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“Fear” - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription GUIDANCE FOR YOUR LIFE Radio Show

“Fear” - by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic:  Fear
January 23, 2015

Hello everybody, welcome, welcome, welcome. Our topic today is "Fear." You know, my friends, over the years we've dealt with fear in many different ways. But I've been getting a lot of emails and phone calls lately, people saying "is this going to happen, is this true?" A gentleman who I love and been part of our work for a long time called me and said I just heard someone say that the... I won't name the party but you'll just use your imagination. One of the political parties now said it's time to cut Social Security. He says I get my first check next month. He said am I going to be able to get that check? This fear that's out there now is an opportunity for all of you to practice what Alfred and I have been teaching you lo these many years. For me, a lot longer than Alfred's been alive. And fear is not real. Fear is an emotional place within you. 

Remember when we did that show... oh, I don't know... 2 or 3 months ago and we did it from Mexico and it was entitled "Fear and Doubt Can Only Live in the House You Build." Some of you have seem to have gotten away from that reality. And I've noticed that in some of the questions over the last couple of months you can hear the fear that's creeping in. I want to say to all of you that says to yourself that you have a deliberate intention, an intention, to allow the fear in. Fear again can only live in the house that you build. And remember fear is its own food. It keeps reproducing itself over and over and over and each time fear reproduces itself it gets just a little larger and it sort of sticks itself deep into your soul. The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself, as Mr. Roosevelt said back in 1941. 
But that is the essence of truth because fear is a manufactured product of your own consciousness. And you do things in a conscious mind that you would simply never do when you get into fear. 

People have strange fears about... I'll give you one that you all heard me talk about - Ebola - and Spirit said to you: It's irrational. There's 7 billion people on the planet, 300 of them have Ebola. One person came to the United States with Ebola. We have 315 million people in the country...One. But the headlines were filled with Ebola this and one party's blaming the other party, it's a pandemic, it's going to sweep Europe and all... nonsense. And we told you nonsense at the time. And before that it was Putin and the Ukraine, and it was taking over the Crimea and Russia's coming to occupy Europe, and why isn't the United States going to war to protect... all this. Fear, fear, fear. And we have one group of people in this country who thrive, who literally thrive, on the possibility of fear. And many of these people think they're good, well-intentioned Christian people. But if they were, they wouldn't have the judgment, and they wouldn't have the fear either. 

We have locked ourself into – in this country – into a fear based lifestyle. A fear if we don't get this education we won't be able to get a good job. Fear. If I want to make my dreams come true I need to leave what I'm doing and pursue them. Fear being: Well, what if I fail? What if that doesn't work? What if I'm doing the wrong thing? Never thinking that at that moment that fear is opportunity knocking. Opportunity knocking. Opportunity saying: Wait a minute, this is all made up. You don't have to do this. You are a unique example of God in human form. There are no limitations with the Godforce, I am not making that up. The same God that got me this far will get me to my destination, or my next part of my journey. But the whole country... turn on the TV's sometimes folks and go just to two channels - MSNBC and FOX. The difference between those two channels is so shocking to me. I'm not going to say one is better than the other. I'm talking about the message, people. The message. The things that people say. Remember back when during this current Administration all those predictions of the collapse of the United States, immigrants were going to take over the country, the economy was going to fail, everybody would loose their savings, there would be riots in the streets... I heard all of that. And suddenly out of nowhere - oh, well the economy is better - oh, well we are working on the middle class - oh, well no it wasn't quite as bad as we thought - oh, Ebola didn't sweep the nation. FEAR. Fear of an unknown. 

Some years ago I was talking to you about fear and Spirit said to me, while I'm talking to all of you, They said: Well, explain something to me Hans. And this was one of my main Guides. And I said: What? He said: What can you be afraid of what you don't know if you don't know it? Think about it, folks. How can you be afraid of what you don't know if you don't know it? Because your mind always puts a dragon in the unknown. That's why. And when you do that you say to God I don't believe that you're there for me. You say to Spirit I don't trust that you're there for me. And somehow you manage to negotiate the freeways, and the restaurants, and getting kids to school, and the snowstorms... Somehow you manage to get from Point A to Point B. 

I have a client that I've had for many, many, many years and he has to fly continuously around the world. And we're sitting doing a session in San Francisco once and he said: Hans, I find it so hard to believe. I said: How many miles did you fly last year? Well, he says: Well in excess of 200,000. I said: And you don't believe? And he thought for a moment. I said: How many plane flights did you take? He said: I can't calculate it. And I said: And you don't believe? You get in a cigar tin can and fly 38,000 feet in the air, through the atmosphere, you've taken how many flights, taken off, landed, and you're still here and you don't believe? Somewhere in you, you believe enough in the universe to allow yourself to get on that plane even though you know there's a possibility that plane could fall down. But you believe somewhere or you wouldn't get on the plane. So sometimes when we're busy thinking of what bad could happen to us we forget all the good that has happened and already is happening to us in this moment. 

