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“Conspiracy Theories” - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Show Transcription

“Conspiracy Theories” - by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Conspiracy Theories
July 18, 2015

Hello everyone. What a beautiful day, no matter where you are. Every day that you wake up, every day, is a beautiful day filled with opportunities beyond the mind's limitation. Okay?

Today's topic is “Conspiracy Theories.” There are some people in our Country, I'm only talking about our Country, who make a living on scaring people. Now, for many years I did the Whole Life Expo's in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco. 

And every time I did a show, some of you may have remembered that and seen what I would do. They would put me on a Panel. There would be about 9 people and they would always put me on the right-hand side and we would start out with these well-known conspiracy People about the stock market, 9/11... just everything.

Oh, will the banks crash? Will the U.S. economy crash?


Should you put money and gold in your home safe?

Oh, thank you Alfred. Oh, my gosh.

Should you diversify into gold because the whole economy's going to crash?

Exactly. And so all these people, and you can see the people, there would be 300 to 500 people in the audience getting fearful... fearful. And then the Moderator would say: And Hans King, what do you think about this? I said: Well, it's a bunch of malarkey. There's nothing wrong. All these people are well intentioned. But the truth of the matter is there's no fact to anything they've just said. It's their idea. It's nothing more than their idea and their opinion.

And when you speak like that, you say: I don't believe in God. I don't believe in Spirit. You believe the worst. And every year I would point out to these people who had given these predictions about all of this, about what was going to happen, I would remind them that nothing of what they'd said actually happened. 

And here's how they do that. As these conspiracy theorists get to the place where they'd said this or that or the other thing was going to happen, they quickly change to a brand new conspiracy, and this one becomes even bigger. Oh, well we don't care about that one. We need to caring about this one because this one because this one has just come up. This is the one we're going to worry about.

Folks, the United States is just fine. It's fine. Yes, we are going to have very sad moments where someone who is emotionally or mentally not quite stable is going to do some terrifying acts... just like the 4 Marines that were shot yesterday. I'm just going to say to you this: We're going to, for a little while longer, going to have situations where someone may be hurt in our Country. We hope not, we pray not. But it could happen. 

But the conspiracy theorists have thousands of people being killed, bridges being blown up, monuments being blown up, the government falling. Please don't believe that. Get on with your life. Knowing always that God loves you.

Again, there are going to be some people who cause some problems. But I,  sometimes in a weak moment, turn to a particular network. I won't give it any  names... and they will be talking about... You know that network where everything is Alert! Alert! Alert! That's called fear. Alert! Even no matter what is - Mary Jane gave birth to twins in Portland, Oregon Alert! Alert! It's hysterically funny. Unfortunately most people don't know that that particular network isn't giving you the truth, they're giving you the fear.

And people get hooked into the fear. And that's why the conspiracy theorists are so popular. Because they just go from one thing to another. Now the latest is the Iran Nuclear Deal. Oh, it's going to destroy the world... Obama signing that is the Death Deal to the United States... Gay Marriage is the Death Deal to organized religion. None of it, children, is true. It is nothing more than someone's opinion to get your attention, to get you fearful. Because fear controls people... always.

That's why I would say when they would get to me: Don't believe a word of it. None of it's true. And you could just see the audience begin to smile and sort of take a breath and I'd say: You're okay, kids. God loves you. Anybody can live in fear. I happened to do an event recently where one of the main conspiracy theorists, when they found out that I was on-board, surprised them, they  suddenly got too sick to do any of their program. Because I announced I would be coming and I would be in the audience. 

And suddenly all of the events were canceled. How is that possible? It's because they know that you cannot shine the dark in the light. And that somewhere along the way people would come to me and say: Is what they said true? And I would say: No, it's not. Don't lend your heart, don't lend your spirit to fear. Alfred, have you noticed that yourself?

Yes. And what we're talking about is when there's News - when “they” are coming to get “us.” What we're trying to say is the majority of these conspiracy theories are "what is going to happen." We were just watching the TV the other night and somebody was on there saying: It's an absolute "fact" that within 5 to 7 years, because of President Obama's deal with Iran, that Iran will “absolutely” have nuclear arms within 5 to 7 years. I just looked at that and said: Really? That's an absolute fact that something "is" going to happen in the future? 

They've adjusted that, Alfred. Today they said: It's going to be 10 years.

Oh! Oh, they absolutely...

They absolutely know now it would be 10 years.

… positively will. And one of the spiritual lessons that we try to tell you is: If something could possibly might happen in the future, and it takes you out of the now, then go back to being in the now.


Because the reality is no one can predict... occasionally Hans... (Laughing) what's going to happen in the future.

