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“Best of 2012 & 2013: You In an Expanding Universe” by Hans Christian King – Spiritual Radio Show transcription

with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic:  Best of 2012 & 2013: You In an Expanding Universe
January 11, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to GUIDANCE FOR YOUR LIFE. This is Mike, filling in for Alfred. As we mentioned last week, we're taking some time off so until the end of January we'll be providing for you the “Best Of Guidance For Your Life” and “Modern Day Mysticism Radio Shows”. These are the most requested spiritual teachings and most listened to Radio Shows. Coming up for you today, you'll be learning about "You In the Expanding Universe" and "Expanding With the Universe". Enjoy!

Hello everyone and welcome to Modern Day Mysticism being broadcast on the WorldPuja Network. Tonight's topic: "You In an Expanding Universe". There can be no exception in the universe regarding anyone's participation in the expansion. It is hard sometimes to understand that we are all part of what we can see, feel and hear. To explain further how you can tap into the energy that helps us in our daily life, I present to you Hans Christian King.

And Good Evening Everyone! How nice to be with all of you. Many years ago, I had a chance to hear an interview with a wonderful singer. And his name was John Denver. And John lived in a place called Starwood in Aspen. And he got engaged in the conversation and he said that much of life changed when one day he was in his hot tub and there's a stream that ran by and he saw a trout. He paid no attention to it because he would see that trout in there all the time and... So he said: "Good Evening" to the trout and the trout said: "Well Good Evening to you". Now John was know for sometimes having a little excess in his life. But then he said something really remarkable because he said the trout said to him: "Remember that you are part of everything that you can see, hear and feel. All around you is you and are in all that is around you". In all my years of being in service, it's one of the more difficult subjects that I have tried to bring Spirit forward with... Not an easy subject to understand that each and every one of our molecules, each and every one of our genes, each and every one of our cells is actually expanding in the universe. So that everything around us is currently getting larger. Now how do we mean that? In other words, the life force energy of all the universe is growing. It is expanding and we are not sitting still waiting for it to happen. It is happening 24/7 has always been, is always, and will forever be. So when you understand the Buddhist speak about the impermancy of all things, in other words, nothing that you see is permanent. Nothing that you feel is permanent. Nothing that you hear is permanent. 

Your house, no matter how many years you've had it paid for, will disappear in time. All the plants and trees, all the life force will disappear in time as new things arrive in Universal Expansion. So we are just part time visitors, communities...are just part time visitors. We are a tiny blue planet as I've been saying in an enormous universe. And as the universe moves outward, we move with it. So our cells, our very essence of the body that we are occupying is growing with the universe. And if you could learn to say something like: "Isn't this fine, moving without trying to. I'm actually growing with the universe. The universe loves me and is expanding me with it." Just knowing that, just knowing that you are growing with the universe, that you are not being left behind... What a wonderful feeling! There can be no exception in the universe regarding anyone's participation in the expansion. In other words, no matter what you think, no matter how you try to rationalize it, you are growing with the expansion. Even your partners - your moms and dads, your loved ones, your dogs, your frogs, your goldfish...everything is in the phase of expansion. Now at my age, I don't mean to sound morbid, but at my age pretty much everyone I know has passed back to the spirit world. Why is that so? It's because that most of my friends, when I was younger were 10, 15 to 20 years old than me and they've now gone Home. However, I'm expanding at the same rate that Spirit is expanding, the Godforce is expanding. It engulfs us, it encompasses us, it is everywhere, at all times. So we are simply in the hands of the Great Spirit. Have always been, will always be, on this side and on the other. So there's a continuum. As we come into this plane of existence here we are expanding who we are. We are growing from a tiny child up into a person who has a mission to accomplish. A person who has things - a spirit in human form - who has endeavors that they put in place with people that they asked to be with them. So everything around us is expanding. So all the trees that I saw at Mt. Shasta one day will all disappear. One day Mt. Shasta will explode. It's predicted to do so in the next 700 years. So everything around it, all the homes, plants, flowers...everything will disappear. And then in a million years, there will be new plants, new trees, most likely new homes. So everything is constantly growing. And what we have tried to teach you throughout the years is we are all growing towards The Light. The universe is expanding in light. There is light in the universe everywhere you can see. 

