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Best of 2012 & 2013: Discovering & Communicating With Your Angels and Guides” by Hans Christian King – Spiritual Radio Show transcription

with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic:  Best of 2012 & 2013: Discovering & Communicating With Your Angels and Guides
January 4, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to GUIDANCE FOR YOUR LIFE. Yes, this is Alfred, the Padawan of The Modern Day Mystic Himself, Hans Christian King. As we were mentioning last week, we're taking some time off. So for the next several weeks, until the end of January, we're going to be providing you the Best Of Guidance for Your Life and Modern Day Mysticism Radio Shows. These are the most request spiritual teachings and most listened to Radio Shows. Coming up for you today is a wonderful treat. You're going to be learning not only how to discover your own angels and guides but also about the basics of communicating with your angels and guides. Hope you enjoy.

Hello everyone and welcome to Modern Day Mysticism. Tonight Hans will be talking about discovering your own angels and guides. Everyone on the planet has their own guidance and they are here to provide you with guidance to help you along your path in life. Now you can discover this guidance for yourself. Hans Christian King will discuss how you can learn how to recognize your own angels and guides, in order to walk with them on your path. Without further ado, I present to you Hans Christian King.

Alrighty now. I want to talk a little bit about your angels and your guides. This series is really about learning to walk with, and incorporate into your life, those very people who you are praying to, asking favors from... How to actually bring them into your life. How to walk with them. How to know when they're there. Remember that every single day, Spirit is giving you advice...everyday. Because you asked them to gently guide you this way, to gently guide you that way, to open doors for you and to help you to focus on what your true destiny is while you're here having his wonderful experience of life. Remember what I always say to you folks: "They have a copy of your blueprint and you have a copy of your blueprint." So they're trying to give you advice saying: “Turn right, turn left, there's an experience down the road you might see...” But they will never tell you what to do. And no one knows your life better than Spirit. Their focus is to help you experience the maximum potential of your soul in human form. So in other words children, you're co-partnered with Spirit. And because you're co-partnered with Spirit, you have no limitations...other than your dharma and your mind chatter. Now when I say your dharma, in other words there are certain things that your soul will choose to experience. Okay? Separate of what your mind chatter tries to do. But I would like to assure everyone that your mind chatter carries a larger expression of defeat than anything your life experience through Spirit will ever do to you - Ever.

It's amazing what you can do to yourself. Now Spirit speaks to everyone differently. Each one of us is a combination of many different, what I call, vibrational patterns. And in these patterns there's a blueprint. A DNA if you will. Remember when we talk about no people's DNA is the same? No people's experience, no people's thumbprint is the same. None, okay? So you are unique into and unto this vibration. Completely and absolutely separate from anyone else's vibration. So the Spirit and you have to learn a special language. Alright? So while you're busy trying you raise your vibration, they're busy trying to lower their vibration. So that somewhere in between those two things, you find this quiet little "hum". And the "hum" is the connection. You can even, from time to time, actually hear the "hum" of the vibration in your ear. Which is what I call that high pitched ring that you get periodically. That means that you and your guidance happen be to sync at that moment. Even though you may not know that, they do. Remember again that everyone's dharma is different. So if you compare yourself to another person, or where they're at, you are absolutely defeating your own purpose. Now let's say that again. "Everyone's vibration is different. Everyone's experiences are different." Spirit reaches out to you in many different ways. There are many different modalities. Some people are gifted with being clairaudient. They can actually hear the Spirit speak. I can hear the Spirit speak. I can see the Spirit speak. I can feel the Spirit speak. I am exceedingly blessed. But that doesn't mean that I do better than anybody else. Because many of the world's greatest mediums and healers only were clairsentient. So all mediums must be, at their base, clairsentient. Which means "the feeling" or "the vibration" of the events that people and things that are going on around them. So each one of you receives that vibration differently. Know in your heart that you and your guidance are only communicating with you at one time. If you were in a crowd, and there's say 1,000 people in an auditorium, the Spirit, your guides, would only channel vibration with and to you. Would not be deflected by anybody else. That's how strong that vibration is.

