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“Being In Spiritual Truth”- by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Being In Spiritual Truth”- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Being In Spiritual Truth
May 17, 2015

Hello everybody and welcome. Today we are going to be talking about Spiritual Truth. What is Spiritual Truth? What does "Being In Spiritual Truth" mean? For so many of my clients through the many years I've been in service, I will get an email or a letter saying: Oh, my gosh, what a difference! Oh, this is working for me! And what happens oftentimes is that people read a book or they go to take a class or they have a reading, for instance, and they'll say: Oh, I got it. When really what has happened is that the mind has captured the conversation. The mind has captured what is trying to be said. And the mind captures what is being said.

But unfortunately, the mind does not send it to the peaceful place in the heart. It holds the information in the head. That, children, is not spiritual wisdom or spiritual truth. That's trying to control how Spiritual Truth looks. Allowing the mind to send a clean and clear picture to the heart, of trust and faith and belief, learning to wake up every day knowing and hearing that you are perfect for God today... This is a whole new concept.... it's a whole new understanding... a whole new awareness. Because your mind chatter, for all the many years that you've been alive, short or long... all those years, the mind has tried to keep you safe. And unfortunately, it has really kept you unsafe. 

So Spiritual Truth means "trusting"... not just "knowing" it... not just "learning" it, not just “hearing” it... by putting it into practice every single day. And when you do that, when you wake up in the morning and you say: My goodness, I don't have to struggle today because I'm enough for God... Oh, my goodness I'm okay, God hears me. Oh, I'm not alone... I have Angels and I have Guides. My whole life has changed because "I believe." And Spiritual Truth is about "believing."

Knowing, in your heart, that beyond any reasonable doubt that there's no judgment of you from anyone on the Other Side. Not God, not Spirit, not your Helpers and Friends... no one. There's no judgment of you. All that judgment that's been going on all these years came out of the mind chatter. So when you truly "believe," when you truly get it, you begin to set the mind chatter "off." You begin to let it go. It no longer plays a role in your life. Yes, it's there to open the car door, to put the dishes in the dishwasher. Of course... all maintenance stuff. But it has no control any longer who "you" are and what is best for “you.” Because your heart chakra will always show you what is best for you.

So Spiritual Truth is literally about "belief." But you will find, so often kids, that when you're in the mind chatter learning about these things and thinking that you've got them, your mind is still running its crazies. You can see it in the questions that come in. We're all family here, so hear me through. Very enlightened people on this Show still send in worrisome questions. That means you're still working on your belief. Nothing wrong with that, kids... nothing wrong with that at all. 

However, the truth of the matter is that as long as you continue to do that, the longer it will take you to come into a place that says: "I am. It is sufficient unto this day and always for me." "I already am enough." When you can say that, you will find the mind chatter still trying to instigate trouble, still trying to cause up a fear: What if I lose my job, what if I get a divorce, what if I never find a partner... All of that nonsense that it plays up and plays out will not be of any value to you any longer and you will refuse to listen to it.

We get a lot of people who say: No, but I do believe BUT... A lot of BUT's, guys. Well I believe perfectly Hans, BUT this situation has continued to come up in my life... I believe absolutely Hans that God loves me BUT... I'm not certain that I'll ever find a partner... I'm not certain I'm on the right track. So basically what happens is, not to put too fine a point on it, your mind chatter gives lip-service to "belief"... does not give heart to belief. It gives lip-service. And when you finally understand what the mind is up to, then you really can begin to motivate yourself back into the heart chakra and say: Wait a minute, I don't want to be in that mind chatter. I don't want that in my life. I want this. I want peace.

I talked to a client the other day folks that most of you know from the Radio Show. And what it was about was that they had gotten to a certain place in their intuitive development but their mind chatter just literally refused to turn loose of a certain fear on a certain subject. And what I explained to the individual was: Well that's not exactly true. The mind chatter created it, yes. But you have the control over it. Nothing you're doing in your life is greater than who you are. No action the mind chatter takes can ever stop you from eliminating the mind chatter. You have the power.

Alfred, do you have something on this for us today?

From all the time that I've been with Hans and following his teachings, the greatest gift that I think I've come across that I want to share with you is the difference between "learning" spirituality and "being" spiritual. One is the traditional way of going about something which is: I'm going to learn it. Unfortunately that invites the mind chatter. That tells the mind chatter: Oh, we can learn this. I, the mind, the human aspect of you, can participate in this spirituality. And what we're trying to tell you is you're still in limitation if you're giving the mind chatter permission to participate by thinking you can "learn" spirituality, then you're running into limitation.

Well, what's the difference? "Being"... Are you “being” the principles? Are you “being” peaceful? Are you “being” loving? Are you “being” caring? Are you “being” trusting? Do you have faith? Are the spiritual principles dictating how you behave? Your behaviors... How you behave is how you are. I am. I am peaceful. I am loving. Or is your behavior that I'm in fear, I'm scared, I am worried... which is your behavior. 

So in order so that you can incorporate spiritual principles into your life, the difference between "learning" and "being" is learning stops with your mind thinking you can learn it. It doesn't change your behavior. And what we're saying is there is nothing to learn. All you need to do is say: Am I in trust? Do I have faith? Am I peaceful? Is my behavior according to spiritual principles? 

How's that, Hans?

Well, absolutely, Alfred. And that's exactly what we're trying to work on today. Thank you. And I remember back in the day when Alfred was first coming on-board he really didn't struggle with thinking that the heart could operate his life as well as his mind. And for all of you, I'm not trying to disconnect you from your mind because it's a tool you use. But I am trying to disconnect you from the thought that it's who you are. That's the key. 

We think our mind chatter is actually who we are. And nothing, kids, nothing could be further from the truth. That who you are is that little boy or that little girl that hugs the pillow at night and wonders if anybody knows who they are... if anybody hears their thoughts... if anyone knows that they're alive. Does God see me? I'm so small... I'm so insignificant... Can God hear me? Do I have Angels, really? 

So setting yourself on a path that says: You know what, I'm going to use my mind for what it needs to do but it has nothing to do any longer with who I am. And I'm going to come from a place in my heart that speaks with the power of Spirit. And remember, kids, when you identify with yourself, in “belief,” “spiritual belief,” your Angels, your Guides, your Helpers, your Friends... they're all there, you just plug right into it. And you feel so much better... you feel so much nicer... you feel as though you have hope. You feel as though you have dreams that can come true. No matter what they are - because they're your dreams. And yes they can come true and they will come true if you "believe them." Okay?

Alfred, I think that will conclude the lesson for today. 

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