Look at the new photos that we're getting back. Aren't they spectacular? Aren't they just spectacular?? Do you realize that those universes are expanding at the same rate we are?  Do you realize how fast we are actually moving? Isn't it phenomenal? Do you recognize your place in an expanding universe? When the Great Spirit speaks of the "oneness of all things", part of what is meant is that we are one with universal energies. So we're not left behind. The universe isn't growing without us, we're growing with it. And when you learn how to access that power...when you learn how to access that energy, oh, what a wonderful divine feeling. I go back to what I said, it is hard sometimes to understand that we ARE part of all we can see, hear and feel. We are a part. And when you understand that...the Christ saying: "I and my Father are the same"... When you understand that the trees and the rocks and the goldfish, the birds in the sky, the grass growing, leaves falling from all the natural part of universal law in expansion, you realize "Oh, the tree and I are the same". As the tree will grow and get larger, sometime in the year it will start to drop all its leaves, it will go dormant, it will go back into its roots, and it will be quiet. At the end of our life we go back inside of our self to our soul, we return to spirit. The tree returns to its roots. So do we. And then at a certain point, when the sun is at a certain height in the sky, the tree gets the "click" to reincarnate. And it comes back, and it grows. It doesn't stay the same size it was the year before or 5 years before. On the contrary, it seeks the light and it grows. And when you come back into this life, you also seek the light and you grow. As the tree needs certain nutriments in order to help it in its expansion we are the same. We require certain food, we require air and water, we require vitamins...all of these things. The tree and us are very, very similar. So we keep reincarnating in our growth, in our expansion, and the tree keeps reincarnating every year the same. Many people would probably disagree with what we've just said here. However, I feel that if you think about it, you think about it enough, you'll begin to see a similarity between us and that tree. No matter how much you cut grass down it just re-grows itself every time. No matter how bad a winter is, no matter how frozen the plants are...somehow in March the Crocus pop up, and then the Daffodils, and the Lilies. How do they do that? Because they're in a natural pattern of existence. 

They're in a natural flow of life. We, rather than say: "We are part of all we can see, hear and feel", say: "We are Masters of our domain". Nothing children, but nothing could be further from the truth. How can we tap into the energy that helps us in our daily life? By knowing it. By growing a garden. If you don't have a garden, do you have a deck? Do you have a patio? Can you put some plants out? Can you nurture them, water them, feed them? You are growing with the plant. So that when the plant begins to bloom, or however you want it to look when it begins to do what it does, that's you. You're nurturing you. People look at, for instance the Sierra Nevada here in California... Now the Sierra Nevada are a very young set of mountains. I lived in the Great Smokies. Those are the oldest known mountains in the the world. Civilization has been dated living there for 24 thousand years. They're some of the oldest rock formations anywhere. Those mountains are very, very slowly, because they're so old, being whittled down. Now the Sierra Nevada on the other hand is a young mountain chain. And when you see it, it looks so beautiful. But in our mind, that's a fixed scene. What you don't know is that the Sierra Nevada is growing at approximately 1 inch per year - which means it's expanding. You see? People are very concerned about global warming as well they should be. Global warming is perfectly an ordinary event. However, we have managed to accelerate it beyond all of our current thinking. First we were told that global warming wasn't real. Then we were told well it is real...and we know by whom we were told this...but we had nothing to do with it. I just saw that down near Fiji, the islands down that way, the water has risen 7 inches in the last 100 years...7 inches. If you were in a coastal community and you have high tide...they're having to evacuate 134 islands. So our world is expanding. The moon pulls the tides. The Spirit and universal energy pulls us. And it pulls us in such a way that we can grow in the process. So if you can go out into your rose garden as I do, or go out and talk to a tree, or go out... You can say: "I'm part of you. I'm expanding with you". Where we get in trouble dear friends, is when we start to think that we are separate of  universal law. Where we get in trouble is when we start to think we hold the answer. And of course we do not. No human being holds the answer. Now, we talk about how we are spirit in human form, so the human form that we take on holds no answer. Yes, there are brilliant, brilliant people in this world. But remember something, they only know what they know. And what they know is insignificant to what there is to know. 