Find the method of receiving information that works best for you. Common ways for Spirit Communication are, as we just mentioned, clairsentient, to be able to perceive information. I cannot kids, tell you how powerful this one modality is. To me, it is the strongest communication that you can find. Even though you can't "see" anything. Even though you may not "hear" anything. You have what I call in my classes "a quiet knowing and understanding". You simply know it. And each of you have had an experience when you "knew" and you could not be shaken from this. Mothers, you have this with your children...very strongly. Gentlemen, believe it or not you have it with your body. When your body gets out of line, you'll know it. You can feel it. Now, all people to a major degree have some of these things that I'm talking about. Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient. Again Spirit works with each one of us differently based on what our vibratorial pattern is. So they twist and bend, and twist and bend, until they bend themselves into the vibrational pattern that you are in. It's a wonderful thing that they do for us. Truly. Now, clairvoyance... Let's talk a little bit about clairvoyance. What is clairvoyance? In my mind, it's called an "internal body picture". When you actually... My father used to say that he would get his information while shaving. And it was like, he would say, a ticker tape behind his eyes. And he was reading it on the inside of his forehead. And he would get information that way. Now you've often heard me say the time I was at his house and he said to me - and he was shaving and came out of the bathroom - and he said: “We have to go to Los Angeles now.” And we were in San Francisco. And I said: “Why?” He said: “Because Grandma's going to have a stroke. That's what the Spirit just told me.” Indeed we got into the car, and indeed she had the stroke the next day. So he always got his information through that modality. For me, I have been blessed in being able to perceive, being able to picture, and being able to hear.

Now some people are clairaudient. Clairaudient means that you have a vibratorial tone or pattern that Spirit can literally speak words to you...and you can hear them. I say, there used to be a place in my house in Asheville in the hall and there was a place in the hall, opposite my father's bedroom where you could hear this – pssshhhssh pssshssh pssshhhsss.  You could hear people speaking, voices... Couldn't always tell what they were saying but you could hear them. And they were always benevolent. They were not there to harm us in any way. And we just came to...there was a lady who wore a taffeta dress that we could hear her as she walked around the house and it was a wonderful experience. So, people that are clairaudient can literally be guided by Spirit saying: "Why don't you try turning right?" They won't tell you what "right" does for you but there are some doors you see. I have been debating whether to actually give up my home in Puerto Vallarta. Because I've been there a long time and Vallarta means a lot to me and I've had wonderful experiences there. And I really need to be honest with you, I've had a bit of a struggle. And my friends have watched me go through it and they've been very kind. And I said to myself, I need a sign. I need a picture. I need something to happen. And on top of my closet in my office I had stored some books and some paperwork and just a bunch of stuff. And I was in the living room with Alfred and suddenly we heard this big crash. And that stuff was all over the floor. And what I noticed is, it didn't fall down directly. It fell over towards the middle of the room which would be impossible. That was my...I saw my father and at that point I heard: "Will you let go of this stuff"?

So that was my indication. Oops, stayed too long a the Fair. When you discover by walking with your angels and your guides what kind of tools you have, whether you perceive, whether you picture, whether you hear voices or there's a combination of two or three of those things... You know at that point how close those guides are to walking with you. Practice "fine tuning receiving". Whenever folks you get that high pitched ring in your ear, always say: "I hear you" or "I hear that". Or if you see something, say: "I see that". By the way, it's very, very important that you let them know that you hear them. I just cannot emphasize that enough. Really truly important that you, when you get a hit, when you know beyond any reasonable doubt that you've got something, you've heard something, you felt something, you saw something, say: "I hear that", "I feel that", I see it". Whatever you need to do. And one thing that I know is very, very important to Spirit - It's okay to give Spirit feedback. There are occasions children, I know you won't believe this, but I get a tad bit crabby. And sometimes I get a little crabby with Spirit because sometimes I think, Do they hear what I was actually trying to say? (Hans gently laughing) And they respond differently than what I wanted them to respond like. No? That's not their fault, that's my fault you see. You are forming a relationship with Spirit. That is what this little mini series that we're doing over the next couple of weeks is really about. Forming a relationship where you walk and you talk with your guides, with the wonderful Masters that you have, the Spirit, the wonderful friendship and bonding that you have and knowing how much they love you. Knowing always that they are there for you. Somebody said to me today: "How do I know if I'm clairsentient?" I said, "You can feel it". She said, "Well shouldn't I be able to “see it or hear it?" I said, "No, that's the humanness of you wanting what the appearance of it is...not actual." This is: "You believe". "You believe". And when you get something that you can say, "You know what I had no way of knowing that. That's good". When you get a picture from Spirit that you can say: "You know what, I got that. I really got...I saw that".

