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“Judgment and Opinion”- by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Judgment and Opinion”- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Judgment and Opinion
April 6, 2015

Good day everybody. So glad to be back with you today. "Judgment and Opinion"... Wow, can you imagine going through your life with no judgment or no opinion? You know, that's what we were supposed to do. That's what Spirit, that's what God lined us up for. No judgments, no opinion.

But unfortunately, we live in a society that points out to us, every single day, what's wrong. What “could” happen, what “might” happen, what “has”  happened... every day. And then we have all the pundents on TV and all the reporters and the writers for the magazines who all have their opinion, which is nothing more than a judgment. They don't know. I'm watching, right now, the country go crazy with this nuclear deal with Iran when nobody knows the truth but the President and Secretary of State and his staff. But all these judgments, all these opinions, all this fear, is pouring forward. Whether you like Mr. Obama or you do not like Mr. Obama, he has the best interest of our country at heart... and always has had. 

So when you come into this world, you come in with no judgments and no opinions. Well, where do you get judgments and opinions from? Well, it starts with your family. Because each member of your family has arrived and wherever they are in their life, having gone through multitudes of pain and upset-ness and not knowing, and most people don't have really peaceful times anymore, and so they sort of built up this wall and they make it somebody else's fault. Oh, well your grandfather did this, and you know if your grandfather had just taken his money and put it in here we wouldn't have this problem we have today with money, and your father lost his job and nothing's ever been the same since. 

That's what we do. We start forming judgments and opinions. True spiritual performance for the self is when you say: It is that it is and it is fine. Because every single thing, kids, that you come across in your life is meant to help you. Every relationship, every child, your parents, are meant to grow you. Therefore “nothing is wrong.” 

I remember when that Buddhist Monk said to me... He said: Well young man, what if you found out that absolutely nothing was wrong? And I couldn't... I couldn't, kids, get my head around that thought that actually nothing was wrong. He said: It's only your perception of what is happening that makes it look wrong to you. Okay? Only your perception. And that's where your spirituality comes into play. 

Because when we have a perception, it says that we have a knowing. No we don't. We have an idea of what we think should be right. But someone once said: There's your opinion, my opinion, and the truth. Interesting, isn't that? In every argument there are two sides who believe they are correct. In every war both sides pray to some kind of a god. 

Simplicity, always children, is truth itself. And the simpler you make your life, the less turning on FOX News, or listening to pundents, the less you do that, the less you set yourself up to hear discord, anger, resentment, the purer the energy around you becomes. And as that energy becomes purer, your life becomes sweeter, it becomes kinder, it becomes nicer. But when you allow the mind chatter to rail on and on and on about this is wrong or that is wrong or why did this happen... It just “is.”

You will always be taken care of by Spirit - always. God knows you're here. Yeah, for some of you you've chosen what appears to be little more challenging lives. I did. Alfred did. But does that mean... And this is what I want you to really all hear - does that mean anything is wrong because you have a more challenging life? No. It's just that you chose very challenging situations to grow your character. And it is your character that you take back to Spirit when you leave here. How you did, how you handled... Remember, Spirit never looks at the deed - ever, ever, ever. They only look at the intention behind the deed. I've been telling you kids for years now.

We set ourself up in a situation that says: If only I had this... Or if only I could do that... If only I had a partner I know my life would be perfect. But that's not true and you all know that's not true. If only I had enough money, everything would be perfect. Well, there have been times where you've had plenty of money and then you worried about not having it.

Learning that you are enough, learning that you have enough, learning that fear is about the possibility of lack, fear is about the possibility of not finding love. I'm counseling a dear friend of mine and she keeps talking about a relationship... not having a relationship. And I said: It's not about the relationship. It's about the relationship you have with yourself. And on Saturday, we spent 3 hours helping people to understand that it's not about the love out there, it's about the love in here, the love inside of us. 

We present ourselves to Spirit and to God as very needy and very sad because we don't have something. When we have surrounding us, every day, love... every day, love. But we don't look at that as an asset. We look at it as: Yes, we have love but it's us, where's my partner? That's not what it's about. Love always comes when you're not looking. Stop looking for love. It never happens that way. Only when you're not looking, it shows up. And it shows up in the most unusual ways. Okay?

Judgment, anger, resentment, are all products of a sad place in our heart. We need to blame people, we need to become victims of people, and we need to become victims of situations. When if we would stop one day, sit down and say: I'm done; It's over. I'm going to listen to Hansie's "You Are Enough." And I'm going to follow my life from that point. I absolutely refuse to be intimidated, I refuse to allow myself to be fearful, and no matter what negative thought comes into my head I intend for it not to be able to stay any longer.


A lot of people try to understand what happened. Where do these judgment and opinions come from? Why are they so prevalent? A lot of it is because of the way we grew up. We looked towards others who we thought knew more than us. Thus we took on their judgments, their opinions of life, whether they're family, friends, or media. And part of spiritual growth is to understand that you are unique. There is absolutely no need for you to take on anyone else's opinions and judgments. And in reality, any judgment, any opinion, is simply mind chatter because you understand the universal truth - that it is impossible to have a proper judgment or opinion.

Because you don't  know everything. You don't know complete dharma, karma, experiences, attitude... anything. So quite simply the simple spiritual practice is by doing the inner work you're letting go of all of those judgments and opinions. That is a huge part of letting go of mind chatter, that is a huge step towards getting inner peace is letting go of all of those things you picked up as you were growing up.

And Alfred, I think it's important for people to remember they didn't do it deliberately.


Nobody set out to be in pain, nobody set out to be unhappy. It happened along the way. Okay? It happened along the way. I was watching a movie on TV and the young man about 13 or 14, he found out that his girlfriend really didn't like him very much and she gave him back his ring. And he came home and his dad sat him down and said: What's going on, son? And he told him. And he said: Ah, growth. And the kid said: Well, what do you mean? He said: Now you're growing. Remember something, you're more important than the ring. You're more important than the person that you love. You are enough for yourself. And it was just like somebody took a page out of a book of mine. And I thought: Isn't that wonderful that this is going out?

Knowing that no matter what appears, it's only a lesson. It's not going to do you in. We pick our lives, we pick our partners, we pick whatever lessons that we choose to learn. But judgment shows a weakness in the soul itself. Judgment, blame, victimization, all of these things show a lack of understanding of the principles of truth. So sit yourself down and say: From this point forward, I will no longer live in the space that I have been in that is causing me such sadness. 

And children I know people who have more than enough abundance who God has blessed unbelievably who still struggle every day. So having funds, having good health does not mean it brings happiness. Happiness is a place that resides in your heart when you touch the Godforce within.

And Alfred, I think that will conclude the lessons for today.

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