That's what "discovery" is all about. Discovery... So they only know what they know in the moment, and aren't we grateful... Because we're getting these beautiful pictures. But remember something, they can't solve the riddle. All they know is we're growing. They don't quite know how we're growing, how we're expanding, but we are. I said to a group this last weekend: "Isn't it utterly remarkable that we're traveling somewhere around 26,000 or 76,000 miles an hour and half of the day we're upside down and we don't fall off". Talk about miracles! Knowing even if you're...let's say right now, for whatever reason you're all by yourself. You don't have a partner, you don't have a wife, you don't have a personal life to any great extent... Let's just say that that's true. What do you have? You have you in an ever expanding universe and as long as you are part of an ever expanding universe, you are surrounded with possibilities. You could reach out and grab them as they go by. You can hold them tight, see this what you want? Well, I'm not quite certain... But you can let them go and grab some more as they go by. Because all of your life, because everything is in expansion, possibilities are flowing by you on a daily basis. You are never, ever, ever without possibilities. You see? So I want you all to know that there's an entire world available to you that you really have never seen. But you've looked at it all the time. Every time the season changed, every time you see the cloud band that precedes a rainstorm...every time you see a snowflake, every time you see a wave lap at the shore... You are part of all this, not separate of. You see? So when you fully grasp - that you, yourself are the energy of the universe...not the humanness children of you...but the SOUL of you... When you understand: "Oh, my Father and I are the same...God and I...the universe and I are the same".  And that's why Yoda taught how to flow with the universal energy or the Force. Because once you plug into it, then you have divine right to the power of that universe. People who are very successful in their lives, know they are part of all they want. They don't separate themselves and say, "Gee, can I have this?" or "Do you think this is ever..." No, no, no, no. On the contrary, they're busy being it. They're busy opening themselves up to the possibility of who they are, in its totalness. What is it that people want to know so much of the time? WHO AM I? What's the second biggest question? WHY AM I HERE? You are here because you made a choice.  

You made a choice to be here. You made a choice in the ever expanding universe to go to this particular school and here you are in school now. Look at this wonderful school that you're in. It is filled with possibilities. I have been with Alfred flying a great deal over the last 3 months, and we spent a lot of time in airports. And it is, to me, alarming the degree of cellphones that people are glued to as they're they're walking. I see the people, the restaurants, the airplanes outside the window. I don't walk around with my cellphone in my hand trying desperately to sort something out. Because nothing you're going to sort out will ever make any difference anyway, you just think that it will. I was talking to a dear lady friend of mine, Ellen...Ellen is a fabulous teacher... She lives in northern California. And I was talking to her this evening before the show. She said to me: "Now that we're getting short on time, isn't it interesting what no longer bothers us anymore?" I said: "It's just phenomenal". Now all of her people, including her mom and dad, lived close to 100 so I don't think she's going anywhere soon. I'm going to be 70, but I don't think I'm going anywhere soon thanks to modern medicine and believing in God. But there comes a time my dear friends, when you realize that all that fussing and all that carrying on was for nothing. The other night I told you about a dear friend of mine who passed over. And I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful emails and kind, kind comments. For 40 years I prayed and asked God to please make certain he never died before me. We were the best of friends. His wife and I were the best of friends. His children and I are still wonderful friends. And now he's passed. And I said to Alfred today: "Isn't it amazing I spent all those years being terrified something would happen to him?" Because he literally was there for the expansion of my practice. And he did what he needed to do to make certain I grew that. And gave me my work ethic: "Never be a late. Show up on time. Dress for the part. And know what you're doing". I get everyday, many, many emails from was especially tough. From people in terrible places emotionally...terrible places..."my husband's beating me"..."I'm loosing my home"... And folks, stop for a moment, just for a moment and ask yourself: "What would you do if you weren't having to do what you're doing now"? In other words, your mind tells you what you have to be doing - which is a limitation. What if - in an expanding universe, you say: "I would go and work at a restaurant in Playa del Carmen in Mexico"..."I would go to the islands just south of Phuket in Thailand and I would open a little sushi stand"... Remember something: "It's only our perception of money that limits us in our life". I have lived long enough to know that Spirit can and will provide whatever you need if you provide the direction. They will not, and again I emphasize, they will not tell you what to do in this expanding universe. They will say: "Where would you like to fly to"? They'll never say - "We'll give her the energy for this but not for that"... No, no, no. Know please that you are growing and expanding. And all that is out there is the fertilizer for you. We have found rocks children, that we now know came from Mars. We now believe that all the water on this planet arrived in meteors over billions of years. 

