day Mysticism being broadcast on The World Puja Network. Tonight's topic of Physical Healing is going to be pushed aside so that Hans can talk to you about the events of today from a spiritual perspective. Without further ado, I present to you the Modern Day Mystic himself Hans Christian King.

Good evening everyone. I do want to say it is good to be with you this evening on this rather somber evening. People ask me: Why does God allow these things to happen? For those of you who maybe have not have turned on the news today, a gunman walked into a school in Connecticut and shot to death 20 children, 6 adults, and his mother. Various types of guns he had, which apparently he got from his mother. And people ask me: Hans, how can God let this happen? God has nothing to do with this. God as Spirit gave us every single tool we need to manifest happiness and joy and compassion in our life. Unfortunately my perdition of many years ago when I said the United States will become the most violent nation in the industrialized world is becoming to come to pass. How did we get here? What happened along the way that so caused this mental trauma in someone? What happened?

For over 40 years I've been trying to teach, with Spirit, that our society is built on disenfranchising people, tearing them down. It is not based on bringing people up into the light. It's not based on compassion. We tell our children, without meaning to, from our mouth that they are not enough. We do this by telling them that someday they too could be somebody. That if they get the right kind of education, they too can be somebody. We rarely ever say to our children: You are enough, you are perfect for me. Just who you are, where you are in this moment, is perfect for me. Don't worry, your place in society, your place in life is already assured just because you're who you are. And I want you to understand my child, that who you are and your behavior are two different things. That if I can show you and teach you who you are, your behavior will follow in line. 

Instead, we have set up a society where sports is a primary function of children. What do we do when we produce sports? We say it's healthy. Healthy for who? The exercise is healthy, yes. But on every playing field, somebody looses. They weren't quite good enough you see. And we're so invested in winning. By the way winning is something we never get to keep. So why is it so very important, what are we saying when we say I win. It says somebody else is less than we are? That somebody didn't quite have the psychical stamina, or the emotional smarts, to compete with us? The United States has stooped to 17th in Education in the world. We're about the same in Health. We have people running around killing children...children, people. How is this possible?

Look at the media, look at our elections, look at the things we say to each other, listen to what our children hear. Years ago, years ago, some of you may remember this if you are old enough, a gentleman  adopted an entire classroom of children in the inner cities in New York. All children of color, every one of them. These children came, most of them from impoverished homes, some of them one parent, struggling mothers, disinterested fathers, or fathers who didn't know how to be a parent and had lost their wife through illness... And he took these  children, and he said, I watched him being interview on 60 Minutes - I'm going to show them they are certainly good enough. And he offered the children, after meeting with their parents, and said if you will stay in school I will pay for all of your clothes, your books, your education, all the way up until you graduate from high school. And then if you wish to go on, I will pay for your college. Everybody laughed at this man because everybody knew he would have a poor record on this particular thing because everybody had the mind-set that poor children have no initiative. And they followed this man, and they followed these children, and every one of them graduated from high school. Every one of them went on to some sort of formal education. Every one of them bettered themselves. Why? Because he told them they were enough and he believed in them. 

Folks, we have just been given a prediction by a very important Think Tank that says in just 19 years the United States of America will be a 2nd rate nation. 19 years. Folks, how is that possible? It's possible because we are turning out some of the worst students in the history of our own country. I watched some children in Cuba in high school being interviewed a year ago and they asked them where Havana was - 49% of the children did not know. They asked them where Paris was - most of the children had no idea what they were talking about and one girl said she thought it was somewhere up in Canada, wherever that was. There comes a time when all of us, all of us, have to get off this merry-go-round of disconnect. This disconnect is killing this nation. I'm an older person now and where we have come from from where we are is shocking...shocking. We don't "care". 

