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“Modern Day Fears” - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Modern Day Fears” - by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King www.HansKing.com
and Alfred Ricci www.AlfredRicci.com
Topic: Modern Day Fears
July 7, 2015

Hello everybody. Happy 4th of July to all of you and to our beautiful country. The topic for today is "Modern Day Fears." I've been getting a lot of emails from people, very concerned about the government coming out and giving its warning, and the pundits about terrorist attacks during this holiday. And the pundits, as I've said, coming out and really revving it all up and trying to sensationalize things.

Folks, the chances are that none of you will ever be affected by something of this nature. It is a difficult time and I'm not going to play light with it. But if you move yourself into the light... This is a wonderful opportunity to practice what we've been trying to teach you throughout the years. Do not be affected by the appearance of things. You see, they're not saying: There will be an attack. They're saying: Well... there might be... we don't know... but our job is to let you know that the social media traffic from the terrorists is up... and...

Folks, shut it down please. Don't go there. Don't be afraid of something that you simply don't know. Go about your daily life. We have a tendency, sometimes, to be more afraid of what we don't know than what we do know. Because at least if we know something we can handle if - if we don't know, then our mind chatter takes over. So don't allow your mind chatter to take over. 

I had an email yesterday from someone saying to me: Are we going the way of Greece? Is this what's going to happen? Should I take my money out of the bank?  Where should I send my savings? Folks, if the United States goes down, everybody goes down - period. We are the Bank of the World - not the Chinese, not the British, we are. 

And I will tell you right now we are, as I told you some time ago, recovering from this hellacious situation we found ourselves in with our banking industry and our stocks. And so it's time for all of you, who have been sending me these emails, telling me how worried you are, how concerned you are, to begin to practice what I've been trying to teach you lo these many years. If you search for fear, you will find it. If you allow fear into your heart, it will live there.

Remember, maybe about 2 or 3 months ago, Alfred, we did a Show called "Doubt and Fear Can Only Live In The House You Build?" Remember that?

Yes. And what we're trying to say here is that fear is a choice. You can try to fear something you don't understand. You can try to fear what the Media tells you. You can try to be fearful, like other people tell you to be fearful. Or, you can make a choice "not to." And that's pretty much the basis of spirituality... is to go along with the illusion of humanness. In this case, fear of Greece, fear of terrorism, fear of... just watch FOX News and there will be 15 things to fear within the first 30 minutes.

Follow humanness “or” make a choice not to. So basically, are you creating a space for fear? Are you following the illusion? Or are you choosing “not to?"

Thank you, Alfred. So what we're going to do is use today and all that's going on as an opportunity to not allow our internal fears to attach themselves to the imaginary fears that are out there. Yes, do we have terrible people in this world? We do. We have some very misguided people in this world. Are they hurting people? Yes, they are. And our hearts go out to every one who has been hurt by these people.

However, know in your heart that that fear and all of that hellaciousness can only come to visit us if we let it. Somebody said the other day: The moment we stop broadcasting all the stuff about ISIS and about all... it will start to disappear because it's done for headlines... to gain recruits. Okay? It is time for all of us to remember that that fear, that doubt, that anxiety, is being caused by our own emotions - not actually what's going on - but with our own emotions. So it's time to practice what we've been teaching you. 

The crisis in Greece is unfortunate but we've known about it for a very long time. The Greek economy is only the size of the State of South Carolina, folks. It's not going to topple the world. It will never happen. The terrorists are terrible. Yes, we understand that. But the likelihood of you being hurt by them is less than being struck by lightening. So open your heart up to the possibility that maybe all this terror and all this fear is an opportunity for you to grow yourself spiritually.

So what is a spiritual practice? How do you deal with this fear? Well, let's take an example that we have in Southern California - traffic.

(Hans laughing)

Let's use a real concrete example. Most of the highways in Los Angeles are concrete... You're in traffic and you have two choices. You can be upset that you're in traffic or you can breathe and be peaceful in traffic. What's the difference? The traffic didn't change. Its what is your state of being while there is traffic. 