Think about that. We didn't grow water on earth - it arrived. Think of all that has happened to this planet of ours. I said the other day: "Remember something - Mankind on this planet is nothing more than an experiment." It will either work or it won't work. George Carlin used to say: "Please stop trying to save the earth. Oh, for the love of God start try to save yourself". Because it's mankind that's in trouble - not the earth. The earth is more powerful than we are and if we don't treat it better, it will simply kick us off. And a new species will come to play. It's that simple. Don't take yourself so seriously. During this next month we are going to be talking about "You In an Expanding Universe". We're going to be giving you some tools, some ideas, to help you to participate with the enormous energy of an expanding universe. When we say to you: "I and my Father are the same", it's a parable. It means "you are the same as all you can see". The tree doesn't worry whether or not the sun will come up tomorrow. The tree doesn't worry about whether it'll rain or it will find water. We do. And we bring this fear, this doubt, this concern, right on ourselves. Right upon ourselves. For absolutely no reason. Connect please...with the universe. Feel the rhythm of life. Feel the pulsating rhythm of the universe. You are part of that pulsating rhythm. You are not separate than. You are part of. And as you grow and as you expand with the universe, it becomes more and more powerful in your life. A dear friend of mine who's passed away, Swami Satchidananda, used to say...I remember when he went to Immigration after he arrived here...he was sponsored by the artisan Peter Max...and I remember when he arrived and they went to Washington and they said to him: Sri Swami Satchidananda, we understand...and they were lovely people...we understand you would like to be in the United States. And he said: "No, that's not true. They would like me to be in the United States. I'm going with the universe". And they couldn't figure it out. And they got very concerned because he would not say he wanted to be here. What he said was: "I want what is best and they would like me to be "here" and I will be here for what is best". That's why I say to you, try not to say: "I want this" or "I want that". Why don't you just say, that for one year, you're just going to expand with the universe. Now we're going to be talking more about that shortly. I thank you all for listening tonight. I look forward to the rest of this particular topic. And that Alfred, completes the lesson for this evening.

"Expanding With The Universe"

Hello, this is Mike filling in for Alfred. That was "You In an Expanding Universe". Coming up next is "Expanding With The Universe". We hope you find this informative and thank you very much for listening.

Hello everyone and welcome to Modern Day Mysticism. This is Jennifer, filling in for Alfred. Today's topic is: "Expanding With The Universe". How do you fit in an expanding universe? What spiritual practices are there to help us expand our awareness as the universe expands? How can you access the energy of the expanding universe in your daily life? And how can your soul flow with the expanding universe? And now, here's Hans Christian King.

A gracious Good Evening everyone. How nice to be back with you. Tonight's topic of course, as Jennifer has just explained...I would like to say to you: "All that is in the universe - is". Do you understand? All the energy in the universe is already here. We already have it. Nothing can be added, nothing can be destroyed. All energy merely changes form. Some of you have heard this adage before - If I'm handed a cup of tea and I go to drink my tea, my fingers slip, tea cup falls down, hits the saucer and it careens to the floor. Now the tea is on the floor. And I take a rag, or a sponge, and I clean up the tea and I wring it out. What is it then? It's still tea. If I leave it on the floor and it dries on the floor, what is it? It is still tea. It simply changes form. Energy changes form. The seed that grew the tea plant that was picked by the tea picker that was sent to the factor to be processed, however they do that - dried it out, put it into a teabag or you have loose tea... It has always been, since the seed, tea. I saw a program recently. They were talking about all the sand on all the beaches on all the continents was created - 80% - by a trigger-fish. That trigger-fish chomps away at the coral and then as it swims away, it deposits what it ate in the form of sand, you see? This has been happening for a hundred and... Universe is always the same. It's simply changing form. For instance, all this water on this planet, there will never be another drop more than there currently is. All the fresh water on this planet is exactly the same as it's always been. So where do we fit in this? How do we fit in this ever expanding universe? Remember all of the minerals, all of the molecules, all of...of everything... We are even part of minerals from Mars and from Venus and from the Moon and from the Sun. 