As a society we should have individuals in every community across this nation called The Hope Squad and these people should be meeting with parents. It should be mandatory that parents who love their children find out what the level of learning capability their child has. And if the government has to pay for it, the government has to pay for it. Who cares? Because these children down the road will add immensely to the treasury of this nation. I heard something this evening, I was watching a man on the Mitchell Manoff Show and he said after a 5 year study from Columbine he learned that 6% of our teenagers are hard core depressed, manic depressed. 6%. How is that possible? You say, oh it's only 6%. It's the 6% that are killing people. It is not a small number. We are leaving our children behind because we don't care enough to give them the very best. We are a nation of 310 million people. What has anyone done today to help a child? What? I speak personally because personally as a child nobody cared whether or not I could learn or couldn't learn. Nobody bothered to find out. It was only God that helped me, only Spirit that carried me through until today. Because nobody cared. I was considered stupid, I was considered dumb, I was considered "unteachable" was the term. A Junior High School Teacher said to me: You're unteachable, you're just stupid. And I never forgot that. I don't think that he would say that today, do you? 

In each child, each and every one of us, each child not just white children, each of our children holds a nugget of God in their heart. It is our job, no matter what religion we are, to find that nugget and to remind the individual, no matter how poor, that someone out there cares enough. We have children selling drugs, children murdering people... Because we don't care. I'm not speaking to you my dear, dear, dear family of friends. You know where I'm going. I'm talking as a nation. We actually have a political party that ran on cutting our education budget which is in shambles now. But not our defense budget. We've got... I'm here in Palm Springs today...right over here in the Arizona desert we've got 3000 of the best tanks in the world we can't use because we have no use for them. 3000! We have 40,000 deliverable nuclear bombs and no enemy to drop them on. We have troops in 50 nations. We still have 500,000 troops in Europe. I don't know how many troops in Japan. We're supporting this enormous infrastructure. We became a country terrified of everything. And yet, in truth we don't need a third of it. Have never needed a third of it. That money should be taken. We should have concerned parents, concerned state, city and local individuals who are monitoring our children, what do you need Bobby, what do you need Sara? Talking to parents, being parents for children who don't have caring, programs. There are so many people trying to help. But we need this now on a national basis. Our children are massively depressed. You have to start at the beginning and listen to Spirit when it says: Each and every one of your children is a baby angel in human form. We are not here to tell them that something they're going to do will make them who they are. We're telling you that they bring who they are to their endeavor. We have to stop calling people "losers". We have to stop this continuous bickering between the two parties in this country. We have to stop it. Or we're going to wake up one day with the most uneducated group of children in the industrialized world...we're close now. That breaks my heart.

Every child born in this country should know that someone, somewhere cares. Every child born in this country who does not have a parent or parents who care enough should know that they have a resource. And people say: Oh well yes. There is this program and that program... These are individual programs, some state and local, but are not funded the way they should be funded. We should have an association that says: I care...I care. I care about the direction about my country. I care about the children in my country. I'm going to do something to help turn this around. And I want each and every one of you to find just one program that you can contribute a dollar to. Just one. You can send it anonymously so you don't get all those letters for donations. I understand that. I want every one of you to care. I am an animal enthusiast from the start. We have all these programs out there trying to save animals. We have all these programs trying to save the earth when our children are being murdered. Hello? Anybody listening to this old man? Our children are dying. Killing themselves. 

The suicide rate in this nation is appalling. The suicide rate from people coming back from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the highest in the history of our country. Because nobody cares that we sent them to do something that was totally and absolutely unnecessary. And these young boy and girls saw their friends blown apart, maimed... There are actually organizations right now on television showing you these people asking for donations. It breaks my heart. I probably will not live long enough to see the turn around, but I know we have the power to do it. And I know it my heart that you care. It isn't about money, it's about intention children. It's about intention. These magnificent questions that you send into us every week move my heart, they move Alfred's heart. You can see our intentions, you all know who I am. You hear me speak, you know where I come from. And I'm saying to all of you there's got to be a way. 

I met two of the most spectacular human beings I have ever met in my life, Alfred and I did when we did this seminar for Michael and Rafael Tamura in Mount Shasta in August. These two ladies approaching their 80's have rescued over a million children. How did they do that? Well after the Korean War they went out in a really bad typhoon and saw a bunch of children huddled in front of this little run down house. And they asked what they were doing there. And the interpreter said: Oh, these children are not wanted you see. Because their fathers were soldiers and Japanese society at that time would not accept them. They had no place to go, no food. Well Sara and Yvonne took these children back to the hotel, who said you may not bring these children in. Well they didn't know Sara and Yvonne very well. They were both actresses. And they were on a USO Tour. They got them into the hotel and they got them fed. And today they operate a world-wide service for children. I'm going to ask Alfred to put up their website name so that you might go and look at what they're doing. If these two ladies have devoted over 55 years to making a difference, can't we all? Why do we have to admire somebody else doing it? Can't we volunteer our time to do something? It doesn't cost us any money to volunteer our time. Open your hearts. 

