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“Less is More” - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Show Transcription

“Less is More” - by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Less is More
August 29, 2015

Hi everybody. Good to be back with you. Today we're going to be talking about "Less is More.” You've heard my story, that way back when, when I was just a kid, my dad said to me: Always remember son, Less is More. I really couldn't figure out what he was talking about because everything in life had been geared to acquiring “more.” More education, more money, bigger house, bigger car, better health... Everything was “more and more.”

So when he said: Always remember that Less is More, it didn't sink in. I didn't fully get the impact of that for some time to come. And then one day, I went through a terrible experience. Terrible, insofar as I perceived it, as a terrible loss. And I did the human thing. I mourned it, I cried over it. It was pretty bad. And again, he said to me: Remember what I told you - Less is More.

I began to understand that our mind chatter disturbs our ease, disturbs our peace, fills our time with necessities, fills our time with pain, sorrow. And then I began to see the less we have invested in the outcome of anything, the more it comes to us. Alfred has gone through that experience. I've gone through that experience.

But when you try to explain to someone: Put this in your heart that Less is More, it comes right up against - But what if we don't make it? What if I'm not enough? What if I lose this job? What if I don't get another job? What if I never have another partner? And you have to go to battle with it. Because the mind wants to tell you More is Better and The Spirit wants to tell you Less is More.

Now you remember what I said to you any number of months ago when I said: Nothing you are ever going to acquire will you ever get to keep. Remember that? So all the stuff that you're trying so hard at filling up all your space, all your time with, in the end... it's nothing. It matters not. It matters who you are, how you loved you, how you loved others.

I have a dear friend of mine who has been battling a major illness. One that she most likely would have never survived except for her deep seated belief that she was already enough. And that less was more... she would get the healing. She had over 20 tumors in her body, all cancerous, lymphoma. They have all disappeared.

And what she did was to go for the experimental treatment, but at the same time, to bring herself to a beautiful place internally that says: I already am enough. I'm enough to stay alive. I'm enough to be healed. We go through terrible times in our lives based on our personal perception of what's happening. You've been there before Alfred.

Yes. And what we're trying to do, is what we try to do every Show, is give you a different perspective, a different viewpoint, a different way of going about life. The typical human way to go about life, Western way to go about life, is I need more... I need to get more... I need to have a bigger salary... a bigger car... nicer clothes... better shoes.. climb the ladder to get a better title... a prettier wife... a bigger house... Sound familiar anybody?

That is a human way which is happiness is through acquiring. And what we're trying to tell is the spiritual path is by letting go... is by surrendering. If you're looking for happiness and you're finding that the rat race and keeping up with the Jones' isn't making you happy, then we're telling you the alternative. Which is by letting go, by giving, by surrendering. That is an alternative path to happiness.

It's really hard for us all to turn loose of our perceptions. We have to have this to be better, we have to have that to be better. So we did a program called "You Are Enough" which you can get on my Shopping Cart at my website. And you get quite a discount because you are Members and are watching the Show. And what it says is: What if you woke up tomorrow morning and found out just who you are in this moment was enough for God?

There was nowhere you needed to go, nothing you needed to be, nothing you needed to become. You were already enough. This is an alien concept. It's an alien concept. Alfred, when did you discover that for yourself?

When you told me.

Ah. (Laughing) And there's a smart-alack in every Class.

So again, one of the focuses of what we're trying to do with this Show, and these little snippits, is help you realize perspectives of ways of being that you may not have known about. To say: There is a different way to go about life. You don't have to “acquire” education, money, material things, to be happy. We're saying there is a different path to happiness through peacefulness.

Every morning when you wake up, sit on the side of your bed for just a moment. Turn of the mind chatter about "have to's," "need to get someplace," "time"... and just say something to this effect: I am blessed today because my God loves me just the way I am. I do not need to change who I am. I am that I am and it's perfect. Try saying it every day you wake up. Watch and see the difference it makes in your life as you begin to go down your day's path.

It's important for us to realize that we walk through an illusionary world. Nothing in it is actually real. It's a culmination of other people's understandings and ideas that they have projected forward. As you think about what I've just said: We are walking through everybody else's illusion. You see? Even the restaurant that you stop to have your breakfast in was someone's illusion. Someone created that. That wasn't there before.

And because it's all illusionary, you can create your own space and your own illusion within the illusions that keep you from being effected by anything that might be negative in the illusion. Start your day, every day, by saying: Today Less is More, I'm perfect. And you will see a wonderful change in the way you perceive the world and the way you think the world perceives you. Alfred?

Great. And that brings us to our second topic for today of Less is More. Less helps you have a more spiritual life.

It absolutely does. Because as you've heard me say for years now: No two things can be in the same place at the same time. You have to let go of one in order to acquire the other. That's life. And if your head is filled with a bunch of stuff about "have to," "need to," "should've," "would've," "could've"... There's no space for Spirit to step in and say: Be peaceful, child. You already are enough. Everything is fine. 

They can't do it. Because you've so blocked the channel with all your worrying and fussing and all the things that... And I'm not saying to any of you that Alfred and I don't, on occasion, have those times... that we get upset about something. Alfred did this morning as a matter of fact when he went to the stock market.

I got upset?

Yes. (Laughing) He won't tell you that, but he does. He's perfect in every way... just look at him. So when we have expectations, we have limitations to our own soul. You hear me? When we have expectations, we have limitations to our soul. The wisest people I know oftentimes feel they're not enough. The smartest people I know oftentimes feel they're not good enough. I can tell you of Stars and people in this work that we do here that you would be utterly and absolutely astounded at if you knew that every once in awhile they too go through a little bit of the dark side.

But you know what I like about the dark? It reminds us so much why we love the light. I've always told you for years: You can't shine the dark in the light. So by blocking the negative aspect of the dark, which is your mind chatter, you allow Spirit to come in and sit in your heart, you allow Spirit to open the doors. They already know what you want. Yes, you can remind them what you would like the experience of and They will respond to that.

But They already know your path. They already know what's sitting in your heart. They already know your desires. And no, They're not spying on you. The other morning a woman wanted to know if Spirit could see everything. Do they know some of our dark secrets?


Yes. And I don't care. That's human stuff and They're not bothered by that. They just see the little baby angel, that's it. So, Alfred?

Less is More is also a path to spirituality. Pretty much every spiritual path will always say: Be peaceful. In order to be peaceful, you need to have less mind chatter, you need to be less human, you need to let go of expectations, opinions... all those type of human aspects in order to come to a peaceful place. And it is from that peaceful place that you not only will find happiness and bliss and joy, but it is from that peaceful place that Spirit can enter your life and work "with" you.

See spirituality is not just about finding yourself... your true spiritual self. Which is what we've talked about letting go of humanness, letting go of mind chatter, letting go of opinions... all those things. But the second path in spirituality is about your relationship with the Universe, your Guidance, Spirit, God, and how to work with Them. 

And the very first stage is: Can you be peaceful and quiet enough internally that you can begin to “hear” Guidance, that you can begin to work “with” Them. So it's not just you on this path. That if you can actively let go of your humanness enough to be in a calm enough place, a peaceful enough place, a quiet enough place, in order to "hear" the Guidance that's always around you.

The optimum word right there was to "hear." Because we can't "hear" when we're busy listening to our own thoughts. 

Alright. That will conclude the lesson for today.

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