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“Fear vs Faith and Trust in Spirit” Rebroadcast from November 10, 2010 - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Fear vs Faith and Trust in Spirit” Rebroadcast from November 10, 2010
- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Fear vs Faith and Trust in Spirit 
June 12, 2015

Good evening everybody. Well, here we are. We made it back to California and a good time was had in Mexico. I thank all of you for your kind wishes that you sent. We got a lot of work done... a lot of things that we needed to get done and we're back here. We did take Bella... her first airplane trip. 

Going down the dogie Valium worked; coming back the dogie Valium didn't work. We had to go from Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco and she did not like that. And she let us know in no uncertain terms. But she's just fine as you hear her tonight rustling around, well you'll know that she's up and running again.

Thank all of you for your kind emails this week. They have been very, very generous in the praise of this show and what it means to me... So I thank you all so very, very much.

Tonight I want to talk about a subject called "Why is Trust So Hard?" You know through the years you've heard me speak of trust and faith and... Have you ever noticed how we trust when things are going our way? And then when things start to get side-tracked, when life takes a detour, we have a tendency to let trust slip. 

And guess what comes in to replace trust? Fear - our old friend - Fear. Isn't it easy how we can go... When everything is fine, we say: Oh, I trust, I trust, I trust. But let something go wrong in our imagination, from our perception... let something go awry and suddenly all that trust that we said we had begins to turn to fear and despair. And then the "what-if's" and the "possibilities" and the "could's" and maybe there... maybe, just maybe our faith wasn't as strong as we thought it was.

Trust is a strange term. For me, trust means "being." Knowing all that happens around me has nothing to do with me. Of course when you get to be my age you can probably say that. But I think when you're a younger person or you're in your 30's or 40's or early 50's, I think it's much different because there are so many things that present themselves to us.

You know, since the election, so many of my friends, not only in this country but overseas, have been saying: But we believed. But we had faith. We knew we that this was the way that we needed to go and now look at what's happened, we've been punished for it. Remember what I say to you folks sometimes when I say: "And what makes you think anything is wrong?" Our perception is that somebody won an election. Somebody apparently appeared to lose an election. But is that true? 

If we have trust that right action will prevail no matter what the appearance... If we back away from the pundents... I catch myself... Oh my goodness, shame on me. I've got to tell you. I go from Keith Oberman over to FOX back to Chris Matthews back to FOX. And it's so interesting how there are two entirely different perceptions of what is going on in the United States. Two different... It's as though there are two entirely different people living in the United States... groups, camps.

For those of you who had absolute faith and trust in the previous election shall we say, you may say: What happened to that trust? What happened to that faith? What indeed has happened? Many people lost their trust and their faith and didn't go to vote. It's that simple. Voter turnout was down significantly. People in the middle moved right, that's all. Both parties, both groups of people believe they hold the answer and they trust in that and they want to believe in that. 

So we have two people with absolutely diametrically opposed belief systems... thinking God loves only them and therefore, they're right. What I'm going to ask all of you to do is watch and see... watch and see, my friends, two years and see what happens. Just watch and see what happens. You might be surprised. 

For instance, I was talking to a lady I know the other day before I left Mexico. And she said to me: Hansie, it appears I'm going to lose my job. I've been here for 31 years. I'm not trained to do anything else. I don't know anything else. She said: I've lost my trust in Spirit because this is not what I had planned. So I've known her long enough... She lives in the midwest... I've known her long enough to say to her: Margaret, what makes you think anything is wrong? She said: Because I trusted it and I believed that I would have this job until I couldn't work any longer.

And I said to her: Do you remember our last conversation? When you said to me: The only thing, Hansie, I regret is that I didn't follow this dream that I had to do this thing. I said: Yes, I remember that thing. She said: That's the only thing I regret. If I could, I would've changed that. If I could, I would have changed that. Well, Spirit heard that as: I wish I could change that. And so I said to her again: What makes you think that anything is wrong? She's still struggling with that.

If you have trust, sheer trust, just absolute trust and belief that Spirit will get you through, that Spirit does know who you are. If you have absolutely trust and faith that Spirit is leading you in the right direction, even though, in your perceptions, something has happened. For all of you who love me, I love you back. But I watched the questions throughout the last eight months or however long we've been being with you, and you can see how we all struggle with trust and belief. 

Because we wouldn't ask the questions we ask if we trusted in Spirit. We would know that no matter what presents itself as truth is only truth if it is truth. Because we have a perception that Spirit sometimes must alter, do we ever stop and say: Well, I wonder where this road is going to lead me? Or do we automatically replace trust with fear? 

So, again, when everything is going well, oh we trust, we believe... But, when something goes awry fear comes in, then doubt comes in, then the shadows come in, then the worry, the fear, the guilt, the what-if's. All the things that don't happen... that don't happen. But we start adding energy and adding power to that possibility. And that's when we begin to fail ourselves. We can never fail Spirit because Spirit does not judge us. But we, when we lose our trust and our absolute faith...

I had an opportunity to be at Agape about a month ago... Agape University, Reverend Michael Beckwith. And Reverend Michael was talking about what happens when we lose our faith. What happens is the mind comes in with its old set of tapes and it begins to run those tapes and those tapes begin to attract doubt and fear and panic... and the what-if's. The what-if's become bigger and bigger and bigger. None of which are true, mind you. None of this is true. It came out of a perception that because something didn't go "this way", it's automatically going to go "that way."

I talked to a gentleman the other day, down in Mexico on the beach, and he said to me... We were talking about something and I said: Well what would you have changed? He said: Well I would have done this a lot earlier. He said: I spent all those years, all those years working and paying bills and paying debt and trying to accumulate some money... trying to get some stocks, some bonds, trying to protect my family and here I am at 55 wiped out. After all I did... all I did. All the commuting, all the tuition, all the stuff I did. My wife is gone. All I did was wiped out because I had faith and I believed that's where I should go. He said: Next time I'm going to put my faith in myself and not in someone or something else. 

Folks, put your faith in yourself and you'll never, ever go wrong. Fear, you've heard me say for half a century now, fear is the greatest enemy we ever have. Remember, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. I hope they speak those words at my memorial. I hate to steal that from Franklin. But fear drives us to do things, fear drives us to say things, fear motivates us to become less than who we actually are. 

And when you go to that mirror... I received a letter from a lady, an email... I guess letters are out of the question anymore... an email from a lady the other day and she said: For the first time I finally heard you. She said: I've had your "Stop Searching and Start Living."  She said: I've had "You Are Enough." I've got all these things. She said: I finally went to the mirror and did what you said and she said: I couldn't tell myself "I loved myself." She said: That's when I knew that I had been governed by my subconscious and my fear all of my life. And she's 50 years old.

She said: But I worked on it and I worked on it and I worked on it. And she said: Finally when I could say: And I love you very much and I'm going to take care of you and no one is ever going to harm you again. Which of course is speaking to your fear. She said: It was like this flash of light went through the room. She said: Everything started moving and there was energy flowing and color and Boom! It stopped suddenly. And she said: I felt like this giant weight had just been lifted off me and thrown away.

That's what happens when you let go of fear and no matter life presents you with, you have absolute faith. Know how much much the Spirit loves you when you love yourself and you believe in you and you believe in Them.

And that will conclude the lesson for this evening.

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