Saturday, December 12, 2015

“The Wonder of Choices” - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Show Transcription

“The Wonder of Choice” - by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: The Wonder of Choice
December 12, 2015

For many people the only choice they have each day is how to find food. How to find shelter. It’s not about whether they will eat, it’s whether will they be able to. We are born in this country into a society of plenty and we have all kinds of situations here to help everybody at different levels. I don’t think a lot of people  understand how many safety nets there are in the United States. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but we have so many safety nets to help our people to get through.

This time of the year, do something for you. Everybody’s out wrapping presents. I said to Alfred yesterday, the traffic here in Asheville is crazy. It’s the most I’ve ever seen. I realized, oh, everybody’s running to get Christmas presents and visit with friends, and that’s wonderful, but let’s have a choice that says, “I’m going to give myself peace. I’ve decided I’m going to give myself peace.” 

A lot of the things we cover in the abundance course is understanding that you’re in limitation if your abundance is defined by money. You can have the abundance of love, the abundance of joy, the abundance of happiness, the abundance of peace. Notice how spiritual those words are. They’re in sync with the universal energy, in sync with the universal flow. Now say, “My abundance is money.” That just sounds like it’s limitation.

So when you’re thinking of ways to pamper yourself and choices that you have, think about what is in the flow, what is real. If you’re thinking in physical terms, you’re in limitation. If you’re thinking of what is truth, where you’re going, where you came from, you’re thinking of things that are in flow with universal energy.

Absolutely. And you know, today I’m going to be sitting outside on my porch, in my rocker, and if anybody would have told me back in the days, when I was born in Los Angeles that I’d be sitting on the side of a mountain in a rocker on the front porch in the mountains, I would have thought, “Oh, well you need some help!”

But the peace and the joy of being able to do that is absolutely wonderful. Listening to the birds. Bella likes to come out and sit.

You have choices. Give yourself the gift of choice. Don’t get caught up, children, in the appearance of lack. Of scarcity. Of fear. Of doubt. Don’t do that. Find something, anything, that makes you smile. For those of you who have computers, you can go on the internet and there’s just a ton of things you can do. I recommend for instance, you can go and watch the H.M.S Ocean. Mariah Carey’s Christmas song, and watch the whole crew, boys and girls, mime the whole song. It’s wonderful! Free. You can go and listen to music, for free.

You have an abundance of gifts here, let’s not focus on political candidates saying stupid things. Let’s not focus on the pundits. Remember, all those pundits that they pay all that money to for about what might happen. Isn’t that right, Alfred?

Yes, and you have two choices when you’re looking at how you’re going to feel about things. Are you worrying about what might, could possibly happen in the future, or are you reflecting upon being in the moment, being in the now, as a basis of spiritual principles? If you want to find peace, joy and happiness, it’s about being in the moment. If you’re in the future, you’re in separation.

Absolutely. So just finding simple things to do. Sometimes getting some pictures of the family that’s crossed over and sitting down and being with those pictures, and putting a little Christmas ball here, and a little something there, and maybe a card or two, anything that brings you in joy and in touch with your history, the wonder, how you got here, all these wonderful people that made your life possible, some of them you never knew. Your great grandparents; you never even knew them.

Being grateful and happy in the moment at the holiday season. Let your Guidance know, let Spirit know that you’re not caught up in the appearance of fear. We have a policy here where we don’t really do gifts for Christmas, we give all year long. That’s something a lot of you should look at. Don’t be panicked if you don’t have a Christmas present. Or you give one or receive one. That’s not what’s important. Did you get a hug from someone you haven’t seen in a year? That’s important. Did you go and have a coffee with someone you’ve been too busy to see and they’ve been too busy—and did you get caught up?

Our little dog Bella got really sick, with a bronchial condition and the coughing was just horrible, and she got to the doctor yesterday, and she’s up and running. She wasn’t happy. She had to have some shots and some antibiotics, all kinds of stuff, but I’m grateful she’s okay.


Choices. Opportunities. Let this Christmas be something that rings in your heart. That reminds you of all the chances you’ve had. All the good things that have been in your life. Don’t dwell on what didn’t show up. Don’t dwell on what hasn’t happened. Dwell on, “Oh, I’m still here. I’m still alive. I have choices. I have possibilities.”

Alfred and I have friends right now that won’t be here next year at Christmas. Their choices are limited but they’re still smiling, and, folks, that’s the key.

Don’t look at the appearance of your life as reality. Just look, “Oh that’s passing through me. Oh that’s passing by. I wonder what I’m supposed to learn from this?” And we’re getting ready for a whole new year. A brand new beginning, and in that beginning, you have all kinds of wonderful gifts that by this time next year you’ll say, “Well how did that happen? I never saw that coming.”

I had a telephone call from a lady the other day and she said, “Hansie I have to cancel my appointment, I’ve lost my job.” I said, “Wonderful, what are you going to do?” She said, “You know what? At first I got very frightened, but then I realized I didn’t want that job, it just was a lousy time for it to happen.” I said, “What are you going to do?” She said she was going to make a list of what she didn’t want anymore. There you go. She said, “I’m not going to fund energy to that anymore, and when I’m ready I’ll give you a call.” I said, “Wonderful!”

So folks, what I want you to know is that there are possibilities in your life everyday, and those possibilities increase as you believe. The key is believing. 

And that will conclude the lesson for today.

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