We all operate in this ever expanding universe as "one". So everything changes through the restructuring of universal energy. Just as building happens on earth, the amount of material used does not change. In other words there's only so much material. We keep changing the form of the material, but there's only so much, you see. There's only so much. Now, everything that is being built is in the process of decaying back to dust. Every mountain...every mountain that you can see on TV or that you've been to, is in the process of growing and/or eroding. It is constantly changing. The seeds are constantly changing. Everything is constantly in motion as this little tiny planet of ours expands with universal energy. So, since we are made up of all the minerals and molecules of the universe, we also are every day expanding and growing. Our bodies are changing, building new proteins. We're taking minerals, proteins, creating cells, creating life inside of our self. We are constantly changing. All form changes, always, at all times. The end result of building is something greater than the material used. So you can see some cement, for instance, and as you see this cement you really can't build anything with the cement unless you put water with it. Eventually though, all cement crumbles. Eventually all wood is eaten away. Eventually all trees die. Eventually everything changes. If you go back and see what this planet of ours looked like a hundred million years ago you'd be astounded to notice the difference. It was covered in ferns...and water. Planets are born from existing materials. As we are. People are born from existing life, if you will. In general people try to leave the planet a little better off than when they got here... I hope that they do that. But again planets are born of existing materials. Now, we also have most of the same materials that build planets within us. But life creates life - always. Again, I believe that we try to leave this planet a little better than what we had when we arrived here. God's will is for people to help others. We are here not only to grow and nurture our self, and to go through whatever lessons we have chosen, but we're also here to mentor to others. The good will and karma that we create from actions here and thoughts...{broadcast interference}. You think you should feel tired or have less by giving something away. On the contrary, the more you give away the more you participate in the expanding universe. So that when you're giving something, you're actually adding to the energy of the progress of the universe. By holding... by holding onto something for dear life you're not allowing it to grow, you're not allowing it to expand. By not going out, by not seeing people, by not trying to educate yourself more on spiritual holding on to what you think is what you have, you actually limit your ability to grow with the universe. You will grow anyway there's no doubt about that. But you feel better when you are out ministering with others. You feel better by giving. 

{Okay everybody - I'm being told we'll be back in 1 minute. We're operating under a little bit of a handicap tonight.} 

Yeah, don't go anywhere. Hans will be right back. We're having some technical difficulties but I think we're going all hold the intention that that is going to change when he calls back in. And it will sound beautiful. I'm going to mute my mic now.

Thank you for holding on everyone. As I was saying we're operating with a little bit of a difficulty this evening. We are traveling... 

Universal law is such that by giving, you are creating something greater. You are creating happiness and joy. Receiving with gratefulness is the icing on the cake. Remember you are creating happiness and joy when you give. When you reach outside of yourself. Have you ever just seen an elderly person trying to get into their car, or trying to get the bags into the trunk of the car from the grocery wagon, and you just stop for just a moment you go over there - Do you need a hand with these? May I help you? And their little faces light up and they say, Oh, thank you so much that would be kind of you. Don't you feel better? If you see someone walking along... I'm reminded...I digress...but the other day a young lady, 13 years old, found a little golden purse in Walmart. And she ran to her mother and said: Oh, we have to find who this belongs to! Somebody has lost it and it has $4,100 in it and some pieces of gold. And she said: What are we going to do? What are we going to do?? We have to find the person this belongs to. This could be important to that person. Well, they looked and looked and looked and they couldn't find the person. Okay? But, they gave it Walmart Security and...I'm not quite certain how but the person who had lost it called Walmart and the person was an elderly Cambodian lady who had saved up her money to return to Cambodia, and she was quite elderly, to visit her family. And the money was to buy the plane ticket and pay for the expenses to go. She met the little girl,13 year old girl, and the little girl was just so happy to see that her actions had a reaction. So again, universal law is such that by giving she brought happiness and joy to that lovely lady. Learning to receive with gratefulness is but the icing on the cake. Being grateful multiplies the creation effect and it motivates the giver to...{broadcast interference}. When you do something lovely and someone acknowledges makes you see the power that it evokes. You see? The amount of universal energy in itself does not change. The energy is the same. This planet was created through that energy and one day will die and that energy will then be reborn as another planet, in another time, in another space. But it will remain the same energy. All that is on earth is all there is on earth. We cannot create more water. We cannot create more air. We cannot create more sand, more mountains, trees... It is always in motion, it is growing, being destroyed by one form or another, continuing to go. Yet the world builds and expands using what is available. 