Are you kind and do you bless people as they cut you off? Or do you get upset and have anxiety because there is traffic and have the tension of everybody else? The thing is - what is outside of you is not going to change. You can change your vibration, your frequency... what is “inside” of you. Okay? 

So that is the first spiritual practice is can you actually have an influence on terrorism? Probably not. Can you any influence on Greece? Probably not. So the questions is - without anything changing outside of you, can you change the way you feel?

So in other words, this is a wonderful opportunity to grow ourselves through this difficult time.

Correct. And if someone comes up to you... if the Media comes up to you and starts telling you things you should be fearful about or start discussing politics. Your question is do you want to really want to change that person? Do you really want to change the News? Or would it just be simply a lot easier to say to that person: You know what? That really doesn't bother me. That really doesn't have an effect on my life. I don't want to be part of that conversation. Or turn off FOX News and turn on some wonderful Documentary about Africa or Travel or turn off the TV.

I haven't watched TV in about 15 years and I'm ever so grateful for it. And Lord knows I don't watch...

Well you do watch Formula One.

Formula One. I like race cars. Yes, that's my treat now. Off-road stuff, Formula One... Hans likes Travel... Or just turn the TV off and just go outside. The new ritual we now have here in Mexico is we wake up everyday and feed the turtles in the pond. That's our new ritual.

We hope to have a video of that up at some point. 

Maybe we'll share that one...


So the whole point here is the very basic spiritual principle is you may or may not be able to change what is outside of you. You probably are not going to be able to change traffic in Los Angeles, terrorism, Greece going under, the U.S. economy... But what you can change is how you feel - the joy in your life, the love in your life. The vibration you give off...

In other words, what you're willing to let in.

Yes. And how you feel - your “perception” of life.

Again it goes back to "perception." So, I was looking this morning and we're feeding these turtles and there's about 30 of them and they're of different sizes, but they're fresh water pond turtles... How many of you had the little ones with the red on the side of the cheek when you were a kid? Spirit said to me: They don't seem to be concerned about the Greek Crisis. They don't to be concerned about terrorists. They don't seem to be concerned about Mr. Trump. They just want to get some food. That's their focus.

And folks, are the turtles smarter than we are? They don't let that fear into their heart. They just want to know is someone going to give them grub today. And they can spot Alfred half the pond away and they start peddling across that pond, their little heads sticking up out of that water, and they race to start crawling up the side... In any case, we'll get it up and on our website.

We'll send it out in the Newsletter.

Yeah, that'd be great. That'd be great.

We have a Newsletter coming out. Everybody get a Newsletter. Go to HansKing.com and join up for our Newsletter if you don't have it. And then, of course, we send out every month a free audio lesson. And you can SHARE that. If you get the Newsletter, please SHARE the Newsletter with your friends or anybody you'd like to share it with.

Let's stop for a moment and remember we're celebrating our birthday for our country. Why don't we stop for a minute and think of all the good that's in our country... all the incredibly good people... all the good that's being done. We have a government that some people like and some people don't like. But they basically keep us safe. We have an economy that's the fastest growing economy in the Western World currently. Our currency is stable. We have a fairly decent health care system. We have so much to be grateful for. 

So folks, turn off the pain and turn on the wonder. If you have children, take them to see some fireworks. If you're feeling lonely, go down and get in a group of people and start hollering and carrying on. Go see some parades. Open yourself up to all the wonder... all the possibilities that are out there. We're a great nation with great intentions. And let's remember to separate the nation from the politicians. There are two different things going on there.

Recently, we've had some Supreme Court Rulings that have upset some people. And thrilled others. In order to be a great nation, which Churchill once said: You will be judged how you treated your poorest of citizens... your most disenfranchised citizens. All people are equal. Let's stop the racism and division... all the stuff. And just remember at the end of every Show I say: And remember always that God does not love any one more in this world than you. Because it's the truth. That's a fact.

This particular show will be rather short today because we don't have very many questions. So let's use this opportunity today to remind ourself that we have a choice, as Alfred said, between being fearful and in doubt or being happy and feeding the turtles.

Alfred, that will conclude, for today, the lesson.

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