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“Patience”- by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Patience”- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Patience
May 9, 2015

Hello everyone. What a beautiful day indeed. I'm sitting here in the middle of all these trees. Everything is good. I thank God and thank so many of you for the lovely emails that you sent offering us up prayers for us. Thank you very, very much.

Our topic for today "Patience." This is a subject that comes up in readings a lot. And it happens to be a subject  that for many, many years, I did not like. It's called patience. You all know that ugly little word patience. What could possibly be the lesson in patience? The lesson in patience is "believe," "belief." “Believe” that even though you're striving for this particular job, even though you're wanting to be in a relationship, even though you're trying to buy a house and things are just falling down all around you... This is what you have to understand, gentle people, to not be involved with the outcome of this situation.  Give it to Spirit, in the "belief" that by being patient, the Spirit knows what's in your heart. They know what you are longing to accomplish. 

But they also have a duplicate of your dharma. You know that little piece of paper that was stapled to your butt when you were born that says: This is so and so, and this is what they wanted to accomplish... that little thing. So the mind chatter gets busy and it runs off on this tangent, it runs off on another tangent, it'll say: Oh, you're not well, there's a bump on your skin. It'll say: Oh, look your paycheck is being cut a little bit. Oh, are we going to make the mortgage payment? Your partner said something to you... are they leaving me? Or will I ever get somebody? All that "stuff" that the mind chatter runs through is totally, children, absolutely irrelevant... irrelevant.

The truth of the matter is that the lesson is in the patience. I remember some years ago, folks, I really wanted to participate and have the feeling of a certain thing. And I really longed to have this thing. And it wasn't a relationship or anything like that. It was something that I wanted to acquire. And it just seemed to me that no matter what I did I was thwarted. And I remember a very, very nice young Tibetan monk who I met at a seminar... He and I were talking and he said: You know Mr. King, the more you grab after it, the further from you it gets. And I had to stop for a moment and I said: You know it doesn't make a lot of sense. He says: I know it doesn't. But hear me out. He said: If something is "for you" you know it and you connect it to your heart. And when you connect it to your heart you no longer fuss it because you believe that the Universe and the Spirit is moving and configuring events to bring you to that reality. You see?

So you set in motion a law of abundance for this particular thing. Your job is to know it, believe it, don't look for it again, don't ask about it again, it's already in the making. Now, you may come back to me and say: Well Hansie I've been waiting for this darn thing now for 10 years. Then that's what the lesson is: Wait the 10 years. I got what I was looking for 13 years afterwards. But it arrived "exactly" as I had wanted. And when I queried Spirit as to why the delay, They said: Because there were so many lessons along the way that you had to acquire in order to have a full appreciation of this that you wanted. You see?

So as the years have gone by, when somebody says to me: I'm losing patience. And I always say: Then you're losing belief. It isn't the act of acquiring the object or the person, it's the act of belief along the way that's the lesson. Because no matter, children, what you're going to acquire will you get to keep. So everything is in the construction of the lesson. Now people will tell you who knew me back when... which was a very long time ago "back when"... that I didn't have the best patience in the world and I'll tell you right now that's the absolute truth. I wanted it and I wanted it now. But life is not so constructed that way, kids... it's not.

I remember when Alfred first came and he wanted to do "this" with his spirituality... and he wanted to do that... and he wanted to take giant steps over all the lessons that just arrived. Remember that, Alfred?

Well, of course.

Expound on this a little bit for you and how you learned patience. 

I'm still working on that one...

(Hans Laughing)

I think everybody is. This is why patience is one of those lessons that is so important because there are so many levels to patience that we think patience is simply something that oh we learn the lesson and we're over with. No. Patience has to do so much with having absolute faith and belief in the Other Side coordinating things on our behalf. Why isn't this showing up? Well if you're asking the question: Why isn't this showing up? Then quite simply you don't have faith in the Other Side. That is an amazingly difficult and simply complex...

But it is that, Alfred. It is exactly that.

…. lesson that when you have perfect faith and belief in the Other Side coordinating things on your behalf, that They know what your dharma is, They know what the lessons that you should have learned before things arrive according to the design that you set up for your life. Then you'll have learned the lesson of patience. And that is incredibly difficult. Especially to those of us who are in service. To say: Why is service so difficult? Well, it's designed that way.

Yes, it is. It is designed to force you to look at the lessons you need to teach. And by looking at the lessons that you need to teach, you begin to see all your little human frailties... which are wonderful. And then you can maneuver them, you can manipulate them into showing up more often so that you can begin to work that lesson. Faith and trust is very much a part of patience. Because the truth of the matter is, very clearly, that when you decide to believe, and you decide to let go and let Spirit in to work your life with you, everything in your life begins to change.

Remember what somebody said: It's not a matter of getting to the top; it's a matter of the journey up the hill. Nothing could be further than from what your mind wants to hear. You want to hear that you struggled to get up to the top and now you've got the top. No you don't. You don't have anything. You have the top, that's it. But all the friends, and all the lessons that you learned along the way... if you have perfect faith will lead you to that... whatever it is that you are seeking to have.

I have friends who are stuck in the perception of loneliness. Believing that not having a spouse, believing that not having a partner, is the worst thing that could happen to them. And as long as they believe that and they stick in that, then that's what the mind chatter will keep feeding them over and over and over. One day Alfred was hollering and screaming at me when we were doing a lesson. He said: I'm so darn sick of all these lessons, I've learned enough now. I need to be able to do this and I need to be able to do that. And I just looked at him and I said: Well you can't until you believe. He said: I do believe. I said: No, if you believed you wouldn't be telling me these things you're telling me. He said: Well what am expected to do? I said: Let go. They already know what you're looking for. They already know what you want.

And that applies to all of us. We all have moments, being in human form, where we do face issues of patience. Unfortunately, so many people have attached patience to being loved by God and Spirit. So if it isn't answered right away, Alfred, they believe God doesn't love them. Have you noticed that?

And that is the... oh shall we say oxymoron of the lesson of patience. It is the more you try to reach out and "get" and "control” the outcome, the more you try to hurry things from the human side, the slower they will arrive. The more you let go, the more patient you are, the more trusting you are, the more you are peaceful, the faster your life will arrive.

Absolutely. It's in the "nothingness" children, that what you want arrives. Not in the complexity. It is in the nothingness - period. Spirit "knows" what is best for you. They know it. I'm not going to sit here today and tell you that I don't become impatient from time to time because that would not be true. What I will say to you is that the lesson kicks in and then I say: Oh... let it be... let it be. And if you're very still, you're very quiet, what you are longing for arrives in ways that are unbelievable. I am living proof of that. The things in my life that I thought were never attainable... every time I sought after them, they never arrived. When I let go of the way it needed to show up, they always arrived.

Alright Alfred, I think that will conclude the lesson for the day. 

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