So where I live in Mexico there are no vast forests to build homes. So there they use an abundance called cement. In the northwest of the country, we have an abundance of trees. Canada has an abundance of trees...they use wood. So you use the energy that is available. Our good will and deeds are the essence of what grows the universe. Remember that: "Our good will and deeds are the essence of what grows the universe". To tap into the expanding universe, do what God intended - Serve. Serve people. Help others as you are being helped by helping others. Give to others and you are giving to yourself, you see. When you give of your time, your resources, it matters not what you give, not everyone has resources to give away. But time is a resource. Intention is a resource. Follow your dharma. Give. What you give creates energy for you and for others. Be grateful. This is a hard one - Be Grateful. What does it means? It means, be pleased, be happy, be grateful for everything that you have. Everything that comes to and through you. Even money children is something you don't get to keep. Nothing you have is anything that you get to keep. But intention and love. How you love, how you allowed yourself to be loved – this is all there is. Be sure that you send positive energy to all those that help you. Pray. Positive thoughts are the building blocks of miracles. You hear that? Positive thoughts are the building blocks of miracles. By giving, by opening yourself up to allow yourself to flow everyday...the rain is giving to the plant. Everyday the air is giving to life. Every day the universe is accelerating, changing, redefining itself. It is an expansion but it always remains the same energy. So the energy of the universe is expanding. And it is getting wider, getting larger, but it's the same energy. If I bake some cupcakes, my friends, and I have the mixing, and I mix and mix it all up and put it in the little tins, is that the cupcake? No, it's the energy. Once I put the cupcake in the worst place, in the heat, it expands and becomes a cupcake. You see? So we're continuing to little cupcake...continuing to expand, continuing to open ourselves up to possibilities. Every day there's an illusion that passes through us. Every day our limited mind power judges how things are. Every day our mind tells us what catastrophe lies in front of us next. Every day our mind chatter is withheld from universal experience...from universal energy. Our mind chatter limits us by its own thoughts, by it's inability to expand out of its perception. And since it can't expand out of its perception, it begins to believe its own propaganda. It believes in what it's seeing and hearing is real. It believes that. It believes that you lost the house. It believes that you lost your job. It believes all that. It never stops for a minute and says, Yes, but what lies beyond this? What other miracle is being created that I can't see? Let me go find a new fear because that fear comforts me. That fear reminds me that I'm not good enough. Which is a limited consciousness. And so all that is and already happening...that new job you wanted is already there...that new house you wanted is already there, you're not. So you have to build that new home within you. You have to build that idea within you and then the Spirit moves the energy to the thought, you see. 

All that you will ever be already is. We are only limited by our perception. And when we change our perception, you become part of everything you can see. You become part of the wonder of creation. "I and my Father are the same". The creation that I want is already in me. So when we open our self up to see past the illusion that defeats us, the limitation that we build around our self...I'll make this up. Let's say that you want to go and live in Bora Bora. I've heard it's a very pretty place and the pictures I've seen are very pretty. So I make my affirmation thing, I put it on my refrigerator, I'm moving to Bora Bora. So I put all of my things in a row. Do we actually start the process by believing it? Or are we still waiting for something to prove to us that it's a possibility? Rather than understanding that, Oh, oh it's already done. Create your wonder because it's there for you. How do you make miracles happen? By believing them. Believing them in advance of their arrival. By knowing that you already are the miracle therefore the energy is being drawn to you as you create the miracle of you, you create the possibilities for all the miracles that can come towards you. So if you speak one thing and say: "I am a spiritual person, therefore I am and I believe...but you don't actually provide the safe's for not. It's of no benefit to you children. You are the miracle you are seeking. You are the expansion that you are seeking. You already are in expansion and when you plug into universal energy... I am using today an iPhone to broadcast around the world. I'm in Los Angeles, California. Alfred and I are here. We accidentally left the charger for the computer at home. We've run around like Alfred does - poor little guy like a maniac making sure we can all get on-board for our show. We wound up using the iPhone on call-in. That's amazing for a man of my age. 

That I can speak and talk and be with you all over the world from the device no larger than a pack of cigarettes. People don't tell me: Miracles don't happen - because tonight is a miracle. I can hear Jennifer giggling and Alfred giggling... Because it's true. If we can do this from a tiny little device, think of what you can do with belief. Think of the enormity of all that is. When was the last time you went to your houseplant and picked it up and said: Thank you for being here for me. I love you. I love that you make me feel good. When was the last time you went out in your garden and saw your yard...or maybe your little deck and you saw beautiful trees across the street...or you went for a walk and just said: Thank you. I am part of all I see. This is the miracle I am. Or do we say: Gee, I wish I could have that, or Gee, I wish I could have... Do we actually practice universal expansion? Do we allow our self to grow? Are we using all the materials that are available to us to grow or are we limiting our self by refusing to experience a greater universe? Are we giving of our time, are we giving of our resource? Are we taking part in our own advancement? Even...even children at the darkest of times. I'll say: Things are, in appearance, not the best time for you. How about the appearance of loneliness or the appearance of sadness. How can you be alone children? How can you be sad when the degree of love that surrounds you is so enormous and so omnipresent in your life that you haven't a haven't a clue. You'll hear me say, every night we do our show, "And remember God does not love anyone more in this world than you". You ever let that sink in? Do you ever really "hear" that? Because if you hear that, then you know you are a part of this expanding universe and you are not left behind. You Are. "I am that I am, it is sufficient unto this day and always". And you are expanding with God's energy...God energy is expanding for you. And that concludes the lesson for this evening.

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