I'll tell you this. No one is going to die in our lifetime or your children's lifetime through nuclear weapons from Iran - ever. And please folks, don't worry about the State of Israel. She is way more than capable of taking care of herself.

Okay, so the first thing you want to ask yourself when people start talking about these conspiracy theories - will the banks crash, will the economy crash, should you be fearful of all of these things, should you change your behavior about what could possibly might happen... Then stop and realize you have a choice. To believe the opinion that these people proclaim to be the truth - like the world is going to end. When was going to end? 2012?

Oh, yes... everything. And you know they were telling Alfred and I this: It was the end. Be prepared for the end. The Mayan Calendar proved it. Well, Alfred and I, at that time, happened to be living in the Capitol of the Mayan Nation which is a place called Merida. And the Mayans had no idea what we were talking about. And they were doing cruises down here saying: Come and see it before everything is destroyed. And these people were making huge amounts of money taking people down to talk to the Mayans about the destruction of the world... the world is ending.

The Mayans looked at them and said: We never said that. We never said that. It's the same thing, Alfred, they did in what was it 2000, 2001 - it would be the end. Everything would stop running because of the computers. The computers didn't know how to switch to the new time and all of that. None of it was true, children. None of what they're expounding now is true. 

The United States is not going under. Europe is not going under. And then we just had this recent fear - these conspiracy theories taking about how the United States is going the way of Greece very quickly. That this Greek crisis is going to crash the market. I need to explain this to everybody if you don't know now. The Greek economy, the GDP of the Greek economy, is the size of the State of South Carolina. It has no potential, whatsoever, to crash Europe or the world's economy - none. 

So why do people look for conspiracy theorists? Because their own life has gotten so tedious, or hum-drum, they need to prove there's a reason for their pain. The world is no good, the world is falling apart. On the contrary it's a wonderful world. There's far more good in the world than there is evil. It's proven every day.

I don't know whether some of you have had a chance to go on-line and see the gentleman up in Alaska, and their family, out on this boat. And it was good sized boat. I think it was a houseboat. They're going across this lake and suddenly 4  deer come swimming at them. The deer had been frightened into the water by some bears and they were trying to get to the other side of the lake. But the water was so cold that they were beginning to get hypothermia. So they started swimming towards the boat. 

The people on the boat let the side of the boat up so the deer could climb on and they sat down in a little pod and stayed there and allowed the people to pet them and try to warm them up. And when they got to the other side of the lake, the deer didn't get up. They stayed there for awhile in the sun trying to warm up. And gradually the people helped to get them off the boat. One deer couldn't make it. So they got a wheel barrel and they put him in the wheel barrel and they took him over and put him on the dock and then they sat down there. 

And when they got up, they all turned to the people as if to say Thank You and all walked away but one... who stayed longer to say Thank You. Those are the types of stories you can go online every day and find. Or the golden retriever who has adopted all these birds. There is an endless supply of good in this world. 

So when you turn and you listen to these conspiracy theories... One of my best friends, ever, for years, called me two days ago and said: What are we going to do about these chem-trails? The spraying of our Country with all these horrible illness and things. I said: What are you talking about? He said: Well didn't you know all those chem-trails that you see... I said: Those aren't chem-trails. Those are ice particles from jets. And when you fly at that certain level the disruption of the air flow causes that.

Have you ever noticed that after the jet passes, everything begins to clear up? It has nothing to do with chemicals. He said: Oh, no. They've been spraying our Country with all kinds of bacteria and... I said: Are you listening to Late Night Radio again? He said: Yes. I said: I know what you're listening to. I said: We're not being sprayed by chemicals... at all. But this is what I'm talking about.

Alfred brings up things constantly. He says: Well there goes another "fear campaign." Right, Alfred?

Yes. And we're helping you identify what are these particular conspiracy theories. The first one that we talked about is what possibly might could happen in the future that they say is absolute fact. Okay, should you be scared of somebody's opinion that they declare to be the truth? Well, spiritually speaking - No. Because  it takes you out of the "now" and you start believing what is "outside" of you.

The second thing is should you be concerned and change your behavior about what is going on external to you? Okay, should you be afraid of what they say on Late Night TV or Radio? Should you be afraid of something that might have some relevance? There's currently some underground political agenda that's actually running the Country... 

There's a conspiracy theory, I'm sure you've all heard many of them, about our current President. And the reality is, spiritually speaking - what is the most important thing in the world? That is the question. And what we like to say the most important thing in the world is: Do  you chose to be happy and peaceful in the moment - regardless of what's going on around "you?"