When you say to them: "I saw that. Thank you"... Clairaudient, when you hear a voice, double check it, be sure it's not the mind chatter in your own mind... That's something I want to bring up to everybody. In the beginning, in the clairaudient, the Spirit can only use the sounds in your own mind to form words. However, if you say, "I hear that", they then will do something called learning to manipulate the vibration of your vocal cords and you will actually hear in your own mind a voice that is not the voice that you hear in your head on a daily basis. So, when the Spirit draws very, very close to you, you are going to hear oftentimes a high pitched ring. Now that ring is caused by the Spirit as their vibration is so much more rapid than ours. Anybody ever use a tuning fork for instance? It's the same mechanism. The higher the tuning fork, the higher the note. So when you hear something, again say: "I hear that". Very important for many of you. You actually have seen outlines. You've seen clouds that move. People have seen something out of the corner of their eye and when you turn to look at it, it sort of disappears. That's because you've brought your regular vision into play and you now are discounting the spiritual vision. Always say: "I see that". "This is what I thought I saw". "This is what I heard". So they can see at what level your vibration is working at. Really important to do that. Giving the Spirit feedback, that is how you grow them and they grow you. Don't just assume that when the walls crack, that's Spirit talking to you. Or when the pipes Be practical. Everybody wants to hear something in the beginning and you'll take almost anything that happens. A lady said to me: "I know Spirit heard me because a bird came and landed on my bird feeder". I said, "Was the bird feeder full?" She said, "Yes". I said, "It came to have lunch". Okay? Don't get too airy fairy, okay kids? Again, remember you are forming a relationship. And this relationship is going to last you the rest of your life. One of the things that Spirit talks to us about is they say, "You know you can't hear with the radio blasting". You just can't hear. When people call in for questions...I think I did a Radio Show yesterday morning, a Teleseminar last night...but if people have their radio on, we can't hear them, we can't work - there's feedback. Well it's the same thing with the Spirit, angels. When you are wanting to communicate with Spirit, you must shut down your mind chatter. Here I go again, my famous mind chatter. (Pardon me while I have a sip of my water...okay.)

That mind chatter will disconnect you from Spirit faster than anything in the universe. Learning to shut off the mind chatter... Here's a good one...learning to be still...learning to be quiet. Putting yourself someplace... I even have people who live in big cities who get those Sony or Bose headphones that deafen any sound. “Learn to be quiet to receive.” Remember that. Mind chatter will cut you off. “Learn to be quiet to receive.” Remember the lesson that we teach:  "No two things can be in the same place at the same time". You can't have and get. You have to let go and get. So when you let go of the mind chatter, everything then will begin to move in your direction. Now remember the mind chatter is fearful of quiet. So it tries thinks there's a it runs in lickity split trying to create a sound, trying to create thought in order to help it fill the void because it thinks there's something wrong. Talking to your mind chatter and saying: "No we're peaceful now. We're quiet now. This is good. This is okay. I give you no more power now go over there are rest and leave us be." So the less mind chatter, the great is the receptability. I know for many, many years I have drilled these lessons into your head and you think, will he ever stop telling me the same thing? He will, when you learn how to do it. That's when he'll stop. Someone once wrote: "That less is more". My father reminded me of that for 50 years. Less is More. The less complicated, the more you receive. The less thought, the more you receive. Less mind chatter means quieter, kinder, gentler life. Find children...and I know in the hectic work a day world of ours, this is a strange statement: "Try to find quiet time". Just belongs to you. Not even your puppy. Not your kitty. Not your goldfish. Not anything. Just you and your time with Spirit. Sitting in a chair and saying: "This time is enough for me". The ability not to generate any thought that might interfere. Any thought that might disturb your ease. My friend, Samage used to say: "And if you allow someone or something to disturb your ease, you will become dis-eased". It's true. Do not allow anything to disturb your ease and your life will grow to be absolutely wonderful. Remember always to "feel". “Feel “the vibration of Spirit walking with you. Thank them. Talk out loud. Say: "I hear you this day. Walk with me while as we discover where we need to be for my soul's progression". Say "we" instead of saying "me". Say "we" - really important. Remember the "feeling". Tell Spirit how you want to feel in this new friendship. This new vibration of trust and truth that you're walking with. Tell them everyday when you wake up. Say: "Good morning. Shall we get on with the adventure for today". Remember what we talked about last week, sit on the side of the bed and say: "I am enough. I am enough for this day. I love my god and my god loves me." No matter what it looks like. No matter what letter you get in the mail, no matter how things look, that is not who you are. You are a divine expression of the Godforce in everyday motion. Remember they love you unconditionally. You can do no wrong. Connect with the Spirit, walk with the Spirit, touch the flowers and let's see how your life is by next week.

