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“You Are The Master of Your Own Ship – Rebroadcast from June 2011 - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“You Are The Master of Your Own Ship – Rebroadcast from June 2011
- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic:  You Are The Master of Your Own Ship
January 31, 2015

Good evening everyone. This is Hans and today's topic is "You are the Master of Your own Ship." 

Probably one of the most important lessons in awareness that I can give you is the fact that you're not here by accident, you're here by design. Now you all have heard me talk about this before. But it's very important to remember that you are not a victim of this lifetime. Nobody made us come here, nobody said here: Peggy you have to go down now and you have do this, that... No, no, no, no. Remember that Council Table that I talked to you about where we look at our past lives and where we may have been stuck, what we might want to sort of undo, if you will. So there is that plan that when we come in we do have that sort of karmic blueprint stapled to our behind. Now when we say that "You Are The Master of Your Own Ship," it is that no other person has dominion over you. No one. Yes, there are karmic obligations with certain people. Absolutely. However, none of those karmic obligations are meant in any way to keep you from your personal choices and your personal dharma. Okay? So just so you'll know that Spirit wants you to always know... Spirit wants you to know that you are here by design. Now you've heard me on almost every show "You're here by design." What does that mean? It means that You Are The Master of Your Own Ship. You tell the universe what you would like the experience of and the laws of the universe then begin to put themselves in motion for your experience.

Now, let's say, for instance, that you would like... Let's say you're praying and you say to Spirit: I would like the experience of a new house. Okay, so you put it out there. Somewhere in many of you a little tiny green meanie will say: Well I don't know how that's going to happen or how is that ever going to happen or you know what if I don't deserve it? And there's a little negative thing that comes in. And once that negative has entered the picture in any way, shape, or form, it negates the original request. If you say to Spirit, something... Put it like this: If it is for me, I would like the experience of the following please. I know I'm in the right place at the right time and I am accepting of this and all that you send regarding this request. I give it to you. I put it in your hands. I now have no expectations. Boy, that's hard to do. But when you do that, you're literally telling the ship's Captain which way to steer the boat. You're not telling him how to do it, you're saying: I trust you, this is the destination I would like to go to. What that does is that's says "I trust, I believe, I know you will do that which is best for me."

What happens in society and happens in life is that on our way to thinking that we want to do this, we're going to do that, and all this stuff, there is a built in society sort of conspiracy to remind you that you're not enough, to remind you... For instance, if you all remember the salad days of the craziness we went through in 2001 through 2008 where you saw everyday on the TV: Oh, do you have any equity in your house? Let us give you a dream come true. Let's take that equity away from you but we're going to give you a boat. We're going to give you a second house. Oh, don't worry about the payoff, oh, we'll just stick it on here, we'll stick it on there, a little bit more inches, don't worry about it, you'll grow into the loan. Now we knew that when we were doing that it was not sound financial substance. 

So what I'm asking you to do is to look at the fact that if you want that boat, if you want that big screen television set, give it to Spirit and do what they send for you to do to get that. And most of the time they will say: Will you be just a little patient please? We heard you. We are working on it. But right away for us when we make a request to Spirit and it doesn't happen immediately it fits into a place internally inside of us that says: I knew I wasn't good enough. Somewhere in there it says to us: I knew I shouldn't have asked for that. Why is it somebody else gets that but I don't get that? And we forget that basically since we are the master of our own ship, each one of us is on a different boat. We may all be going in the same direction, children, but we're in different boats based on our dharma, our karma, what we have chosen to learn. And so learning to flow with the possibilities of your own soul, learning to flow with the power, the love and the warmth of Spirit opens our life to so many unimaginable experiences. 

Talking to a lady today who said to me: You know Hans, I listened to a show a couple of weeks ago and you said we choose our life and our friends and she said: I got so mad at you I didn't listen to the next week's show. She said: Then I went back and I listened to what you said originally. And she said I realized: Oh, he's saying take responsibility for your direction. Give the clarity to the Spirit and they will more than meet you halfway. They literally will present doors that lead you to that inevitability. She said: So I tried that. And she said: Something I've been struggling for for over four years, when I gave it to the Spirit and I said: I am asking you, this is the direction I want to go and I'm asking you to present the door. She said: Out of nowhere, out of nowhere, almost immediately, in a day or two, came the solution. She said: Why is it the truth is so simple? 

