Monday, November 9, 2015

"New Beginnings" - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Show Transcription

“New Beginnings” - by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: New Beginnings
November 9, 2015

Hi everyone. Today’s topic is “New Beginnings.” In the last couple of weeks we’ve been dealing with learning how the process is for letting go. Looking at the fears that occur with letting go, looking at the possibilities of letting go. This show today will be the next logical step—how to prepare your new platform. You’ve let go, so now it’s like building a new house when there’s a current house on the lot. You’ve torn down the house and pulled out the plumbing, re-arranged the ground for electrical work, you’ve done all this, now—what do you want?

That’s where you have to go now.

Your new beginning is coming up because you’ve created a vacuum. You’ve created a void. Where do you want to go? What is it you want to see happen in your life? How do you want to feel in your new beginning? Very important—how do you want to feel? All of you who have let go, have let go of stuff that doesn’t work anymore in your life, so you know how that feels. How do you want to feel in your new life?

What Spirit is looking for—you’ve heard me mention this any number of times—They want to see an intention in you. When They see the intention, your job is to tell Spirit what you’d like the experience of and Their job, after you’ve let go of what doesn’t work anymore, is to bring the doors of opportunity for that. So as you let go, as you clear your space, you begin to set your intentions, Spirit’s job then is to back you up. That’s what today’s topic is about.

Let us help you with understanding how you get what you want if you don’t know what you want.

That’s okay.

It’s actually okay if you don’t know what you want, because what we’re trying to help you with is: it’s good enough to understand how do I want to feel? I want to feel happy. I want to feel peaceful. I want to feel love. I wish to feel abundant. I wish to feel at one with the world. That is good enough!

It really is for now.

When you’re asking for the experience of, you can say, “I wish for the experience of feeling happy.” Then the way that you communicate that is not simply repeating to yourself, “I wish to feel happy, I wish to feel happy.” No. That’s inviting the human-ness in. Do this on a spiritual basis which is: I wish to feel happy. Give off the vibration of the emotion. You’re actually communicating with the other side on a vibrational and energetic basis.

So when you’re saying to the other side, “I wish the experience of happiness,” you’re projecting out from the center of your chest, how you would like to feel the feeling of happiness. You’re communicating with the other side through vibration and energy.

What we’re saying to you is, it’s okay in not knowing. For the moment. It’s okay. But if you’ve set your intention to find out, that’s what They want to see. It may not come right away. You may say to yourself, I don’t know what I want, I’m just going to do nothing. Okay, that’s fine. You don’t want to stay in that place, but the key to everything is setting your intention to have a new beginning. You might only have one thing. I would like the experience of a new job.  I would like the experience of a new relationship.  I would like the experience of finding and seeing myself. Set those intentions. Spirit listens intensely to the intention—never the deed—only the intention. So as we move forward in life, in our new beginning, we are literally projecting ourself away from the old life; what you did, what happened to you, where you went, what didn’t work, the pain, the good, whatever was back there that doesn’t serve you anymore, we’ve let go of now.

Sometimes in the letting go, there’s just nothing. And in the nothing comes fear. Automatically, because we tend in the human form, to put a dragon in the unknown. So the whole process of letting go is about trust. About believing in the blankness of letting go.

It is about holding the vibration regardless of whether you understand—you don’t understand what you’re looking for, you don’t understand what you want, you don’t understand where you’re going, perfectly fine. Your job is to hold the vibration—of happiness, of peacefulness, and that is what you’re communicating out. And if you hold that, as much as possible, then what will happen is—that is what will be attracted to you.

Absolutely. The most important thing that Spirit is looking for is trust by you for Them, to Them, and setting the intention. So you’re letting go and you’re saying, “I trust that you know what is best for me. I’m going to tell you what I’d like to experience, I’m going to tell you how I’d like to feel in the experience and I trust that you Spirit, you God, will bring those doors to me.” That’s very, very important. The trust factor. Because They always do. But there’s something that always occurs during all of this sounding good; there’s a little green meanie inside of everybody that says—but what if you’re wrong?

And that’s a good start for our next topic: Doubt and Fear.

Well, they’re each other’s best friend.

Yes. During this process when we are starting out on our new beginnings, what happens when you get doubtful? What happens when you get fearful?

It’s nothing more, children, than a lesson that you set to learn. It’s okay to get doubtful. It’s okay to get fearful. It’s not okay to stay there. The moment you start to get fearful or doubts come, you immediately turn to your inner child and say, “We’re turning to Spirit to take care of this for us. We know we place our faith in Spirit.”

When you place your trust in Spirit, when you place your trust in God, all the little stuff gets done. But the lesson is going to be: do you actually stay in the fear and the doubt or do you rise above it and say, “I choose not to give you a home anymore.”

Remember the show we did last year when we said doubt and fear can only live in the house you build? We are choosing not to re-open the door to that house.

That’s a good exercise. When you are communicating to the other side what you want, the energy and vibration of what you’re giving off is the energy you want, that you request to have in your life. It is not the energy of the way that you were. There’s an old saying in spirituality, don’t say, “I don’t want this,” because that is what is going to be attracted to you. What you don’t want is the vibration you are holding. “I don’t want chaos, I don’t want insanity, I don’t want drama.” Guess what the vibration you are giving off is? Insanity, drama, that is the vibration you are giving off because that is what is in your consciousness. The word not really doesn’t do too much.

So if you’re remembering and saying, “I don’t want this, I don’t want this,” that’s what you’re going to get. What’s really important is holding your vibration steady. Instead of the vibration that was, think about the vibration that’s coming to you. You’re holding the vibration of peacefulness, of happiness.

What helps you hold that? Trust. Faith. What will tempt you to waiver is fear. Doubt. What you are paying attention to in the exercise is, how do you feel? What is the vibration you are giving off? If you allow fear or doubt into your consciousness, the vibration you are going to give off is going to waver. You are going to a place and giving off a vibration of things you don’t want in your life—but guess what? That’s your vibration. What did we learn? What we are trying to say is on a spiritual level to hold your vibration constant. If fear, doubt, thinking about your past come in, try to let them go. Don’t allow them to stay in your being.

It all sounds very complex. It sounds difficult, but once you start to deal with truth, pure and simple truth…. Truth is simplicity itself. That’s the normal flow of life, is truth, so once you learn that there’s nothing to be afraid of, that all of that you’re going through you’re making up in the mind and you’re processing your own fears, you’re creating your own anxieties, once you understand that, the truth and the flow gets easier and easier and easier.

So we’ve spent two weeks of learning to let go of what doesn’t work anymore and now we’re going to move on to our new platform. What we don’t want will no longer be here. I like to say, at this time, take it in little bits. Don’t try to have a great big grand scheme of things, pick little things you’d like the experience of at first. If you’re going to build a house, you don’t build a house without the plans. You have to start somewhere. You start at the front doorstep, but mind how you go, one day at a time and as you begin to work this, assimilate your new life one step at a time.

Alfred is playing the song ‘Don’t Worry - Be Happy” now.

Be happy. Hold the vibration of happiness, of peace, and that’s enough.

If you get a chance, listen to the whole song in it’s entirety.  “Don’t worry. Be happy.” Thank you, Alfred. I’m very proud of you! We used to at the end of each class always… Jennifer, Alfred, Bella, and I… we’d get up and dance back and forth across the camera to that song!

And that will conclude the lesson for today.

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