And that was "Discovering Your Own Angels and Guides". Which are one and the same. Everyone on the planet does have their own angels that watch over them. We hope you can use this to discover your own Guidance for yourself. Coming up now is "Communicating with Your Angels and Your Guides". Yes, you can. And by using what Hans Christian King is going to be telling you, you can learn how to listen to responses from them and learn how to talk to your angels. We hope you find this informative and thank you for listening.

"Communicating with Your Angels and Your Guides"

Hello everyone and welcome to Modern Day Mysticism. This is Jennifer, filling in for Alfred. I guess you can tell the difference between us now...

(Hans and Jennifer laughing in background)

Tonight's topic is "Communicating with Your Angels and Guides". Can you learn to communicate with your angels and guides? Yes, you can. And Hans is going to talk about that tonight how to talk to your guidance and how to listen for responses from them. And he'll also explain how to tell the difference between when your mind chatter is speaking and when your guidance is speaking. And now to teach us more about "Communicating with our Angels and Guides" here is Hans Christian King.

Good evening everyone! So happy to be back with you. Sorry for the tardiness of this particular show, but as many of you know, we've been on the road and we did arrive safely here in Merida. About 1,340 miles...beautiful roads...wonderful people. It's like Alfred said, every time we went through military inspection because they have Border Guards at each state the same as they do in the States but everyone could not have been nicer to us. They just were wonderful. Bella arrived safe and sound and she's as happy as she can be. So, thank you for all the wonderful prayers. We really felt them and appreciated them so very, very much. Thank you to Jennifer for holding down the fort and here we go. Tonight's topic is indeed "Communicating With Your Angels and Guides". There are two main topics I've taught for at least 30 years, maybe 35 years. Number one is "Getting Rid of Your Mind Chatter" and you've heard me deal with this a lot. And the other is "Receiving Guidance from Spirit". Now those two things walk hand in hand. You cannot receive guidance from Spirit if you're busy with mind chatter. 

That's the biggest problem that we find in helping people to develop. And they wonder well, why did we start our class, like the one we have coming up in June... And I say, well it's very simple because if you're busy using your mind to think, since no two things can be in same place at the same time, you actually push the vibration of Spirit away. Therefore their ability to communicate with you is pushed away. And your mind superimposes its will upon the self. So as long as it can take the self to whatever level it wants to confuse it with, then the mind chatter will keep Spirit at bay. Now, how to we get to sort of tackle and live with this mind chatter routine? Well, in the class that we're going to be teaching in June, I'm not certain...I think it's the second week in June, I think, I think, I think...we are going to be showing you how to develop minimal mind chatter. Minimal mind chatter means that Spirit and you are stronger or become stronger than the mind chatter. You may not be able to get rid of all of it just yet, but certainly becoming more powerful than the mind chatter would, in fact, be the goal. One of the things I'd like you to take a minute to think about: “Believe information can come from outside your brain.” That's right. Remember that your brain in and of itself blocks the flow of communication with Spirit. The mind does not want to believe that a power greater than it can possibly influence your life. It needs to stay in control in order to keep you safe. That's what it perceives. That's how it hears it. So that being the case, it's not going to give you peace of mind to allow minimal mind chatter to exist. You have to create that sense of inner peace. And you do that by talking to that mind chatter. Doing the exercises that we give you in the Intuitive Development Class. Helping you to understand that you are so much more than what the mind chatter can even comprehend. Your divine essence, your connection to Spirit, your connection to God, the Godforce, connects to the Force itself is so much greater that when we go back and they play the review and we see and listen to our mind chatter and watch how we kept ourselves from becoming divine angels in human form, which we really are... How the mind chatter interfered, kept us from doing whatever our heart wanted to do originally. 