When you are the master of your own ship, when you let go and you let God, you would be amazed at what begins to happen. Even though we may have karmic debt, in my experience, which is sizable at my age, I have never seen karmic debt ruin a person's life. Not ever, not ever. I mean I hear it every day that I work somebody will say to me: Well I know and I believe in what you say but I don't believe it can happen for me because nothing ever has happened, I believe I must have been a bad person in a previous life, I know that money isn't mine, I know that I'm not going to find a boyfriend, but I totally believe. No you don't. What god would you pray to who said to you: Oh, by the way you need to stay alone. What god would you pray to that says: Ah sorry, but this lifetime you're a bag lady. Do you know that's the second most common asked question I have from women is will I be a bag lady? Will I have a roof over my head? And during these very, very difficult times it's helpful to remember that of course you will never be a bag lady because you have no place in your heart, there's no lesson you need to learn by being a bag lady. Because your bank account is the largest in the universe. Have you ever had to pay your rent folks, or your mortgage payment, and you just couldn't find the money? It just wasn't there? Have you ever noticed that almost always, a way is found? A way is found. Do you know the banks have not foreclosed on 70% of all the homes in default in this country? They don't want them. They don't want them. Give the bank a call. Work something out. 

The greatest gift the universe ever gives you, the greatest gift God, the Spirit, all that love and protect us, ever gives us is free will. Talking to a gentleman today and he said: Are you saying you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad? I said: That's what I'm saying to you. He said: What do you do when you've lost a partner of 40 years? I said: You smile and say: Thank you for those wonderful years. I'm going to see you again not too far down the road and we'll share our memories together. We don't suffer those who pass away. We suffer the pain that is left because they're not here for us and with us. I deal with people's crossings every day that I work. And I've never seen someone come back and say: I'm having a really rotten time. This is a place you don't want to come to. I really don't like this place at all. Not ever. They talk about how warm and cozy, how free they feel, how young they feel, they're not in pain, they're not old anymore, their bodies are young and vital. All of you remember that when you go back to Spirit you take on the appearance of somewhere between, I would guess, 28-32, somewhere in through there, where you really were looking pretty sexy, pretty hot, and that's how you look. Oftentimes people will say to me: Well Hans, I saw my mother but she wasn't the old lady who passed away, she looked very young and very vital. Well that's the Etheric body. That's what we're all going to look like. But not like each other, of course (laughing), but our own Etheric body. 

If you could put in your heart "I'm not a victim of this.” No matter what it looks like. If circumstances take me to the fact that I'm probably going to move whether I like it or not, you'll get it as a new adventure. What can I create out of this? No matter what you're handed, kids, what can I create out of this. Look, I had to do that. You all know that. Recession hit me, very, very hard.  I went through a difficult health period. I had to stop traveling. I've been traveling for over thirty some years, thirty-five, thirty-seven years. And that was 70% of my income. I lost my partner of 47 years and there I was. Wow, out here in the middle of nowhere. I retrenched, I regrouped, Alfred came on-board to give me a hand, doors began to open, I moved back to this country for awhile. And since that time, everything good has happened for me. We have a new friend helping us, Jennifer, who has literally, I think Alfred you would agree, the answer to prayer. And we have Corina. We have people who've come to help us because we literally got overwhelmed. I mean all of you who stick with us know that sometimes the Radio Show may be there, sometimes it may not all this trying to get things to work. So bit by bit, day by day, we're working it out and we're working it together. But we know that all we have to do is tell Spirit what direction we would like to go in. That's all. 

So I'm going to open you all up to this thought: There's nothing going on in your life today that at some point you didn't create. If you have difficult thinking, fearful thinking, negative thinking, no matter how positive you try to be, the mind chatter 9 times out of 10, if you don't learn to control it, will literally overtake the you are the master of your own ship belief system and it will say don't be silly, you wouldn't have chose this, you wouldn't have chose that, look your mother said this, your dad did that, your ex-husband, your ex-wife, all the pain, the children, all that, you would have never chosen any of this. Oh yes, you would have. But you don't know that. 

I remember once I was at a satsang. And I think I've said this to you before, I had a friend named Swami Satchidananda. And Sri Swami, I'm not a devotee, I was a friend because his personal secretary, Ahma, was a friend of our family's. And I was at a satsang one day, I think it was a Saturday or something like that, and I remember a little boy during the question period down in the front row said: Gurudev, why is it that the universe never lets us see the whole picture? And Gurudev pulled down his little glasses. He said: Oh child, he said: Because you would change it. And what makes you think that this limited gray matter in your head can possibly comprehend the universe's path for you? So think about that. Think on that for a minute. If you knew, you would change it. And where would be the value if you didn't have to face your lessons? And the lessons, I might add, that you put in place. So you came in with the lessons that you wanted to learn, you came in with free will. Now sometimes, not always but sometimes, something that you wanted to learn runs a conflicting path with what you want to do. So what do you do when you have these two things diverging? You slow down and you say: Alright, what is it here that I'm trying to see? What is it here, what is the mind chatter that continuously comes up on this issue? Is it fear, faith? What is it? Self-esteem?  Do you know that self-esteem and self-worth bury more people's dreams than any condition on earth? And those all come out of your own consciousness. If you wish to be worried about anything, if you wish to be fearful about anything, children be fearful of your own thinking force. Because it is the one thing, since energy follows thought, if your mind is producing negative thought towards a positive idea, the positive idea will go away. Because there's no place for it to come and visit you. It's like saying: I want a relationship but I know I'll never get one. Hello? Well what are you going to get? Exactly. 