Have you noticed, children that fear is always about something that "might" happen? Might happen. This could happen, that could happen. And when you start down that path you become a victim of fear. Not a nice thing to say, I understand that. But you become a victim of fear. And as you become a victim of fear, it keeps feeding itself and reproducing itself and one day you wake up at 2:00 in the morning, 5:00 in the morning, and you're in a cold sweat because fear has even entered into your sleeping form causing you nightmares. So you have an opportunity in life to say: I choose to not live in fear and I choose that my God loves me so and will take care of me. I have nothing to fear but being afraid myself and doing this to myself because I'm perfect in my God's eyes and I'm taken care of. You have that choice. You can make that choice. You can say: I'm enough not to be afraid. All that I need, all that I desire is in front of me. I'm the only one that's blocking it. Okay? So there's no written agreement with you in your contract that says you are to be and remain in fear. That is all self induced and man-made. 

The other day I heard something on the television that was shocking. They said in the 50 years that airliners have been flying to Hawaii from the West Coast, we're talking about hundreds of thousands of flights, we've never lost one. But the fear generated at the possibility is huge. Fear is something that you can control or it can control you. You have to decide which it is. When I was a very young man, for a very short period of time, I was afraid to be in crowds, I was afraid to be in the public. Because what I didn't realize was that I was clairsentient. Nobody told me. And I found out I was clairsentient so I was actually picking up sort of vibrations from peoples and crowds and many of you have had this feeling and I just wouldn't go because it was too scary. And people used to say he wouldn't go into a room where there were more than six people in it. And that was pretty much the truth. Now I go into a room with 1,000 people. It's perfectly fine. Because I've learned that my fears were irrational. There was no truth. 

Have you ever noticed something that we do kids, have you ever noticed that if we're afraid of something we'll try to defend why we're afraid of it? With no rational real reason but we'll make one up? And here's a big one - well, it "could happen." It could happen. Yes, it could happen. But it's not going to. So why do we need for it to happen? By believing it is going to happen or it might happen. Why do we do that? Why don't we just say: I'm not afraid and I refuse to defend the fear that I have. I choose this day to be happy. I choose to be light. I choose to be love. If you don't have $5 to your name, you can say that. You can open that door. And when you open that door, everything begins to change, everything. Because the essence of God that flows through you has no fear. The essence of Spirit, which is your strength, has no fear. Remember what we always teach you - You cannot shine the dark in the light. The light will always prevail, in every situation. There are dark moments that humans put us into, out of our control - wars and what have you. But we can rise above that. We can rise above that. 

Somebody asked me the other day what I thought of the movie "American Sniper." Now folks, I'm not going to get into that today. But it's a real good reminder why war is insanity in motion. Pure, unadulterated insanity, pointless, no reason. Why, why? I watched some people being interviewed and they said these words: Well, we have to have those people because the other ones are coming to get us. No. No one's coming to get us. We don't need snipers to defend ourself. We never have. We never will. Okay? So what I want you all to do today is to sit down and look at your Fear Book. Look and see where you are. Look and see are you allowing any fear, doubt, worry, or concerns to interfere with the flow of your life, the beauty. Remember something, oftentimes the humblest of people we know, the humblest of people we meet, are some of the happiest people we'll ever experience. Always. Because they know that their God loves them. Hands down, I've said this for years, some of the happiest people I've ever met in Mexico, of the poorest of citizens on the beach on a Sunday, the love, the family. They don't have any money but they've got a 6-pack and they've got food they can make and BBQ and the kids got a little pool to play in... They have a ball but they have no money to speak of compared to what we are used to seeing.

And I'll never forget that ride I had to the airport... the taxi driver. And he said to me: Can I ask you a question? I said: Certainly. He says: Why are Americans so afraid? Why? He said: They act as though something's coming to get them. I had to reach for an answer. But the real answer is because that's what we're taught - that something's coming to get us. Nothing, folks, is coming to get you. Get on with your life. Take the principles that Alfred and I have tried to teach you. Alfred, a little something from you on this subject.

The question is why is fear so important? Why is dealing with fear so important? It's because if you are fearful of doing things, you're not going to follow the advice of your Guidance. If your Guidance says, for example, here is this magnificent opportunity, we know that you have it in you to follow through with this opportunity, here it is, we're giving it to you, this is what you've asked to experience. If you're fearful, you're not going to follow through with that opportunity that you asked for and that your Guidance has provided you. Fear is going to keep you from the life you asked to experience. It's going to keep you from your abundance. It'll keep you from your happiness. I couldn't imagine a crazier life if the Other Side is working on your behalf and you say: No. That's a reason why fear is really important to deal with.

Yes, to learn from. But have you ever noticed Alfred, that when you try to take fear away from someone they fight to bring it back?

Well, it's as I heard a long time ago from a couple of people I thought I respected and they said and: Well it's the devil you know or the devil you don't know. And I looked at them and said: You know you're holding onto a devil because you don't know what else there could possibly be?

(Hans Laughing)

Yeah, it doesn't even make any sense. Honest to goodness, it doesn't.


Hello. Wait a minute here.

Isn't it welcoming the thing that you don't know because it's a thing that you know that's getting you into trouble and maybe by surrendering what you know and asking the Other Side for help...

If you surrender Alfred, you'd be out of control.


There's some fear attached to that one.

Yes. Being out of control so you can control the devil you know and keep what you have. Yeah, life as a human. So what we try to do is teach you to live as Spirit. Spirit is all about surrendering. Spirit is all about trust, faith and belief that what is coming for you is for your highest good. That is the way of Spirit. Fear is the way of humanness.

Yes, absolutely. I think Alfred, that will conclude the lesson. I don't want to appear as beating them over the head.

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