Makes up all these excuses why this couldn't happen, or that couldn't happen. But once you have a sense of inner peace, and develop a certain sense of minimal mind chatter, all of a sudden things begin to fall into place. Information will come to you that has nothing to do with brain cells. It comes about through what I'm going to call "a quiet knowing", "a quiet understanding". You may not know how you believe but you know that you do. And you know that you are connected with the Godforce. That you know that the angels are walking with you every day, every hour of every day. There is never a time in your life when your guides and angels do not stand beside you. Always they are there. We continue to manage to disconnect from that using our mind chatter. So developing minimal mind chatter, allowing for the possibility of information far beyond anything that the brain can conceive. Have faith that Spirit is there always, that you are actually never alone. That they love you. That they're walking with you. That they're there to open doors for you every way that you will allow them to open based on your dharma of course. Remember something kids, you asked the Spirit to be there. You asked them to guide you. Nobody assigned someone else's angels to you. No one said you are to live someone else's dharma. You chose this life. You and your angels and guides have been friends for eons and eons. Remember what I teach you, that they have a copy of your master plan, as you do in the subconscious. And the heart-mind also knows of this. Now everyone can receive guidance. I have never known, in over my 50 years of service, I have never know anyone to not be able to receive guidance. Not ever kids, never. You do that from being clairsentient, which is receiving a vibration. Again, for many of you, you may not see pictures. You may not hear voices. That's perfectly fine because the quality of the information that you receive comes in a quiet knowing, a basic understanding of  vibrational truth. And there's no doubt in your doubt. And when you open your mouth you know that what's coming out is meant for someone. Okay? Some of you again are clairvoyant. You see pictures. 

You see external pictures and internal pictures. Be grateful for all of this. For those of you who are clairaudient, this may have scared you. Many, many people I have lost to intuitive development because of clairvoyance and clairaudience. Because they got scared. Because the mind itself, the human mind got scared. And when it gets scared it runs away and hides. Just runs away. Inner peace is the first step, okay? I want you to all practice being a blank canvas for Spirit. Isn't that amazing? Doesn't that sound wonderful? Being a blank canvas for Spirit. What does that mean? It means minimal mind chatter. Giving Spirit the opportunity to guide you, to love you, to move you through and past all of your lessons with the basic understanding that they are nothing more than what you chose to experience. Inner peace is the first step. It says: “I am that I am. It is enough unto this day and always.” Stopping the incessant mind chatter that disconnects us. We disconnect ourselves from all our possibilities. We disconnect ourselves from all that love us. And then we ask our-self, why do we feel alone? Why has God and Spirit forsaken me? I've lost my job, my car, my home, my partner. Why has God done this to me? If there is a good God, how could this have happened to me? Because you don't know what the larger picture is and was and will be. All you know is what the mind chatter says to you and it isn't true. None of it is true. One of the things that you keep hearing me refer to over and over and over again: "No two things can be in the same place at the same time". I've said it about 4 times today. But you must remember how important that saying is. When you allow yourself to be in peace, you allow, and you welcome guidance in and they see that. You can feel your being with the Spirit. The fear, the doubts children will come back for some time until you get this. But when Spirit sees your intention... We've talked a lot about intention. When they see your intention they rush in to help. I've had many people say, "Why didn't Spirit rescue me from this?" "Why didn't God rescue me from that?" I said, "What makes you think they were supposed to?" We make our choices and then we often fall down. And we say, "Why didn't God rescue us from our choices?" Was it not God's job, not Spirit's job... Our job is to attain the highest peace we can while in human form. 