All of you are so kind and decent and I thank you for listening to me. This today, as you can plainly hear, shook me to my core. I have seen too much of this. I've seen too much of this. And all I ever hear when it comes to gun control is you can't, you can't take away one of our amended rights. Someone needs to tell me "how" an AK-47 assault rifle is okay to have. Someone has to explain it to me. Alfred saw something and I think this is what he said - something about they gave the average deaths from handguns from countries of around the world  - I think the highest was West Germany at 10 per 100,000. We were at something like 10,000. We shoot each other every day. We kill each other every day. We complain about countries like Mexico. We complain about how violent it is. But we always manage to overlook our own. What I'm saying to all of you is you can make a difference through your intention even if you say Hans I have no money. Money is not what I'm asking for. I'm asking for prayer and intention. That's what I'm asking for. Because it makes a difference kids. We brought down the Soviet Union, we brought down the Berlin Wall without firing a shot. 

What we now have to do is say: We're asking for the power of intention to begin to impact our country in such a way as we begin to come together, we begin to help our children, we begin to see how great our beautiful country really is. Because we need to care about ourselves now. I know I will get emails. I understand that. And I know some of you won't understand why I'm so upset. A great nation, Winston Churchill once said will always be judged on how it's treated it's poorest of citizens. Are we treating our humblest of citizens, our children, the way we should? I don't think so. I speak from my experience when I tell you absolutely nobody cared about me as a child and I'm not kidding you. My parents basically did not know what to do nor did they seek help. But I was blessed because some people came forward who are not my parents. So nobody who should be responsible for me got me here. People who didn't even know me did. I've asked Alfred not to speak on this subject tonight because it's too painful for him as well. People came forward to move Alfred to who he is today. I was just one of several. 

We are, as a society, greater than our problems. We are, as a nation, better than the way we're behaving. How many more of these enormous tragedies do we have to go through before we stop the debate about guns don't kill people? When are we going to say how did our children get this way? And start looking and say you know what, if we get together, we can fix this thing. If we were to spend, as a society, 10 minutes for every 1 hour we spend watching and participating in sports alone, we could correct this problem. We would have enough money. I can hear people saying, not you guys of course, but people will say well why should I care about somebody else's kids? Because they're kids. Why should I care whether or not a family in the inner city doesn't have a meal tonight for their children? Why should I care? Because they're hungry. 

There are some things that a great nation must always address and I believe it is the well-being of the humblest of citizens. We are a nation unique unto history in that we are a conglomeration of many races, many religions, many ideas. So we have all the greatness that we need. All we need to do is have the principle and the determination and the compassion to make a difference. I don't know how many people will listen to this but it will be quite a few thousand. And they'll probably wonder boy, he's rather emphatic on this. Where does he get this from? It's because he lived it. Let us give 10% of the love we give to our animals and use it in consciousness to set intention to add a light and to light a fire that says: Enough...enough already. Enough. Enough about not caring. Folks, we spent over 1 billion dollars on this last election. It is estimated the next one will cost about 3 billion. Do you have any idea how much food that would buy for hungry children, for people in need? Our priorities are out of line to our reality. And once we begin to understand that... This is what I love that happens by working with Spirit, they cry when they see how much we have and all this inter-fighting and anger, resentment and one party this and one party that... Let us all rise above the appearance of this sadness and make a pledge to ourself that no matter what we do, we will set an intention that our intention be used with God's intention and good people all over at this holiday time to make a difference. A difference that will bring a light that shines for all of us as we move forward. And may we please all bless the children and the adults who perished from this. We know they're in Spirit, we know they're fine. But their parents don't, their husbands and wives don't. The mother of this victim doesn't. Let us pray please for all of these people. Hold them in your prayers. I will too. I will set my prayer group to this task tonight. I thank you all for listening to me and in no way did I mean to bring anyone down. It's just time that I said something about this. 

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