And that is, for us, one of the most important spiritual lessons that we're trying to say. Even Mahatma Gandhi, during one of the most tumultuous times in existence, when India was uprising against the invasion from Great Britain. He said: No, it doesn't matter what's going on. He said: Be inside you the change that you wish to see in the world. Be free inside you first. That's where it starts. That's where your peace and happiness comes from.

We did a show, folks, you may have listened to it, I hope you did, about 2 months ago and the title was "Fear and Doubt Can Only Live In The House You Build." The English have a term I love. It says: You see what you look for you know. So if you've built a house for fear and doubt, fear and doubt is what I guarantee you you will find. And I will guarantee you somebody will feed you that information that you need to hear to put that in that house of fear and doubt.

I constantly get asked: Who's going to be the next President? I can tell you... probably "someone" will be the next President. Alfred, didn't you tell me recently that somebody told you that the election's going to be postponed or moved or something of that nature?

Oh, we have a question that we're going to answer about that. Somebody was asking us if the election is going to be postponed.

Oh, my goodness. Can you imagine?

Because of some theory.

No. I'll answer that question at the proper time. But no it's not. It's not going to be postponed. There will be an election. We will have another President. We will have a new Senate. We will have a new House to some degree. But the Country will proceed on. We will proceed on. Many of our current problems that we have today - and I know I'll get in trouble for saying this - one of the biggest universal laws is called "cause and effect". There was something that caused our Country to interfere with other Nations in another part of the world for no apparent reason. The cause of that has brought an effect upon ourselves. So this will pass. 

So, folks, don't look for sadness and it won't find you. There's going to be times in all of our lives children, when we don't feel well, we may even get sick because we're in human form. The body may get sick. We may lose our job. We may be a little low on money. All of us. All of us from time to time will have the appearance of some testing and a little struggle. But always remember this one thing I tell you over and over again: You cannot shine the dark in the light, the light will always prevail... so long as you look for it. Always look for the light. Always look for the silver lining.

Buddha said: In the end these things matter most - how well did you love, how fully did you live, how deeply did you let go. Let go of fear. Love. Live well. You don't need money, children, to live well. You need belief. You need belief. And so, just remember that when you hear all these conspiracies... Remember how we were told that the President was a lame duck, he'd never get another thing done, he was finished, he was over, the House didn't vote for his Trade Deal and nobody was going to fund his Iran Nuclear Deal... All this stuff... None of it happened. 

Because the light of Spirit is shining on us "now". Don't trust anybody who says they want to return us to yesterday. Yesterday was not nearly as wonderful as some of you may think. We have been struggling for a very long time in this Nation to bring equality to all of our peoples, not just a few specific peoples, all of our people. Our complexion is changing. Our dynamics are changing. And the conspiracy theorists would have us believe that we have to return to a time when we had prejudice. A time when people where people were not free to be who they are. A time where one class of humanity tried to rule over the rest of everyone else.

So conspiracy theorists want us to believe the darkest of times are ahead of us. But I'm 72 years old and I can remember the first time I saw that. I was walking in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard and there was a man with a Sandwich Board which said: The End is Near - Repent. As far back as humanity has been, there has been what I used to call "doom and gloomers." Alfred, you've know of this before, haven't you?

Yes, and what we're trying to tell you is that they're actually trying to influence your behavior. That if they scare you into thinking the economy's going to crash, the banks are going to crash, they're going to sell you gold... if you're afraid. If you're afraid that they're coming to get you, then they're going to sell you Survival Products.

Exactly. Oh, that's the new thing. I don't whether anybody's seeing that...

Oh, I just saw something that said: These dried products will last 25 years. Oh my God...

I know... I just saw somebody on TV, Alfred, who is somebody that we used to all look up to, a Senator, who now is promoting a new deal that says: Our Country is going to be collapsing soon. I know this person who can help you and it'll cost you nothing to go to the site. Except when you get there, and then there's the big fee. And I'm thinking we thought this person was above all of this nonsense. This person talked about all these things as being terrible... and is now doing the very same thing.

Don't worry about whether you have gold. You know they keep selling gold and gold... even gold futures. There isn't that much gold available to sell those futures. Does anybody realize that? That's the same thing as when you go to buy a time-share in a specific building you want and they've said: Oh yes you can have this time-share. What they don't tell you is there's no space left in the time-share. They've already bought another building and they're going to put you over in that one.

I used to stand out in front of this time-share in Puerto Vallarta and tell people: Don't go in, you'll lose your money. They hated me there. Okay? So the greatest gift you can give yourself is don't let the mind chatter around conspiracy develop. And some of my best friends still get fearful. 

Okay Alfred, that will conclude the lesson for today. Thank you for all your help.

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