Not to be sucked into fear and doubt and all the American Dream stuff. More is better, you've got to make more money, you've got to work hard... I caught myself yesterday here at the new house in Merida out by a Heliconia Bush and I saw a brand new Heliconia. For those of you who don't know what they are, they are the long, hanging flowers that are red and yellow and sometimes some pink in them...they're absolutely breathtaking. And I saw a baby one. One just coming out on a small stem. And at that moment that I'm looking at that, there was a Dove sitting in the tree right beside that, and it started making it's little noises. And Bella came out and sat down beside me to look at the Heliconia as well. And I thought, "In this moment this is all there is. And this moment is all the peace I need. There's nothing else I need in this moment." Therefore I chose not to have something else stand in that place. So I gave myself that peace. But as my dad always said, "Less is More". So the less complicated you are, the less mind chatter you have, the more Spirit will intercede in your life with possibilities. Exercises to receive guidance - some of the following: Close your eyes and clear your mind. Try it. See how long you can close your eyes and clear your mind. See how long you can hold that, okay? Because if you can hold that for 5 minutes, you have really arrived. Listen for any mind chatter that may start. Listen carefully. Be still. Watch how the mind chatter creeps in under spiritual thought, around the corner from spiritual blessings and peace. It's always lurking...always lurking. Always looking for a way to become greater and to not be defeated by the Spirit and the heart. Invite your guidance in. Build them a room, build them a space. Even if you have to draw it out. Create a space in your heart and in your life for Spirit. Pick a time each day, and I know in our busy work a day worlds that's not really easy to do that, but try it. Try it. Pick a time each day, every other day, twice a week, makes no difference. Pick the same time. Say: "I invite you and welcome you. Thank you for being here for me this evening, or the day for me or this morning.” And allow the Spirit to move you and move with you and into you. Watch the wonderful sense of peace. I was watching Bella today. And she was outside and there was an ant crawling across the patio. And she watched this ant with great intent. 

She followed the ant. And I thought, in that moment, that was all there was in her life for that second. She was totally in the moment, in her space. Now she doesn't know about mortgage payments, or car payments, or unemployment. She doesn't know fear and doubt because she's been loved since the day she was born. Invite your guidance in. Say: "Walk with me today, I'm going to the market." "Walk with me I have to drop off the laundry." "Walk with me can be drive with me". "Fly with me"...whatever you want. Bring them into your life. Find a space in your heart. Refuse children to allow the mind chatter to any longer disconnect you from the power of Spirit. Okay? When do you know it's Spirit talking? Well, it's very simple. Spirit will never say anything bad. They will never tell you anything bad about anyone or yourself. They will never make you feel guilty. They will only tell you they love you and all is well. Remember they will never say anything bad to you, or about anyone else, ever. Anyone who tells you that Spirit said to me tonight that Mary Jane is not a nice person and that you shouldn't be around her has nothing to do with speaking to Spirit. Because Spirit would never say such a thing. “Feel”, “feel” the Spirit. “Feel” how the information feels. This is important. “Feel” how it feels. Walk with it. Allow it into your life. Know that it is there for you. Know that Spirit is with you. Have no doubt. Don't think twice. Know that when you're encouraged in one way or another, whether you actually hear a voice or you feel a presence or you feel a power, always say: "I hear that". Now you've heard me say this for many years. But it's important. Remember everything flows in a vibrational a vibrational pattern. So when you say: "I hear that", you're saying to them: "Okay, this vibration is working for me". I can feel this, so this works. And they...back in the days you used to, when you found a station on the radio you liked, you would press the button down and hold it for a minute and that would lock in that signal. It's the exact same thing children. When you say: "I hear that", you literally press the button down and they lock that in. And then they say: "Okay, we know he or she is hearing at this level". Remember always, how does it "feel"? Okay? 