I said, almost 60 years ago, that when I grew up one day I wanted to live on the West Coast of Mexico. And everybody looked and me and said: Oh, he's a nice boy but he's a little strange. Well I do. I said I wanted to live in the desert one day. Well I do. I've had all these experiences because I didn't let my mind chatter tell me I couldn't do it. Don't tell me what I can't do. I don't want anyone to tell me what I can't do. Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do. Tell them what you're going to do. You may be sitting children in a nice, small, clean little apartment somewhere. Be grateful that you have it in this time. You may say: One day I'd  like to have a larger home with a pool and a wonderful partner and a dog and I would like the experience of not “having” to work for a living. If you believe that, and you do not allow any negative mind chatter to come in and tell you you're not good enough, you're not worth it, your mother never said you... Any of this victim nonsense, you will arrive, if it is for you, at that destination. And I have very rarely ever seen anyone who set upon a path that they could not accomplish. I can't recall very many of them. 

I know someone today who worked in the Silicon Valley as a computer designer. He designed chips for computers, very good at it. And he always wanted to be in service. He wanted to help others. And he tried several things that didn't quite work out. He went back to his old job again. However, in the long-run, in the long-run, he wound up with a beautiful Center in Hawaii. And he is helping people, workshops, he and his wife doing workshops, seminars. Because he wouldn't let the appearance dictate the reality. Do not, kids, allow the circumstances of the moment to dictate your reality. Just because you're in that apartment, just because you're out of work, just because your car doesn't work well, just because all of that is there doesn't mean anything is wrong. It is all "part of" you see. If you want to go for a trip and you want to drive your car, you can't go anywhere if there isn't a road. Listen to me - you can't go anywhere if there isn't a road. All the bumpy times and the things that don't work - all that nonsense that we're bombarded by in and out of our life, that is the cement, that's the asphalt, the glue, that paves the road. Your car cannot do its best job if it has no road. You don't want to drive it over hills and bumps and hitting the ground and all that. No, no, no, no, no. You want your path to be smooth and then you can take your car and drive it anywhere you want to go because you have already paved the road. You understand? That's what the darker times are all about is paving the road. Remember in life that every single solitary thing has a corresponding opposite. Cause and effect. Corresponding opposite. As far down as you are is you just reverse it and see that's how high you will go eventually. As high as you are, you will have a down time. But the down times never define you because you know and hold the original intention. 

I work in Hollywood a lot. And I'm blessed to know many people that you all know. Some people were getting $20, $30 million a picture. They're now getting $10. And you're saying: Well, poor them. Well, you know what? When you structure your life at $20 and $30 million, it becomes a problem. I was taught, when I was a child, that a penny saved is a penny earned. Remember that okay? A penny saved is a penny earned. Do not spend more than you make - period. And you will always be fine. So on that note, before we start our questions, I want you to all know that even though you may have sort of messed up a little bit in your consciousness about your belief system, even though you may have gotten off your track, please know this: Spirit has in mind an easy way for you to get back on track and that is "belief." Simply stop for a moment and say: I no longer give power to this negative thinking. I am the master of my own ship. I choose not to allow my mind chatter to destroy my potential, to destroy my possibilities. I absolutely refuse. I'm turning my life back to God. I'm turning my life back to Spirit. I am the master of my own ship and they and I have a boat and a chart together. And yes you can! 

Remember again, the greatest gift that the universe ever gives you is self-esteem and free will. Armed with free will and self-esteem you can accomplish anything. Don't let the appearances drag you down. Don't let people drag you down. That's why we say when someone starts to rag on us we say: Excuse me, not my problem. Don't allow anyone, or anything, children, to disturb your ease. We all have friends and they want to come over and they want to rag and say: Oh, so and so did this or my kid did that... Just turn to them and say: It's all perfect. It always works out in the end. Don't worry. Let's not discuss it. How are you today? How are you today? And if they keep going back, say: When you feel you want to be happy, come back and see me. You know, it's true that a problem shared with a friend is halved. However just having someone there to look at your possibilities, to look at your potential, not your victim place, but to say: Well that may be true but did you know that this is what you could be doing? Did you know this doesn't cost any money? Did you know that there are millions of people looking for someone? Don't worry about it. Of course it's going to work out. Okay?

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