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“Soul Mate Relationships: Preparing Yourself” - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Show Transcription

“Soul Mate Relationships: Preparing Yourself” - by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Soul Mate Relationships: Preparing Yourself 
August 1, 2015

The topic for today is "Soul Mate Relationships.” We actually have contracts with individuals that we have been with before in previous lifetimes. Then we agreed to do certain things... their Guides, your Guides, everybody got together before we came in here... had a little tea-party. And they all decided what was best in this lifetime for you.

And certain people said: Well let me help you with that because you helped me with the other before. So what happens is you come here and gradually the people that you are supposed to meet, you are drawn to. And a lot of times I have clients that will say: Are you sure I chose that person I'm living with? And I'll say: Yes, you did.

But Soul Mates... In order to get to where you start to deal with your Soul Mates that come through your life, you first have to find a clear spot within yourself. Now this sounds very simple, but it is not. If you picture a square and you cut the square into 4's and you put little titles on it: My Capability To Love, The Attraction Aspect, My Availability Aspect... And then you come over to this little one on the right-hand side and it says: Trust. And that one, for many, many, many thousands of people is the one they have the hardest time with.

So if they have been out of a relationship for awhile, the trust factor begins to listen to the mind chatter. And as it listens to the mind chatter, what it's doing is very slowly disconnecting us from the possibilities. Because it sends false signals to the trust department and saying: Well, you know what, if you venture out to that you could get hurt. What happened last time could happen again.

And pretty soon it talks us out of it. So the other 3 are saying: Yes, I'm available. You're verbalizing: Yes, I'm available. But actually there's no room in the heart for the trust factor.

And that has to do a lot with letting go of previous traumas, previous issues, previous experiences, that caused you not to trust. Now, of course, using all of Hans King's wisdom and guidance, you'll be learning about how to let go of the past so that you can allow yourself to trust once again. But the most important thing is, when building trust, is not to bring previous relationships into your current relationship.

That's the key.

And if you are not trusting, that's because of something that's happened in a previous relationship. And what we're talking about is making space for a new relationship. If your old relationship is still with you, still in your heart-space, as Hans says: You have a padlock.

Yes. For many of you, you've not only locked the door, but you've actually had a padlock installed. And sometimes the Spirit will say to you: Please, if you can't open the door, will you just unlock it for a moment to allow us to work with you?

I actually have clients that will say to me: I'm not going to make myself available for another relationship until my perfect lover shows up. Well folks, you can't do that. Because life with Spirit is about trust. But each of you, go into your heart, and ask yourself have you cleared up that space? Okay?

Another thing that the mind chatter tells you is that you may not be good enough for a relationship... you may not be pretty enough... you may not be handsome enough... there may be something wrong with you physically you think. And so you start to talk yourself out of the possibility.

But I'll tell you this: Everyone has someone. Everyone. You are never destined to be alone unless your entire life's lesson is about "The Power of The One." And most of you haven't come to that place quite yet in your life.

If you feel, in your heart, and I know Peter, we've been dealing with this with you in New York. And what I'm saying to you is: It's never of matter of "when," my friend, it's a matter of "believing that it is already happening." That's the key. Know in your heart it's already. Don't wonder it, don't doubt it, don't run your safety mechanisms by it,  and don't run your trust mechanisms by it - "know" it. 

And every time that mind chatter comes up and tries to engage you and say: You know what, you can't put yourself out there, you can't trust this issue. You need to turn to that and say: No, that's not true.

Another aspect to consider, when looking for a Soul Mate Relationships is: Do I love myself enough to allow myself to be happy? That's a tough one folks. We've been told, since the day we're born, if not by parents... perhaps you have totally supportive parents... but somewhere along the way - in schools, somewhere watching television, advertising, you will be informed that you are not good enough “yet.” And if you buy this product, if you take this course, if you do this thing, then you could begin to get good enough. 

Implementing a state of trust into your life is key to you finding the relationship with yourself that supports and allows for a relationship with someone else. Alfred?

The topic that we're trying to get to right now is making sure that you are ready, that you are available for a Soul Mate Relationship. It is not about a Soul Mate coming in and fixing you. It is about you being available, being ready. Okay? Being who you are. A perfect soul with perfect confidence - that you are who you are. And then attracting a Soul Mate with that vibration.

And trusting.

And trusting. So if you happen to have the vibration of: I'm not good enough, I'm not deserving, what do you think is going to be attracted to you?


People who are going to tell you you're not good enough, you're not deserving.  You're not going to get your proper Soul Mate. Instead you're going to get people attracted to you with a similar vibration. Okay? So what we're trying to tell you is "before" you start looking for your Soul Mate, make sure you've done your inner work. As we've talked about previously, make sure you've opened the trust factor. 

And in this topic, what we're making sure that you look at is: Are you "deserving" of that Soul Mate Relationship? And that is the vibration that you put out - that you are deserving of love, you are deserving of kindness, you are deserving of joy, and those are the things that you want and will have in your life.

And you will. Now folks, sometimes people will say to me: Well Hansie, I'm 52 years old. I mean, I'm getting a little long in the tooth. And when is this going to happen? I said: When you learn to love yourself enough to give yourself someone new. So many people are still waiting. You've heard me hound you about this through the years. So many people are waiting for someone to show up to tell them they're okay. You need to tell yourself you're already okay. 

All the people that we see on the television, in the movies, people who have become very big in whatever endeavor, whatever field they're in... very respected... never said: I'm hoping somebody will tell me I'm okay to do this... I'm hoping somebody will come and validate my existence. They already knew it.

I just was reading a story today about the richest woman in China. Her first name is Zhou. She starting working in a factory, as a teenager... a factory. She got $1.00 a day. And they showed her little security card she had used to get into the factory. Today she is the wealthiest woman in China. Her company makes all the glass on iPhones, iPads. Her company makes half of all the glass on half of all the computers in the world.

She had to drop out of High School because she couldn't afford to go. Do you think ever, in that woman's life, she ever told herself she wasn't good enough... that she couldn't make it? In reading her story today, she said somewhere in her she always knew. She believed that there was something greater for her than what her circumstances ever dictated to. 

Relationships. When you build the relationship with yourself there are tons of possibilities that can occur.

And that concludes the lesson for today. 

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