Now, I think one of the biggest keys of all is practice, practice, practice. Remember children, you are creating a new language, a new vocabulary. It doesn't happen overnight. And because the powers that be don't come and stand in front of you as if in Star Wars in illusionary form does not mean you're not in perfect guidance and communication with them. Doesn't mean that. It means that you may not actually "see". You may not be so much clairvoyant as you are clairaudient. Or, clairsentient. All the great mediums children, for all times have always been clairsentient. Period. I used to call that clairsentient, but I think it's called clairsentience. Doesn't matter, it means the same thing. (I can hear Jennifer chuckling...) You are creating a new language. That language when done correctly raises your vibration and as it raises your vibration, Spirit lowers their vibration. And so your receptive abilities are enhanced and magnified. Then you will feel that warm glow, that fuzzy feeling. You will feel that cool breeze. Many of you will see what appear like crystals of many colors in them. Some of you will feel a tingle. Some of you will hear a “high pitched ring” in your ear. Some of you will see what I call "tiny white pin-lights". All of these things children are addressed in the Intuitive Development Class coming in June. Spirit must also fine tune their vibration to match yours. So it isn't just that you're fine tuning yours, but they're fine tuning theirs and together you begin to learn how to dance. What is a relationship? When you begin a relationship? It's learning how to dance together. The very same dance occurs when you learn to raise your vibration. Two steps forward, one step to the side, two steps back, one to the other side. So you begin to get in spiritual sync and when you get in spiritual sync, Spirit then can magnify the bandwidth of that hearing. So that you know, beyond any reasonable doubt, you're exactly where you need to be. They're exactly where they need to be and you are now available for wherever this wonderful relationship takes you. Finally, on practice - It is very, very important to always tell Spirit when you "get something". 

You've heard me say this for years. But these topics are based on the questions that we receive. I get hundreds of emails a week from people asking me about the very same thing I just taught the night before, or the week before. Because somehow it doesn't quite sink in. Okay? So tell Spirit when you get something. That is very, very, very important because then again they can press that button down. So this evening, what we've been talking about is communicating with the Spirit. Learning how to talk with your angels and your guides. No one is ever exempt from the possibility of talking and walking with your angels and guides. One of the topics tonight was once you have a sense of inner peace... This is so tremendously important...having a sense of inner peace...minimal mind chatter. Not allowing your mind to ruin your day or your evening or your morning or whatever. I have for many, many years and I say this about ever third or fourth show: "I would just love to record your mind chatter for you.” Again if you think you're not hysterical, the Spirit just is astounded by what you actually put through your mind. None of which...none of which babies is true. Your mind refuses...utterly refuses to believe that there is anything that can come from outside of it. It thinks that it is all there is, that it is total. Have faith that Spirit knows where you need to be. Know that your angels and guides are walking with you and leading you. Know that you have asked them to be there. Know that you know each and every one of your angels, each and every one of your guides, know that. Know that you're not alone. Know that Spirit is walking with you. And if you do this, you will begin to see a wonderful formula, a spiritual formula, that you will be able to follow. Be the blank canvas for Spirit. Trust and believe that they're going to create on this canvas a wonderful, wonderful life for you. Welcome in the guidance. Don't think, don't listen to the mind chatter when it says: "Oh, the angels take care of somebody else; or the angels and guides they don't let me because I'm not good enough". Oh, if I've heard that once, I've heard that a thousand times. I must not be good enough because the angels don't love me. They're not taking care of me. They couldn't not take care of you. We make our decisions. 

We make our choices. Yes, there are times in our life when something happens that we did not intend to have happen. But almost always it was set about by some choice either in this lifetime, or the past lifetime, or the lifetime between these lifetimes. Some experience we may have wanted to have so we can get behind that. Remember that the less you think, the more you will receive from Spirit. Again, the less you think, the less mind chatter you have, the more you will be in tune and walk with your own angels and guides. Tell them, what you would like the experience of. And then believe it. Let it go. “I would like the experience of the following...” You always hear me say that. “I would like the experience of the following please.” And they will take that and they will begin to present you with doors and as you learn to communicate, and no matter whether your clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, no matter matter if you have healing abilities...Once you accept it, once you know it, once you be it, once you allow less is more to happen, then the more becomes the spiritual abundance that you have been seeking all along. So again, know how much the guides and the angels wish to walk with you. Know how much they love you. Know how much they see you and love you and want nothing but the very, very best for you. That concludes the lesson for this evening. 

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