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“Gratefulness”- by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Gratefulness”- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Gratefulness
May 2, 2015

Hello everybody. What a beautiful day! Glad to have you all with us today. And I want to thank everybody for the wonderful emails you've been sending in about how our teachings have helped you to restructure your life to move you into new places of joy and happiness that you didn't know were available. Today's topic is "Gratefulness."

I want to give you a little story today. Many years ago... probably 8 or 9 years ago, I had done a product for Nightingale-Conant called "Stop Searching and Start Living." And after the contract has expired and all that, Alfred thought of what we might be able to do with it. And he said, you know there's a book in this. And so for almost 5 years, on and off, we worked on the book. Alfred actually worked on the book. And he took the talkings and put them into writings... which is very difficult to do folks, believe it or not. And he worked on this over and over and over again. And we hired editors who had no idea... They were spiritual people but they tended to write me out of my own book and it became very painful... and frankly, we gave up for awhile and then we started up again. 

All the time "knowing" that somewhere in time was a place for that book and the decades of teachings that I've been blessed to give out. Whenever I would lose track of it, Alfred would reinforce it. Whenever he would lose track of it, I would reinforce it to him. And so it's been a long, long journey. The reason that today we're speaking about "Gratefulness"... If you ever notice how Spirit works on your behalf... you keep looking and looking and searching and looking when it's right underneath your nose. And it's called "Faith." Faith's best friend is Trust. Trust has a "quiet knowing" that everything is as it should be.

Now to be very honest with all of you, I had reached a point with the book where I was tired of excusing it away. Why didn't anybody come forward? Why would the people that we hired that charged money and all that just take the money and do absolutely nothing? What was all of that about? And so it was hard, as time went by, to keep the hope up in that. But we did it nonetheless. As time went by, we were given an opportunity, through a friend of ours, to speak with someone who changed the direction and the course of the book. It's an editor. She could see and hear what we were attempting, and certainly what I was attempting before Alfred came on the scene, to say and to do.

And I was looking for a manual... a how to book in spirituality and mediumship. And just nobody could see it. But she could. And so for over a year, she and Alfred and myself have been working together to create the outlines and to write the chapters... rewrite all the chapters... well the chapters that we had already written anyway. And we were led to meet two people. And those two people are some of the nicest human beings I have ever met in my entire life. They told someone at a major publishing house about me and that person said: Oh, I know about Hans, I know about Hans. We'd like to publish his book. Site unseen as I said that. And today, after a meeting on Sunday last, they sent us an email agreeing to everything that we would like to see happen with the book. 

And I called for Alfred to come and read the email with us and it's a firm offer. And I thought: Everything that we had talked about... about what we would like to do with the book is in the offer. Every single thing we could have ever dreamed for or asked for is in the offer. So I'm proud to announce that Simon & Schuster will be publishing my new and first book within the next year. So to all of you I thank you for the wonderful work that you let me do with you. And I look forward to going into the future. This book... We're already looking at another book. We already have a title for that one. So I thank you all and Alfred, how do you feel about this?

Well one of the reasons we're bringing this topic up under the subject of "Gratefulness" is we literally have been working on this book for 9 years... 9 years. And that has been a really long time. And that is really where Faith and Belief come in to play is to be grateful for the way things are, to be grateful for what you have, to be grateful for the unknown, to be grateful for knowing that the Other Side is working on your behalf, to be grateful by letting go of expectations, by being grateful for letting go of the way you need things to be, to be grateful of the need to know when and how something is going to unfold. That is just "is."

And that's why we're bring up this topic is because Hans and I have dedicated ourselves to being of service. It's been a very long road. We've put an enormous amount of work into it. We just continued to have Faith and Trust in the Universe that this was going to unfold as it was going to unfold, when and how it was going to. And it is incredibly difficult to be grateful for what is in front of you and to release what is coming at you.

Yeah. And I'm not going to say for one minute that Alfred and I didn't have to practice our teachings folks. Because we did. And there were moments of disappointment... phone calls that were missed or never arrived. But when something is supposed to be, it simply happens. So what I am the most grateful for is first of all for my Guidance, for Spirit, for God. But I'm grateful for Alfred, I'm grateful for Anita, I'm grateful for John and Rikka... I'm grateful for all the people who came into my life to make this possible. I'm very grateful for Nancy and she knows why. I'm grateful that I have this chance, at my age, to do something that my father made me promise I would do and I'm happy to do that. 

But I do want, Alfred, I do want people to know that there was a little struggle every once in awhile.

Yes. And that's probably the second part of why we decided to choose this topic is anyone, anyone who is in human form will find this a challenge. One of the examples when we start teaching spirituality in business is: Okay. Everybody understands the difference between your glass is half full, your glass is half empty. Well can you be grateful when life is so burdensome and difficult that you think you could be grateful when your glass is 20% full, when your glass is 10% full? Can you be grateful when your glass is 1% full? And that's when...

That's a key thing you just said. Gratefulness all the way along. Even if it's just 1%.

To realize that to transcend this lesson you really need to realize that it's not about the glass, it's not about what you have. It's about who you are and being of service and continuing to be of service. In order to transcend the lesson of your glass is half full, your glass is half empty, you have to realize it doesn't matter what's in the glass. What really matters is your "intent" to be of service and whatever it looks like really doesn't matter. That's not up to you what it looks like.

That's nicely put. No, it isn't up to you what it looks like. It's up to you knowing what is best, that Spirit knows what is best for you and for your dharma. Alfred and I have been reminded by one of our members that this show is nearly 5 years old. Now folks, in my wildest imaginings I never would have believed I would have had this little radio show for 5 years. It just didn't come into my consciousness.

So I'm grateful for all of you who help me and remind me of who I am and what it is that I do. By putting your trust and faith in Alfred and I with your very, very personal issues, with your spiritual issues, with your spiritual growth, we are enormously grateful.

Alright Alfred where would you like to now go with this morning? Because this news was important for us to get out and I wanted to do that... let you all know what's going on. We are also leaving, by the way, tomorrow for Asheville. So we will be back there in about a week. We are driving with Bella. Luckily this time I don't have to drive myself out. Alfred's coming with me, we'll share the driving. So again for those of you along Highway 10 if you see us go by, wave. We'll wave back.

Well I think that's basically it. A lot of times... or should I say a good part of the radio show, we really focus on the basics. And what we're trying to tell you here is an advanced lesson. That the basics would be your glass is half full and to be grateful your glass is half full instead of focusing on your glass is half empty. Okay? That's a very basic spiritual principle.

And what we're trying to tell you here... what we've been living through the past 9 years kicking and screaming the entire way is overcoming the lesson,  transcending the lesson, transcending the lesson that you need "anything" in order to be happy. Transcending the lesson that you need "anything" to be of service. Because it is not what you have that enables your happiness. It is not what you have that enables your ability to be of service. It is simply what is "inside" of you that determines your service, your clarity, your ability to work with the Other Side, your happiness, your bliss, your joy. 

We have mentioned many times that happiness and bliss come from the simplest of things. The things that cost no money or maybe $1 to feed bread to ducks...


So in this lesson that we're passing on to you is even in the most difficult times, consider transcending the lesson that anything that is happening external to you is an illusion to let go of. There's no reason to judge it, there's no reason to perceive it, there's no reason to have an expectation. Those are all "human." Simply let go, have “faith.” Be grateful for the happiness you have inside. Be grateful for the ability to have this incarnation. Be grateful that the Other Side is working on your behalf in order to transcend the lesson that anything outside of you, including how much is in your glass, really doesn't matter. It's simply a distraction.

I think, Alfred, that will conclude the show for today.

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