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“Accepting The Now” - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Accepting The Now” - by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Accepting The Now
July 11, 2015

Hello everybody. What a beautiful day it is today no matter where you are. This is a beautiful day, absolutely beautiful. Today's topic is "Accepting The Now." For many years you've heard me discuss about trying to look at where you are. You know most people live a daily life that is a projection of what they'd like to see in their life today. But it's "out there." It's out in the ethers. You'd like to have this place, or you'd like to have this partner, you'd like to have this job... And we spend most of our time outside of our own spiritual and emotional arena looking at what "could be." What we'd like to see.

And Spirit always brings us back to the moment of "it is now." Your life is about "now." Where are you "now?" And we simply don't want to do that.  We want to say: Well, I'm here but I'm going there. I'm here but someday I'll be there. And we constantly do this. We constantly live "out there" in the possibility that the mind creates for us. Rather than in the actual moment. And one of the things that Spirit teaches us is that each minute has a value. Each day has a value.

You've sometimes heard me say that on any given day 4 billion people would trade places with you in a heartbeat because their perception of where you're at is so much greater than their reality. We look at it and say: Oh, gee well...  I got the rent paid, or the mortgage is due, or the car payment needs to be paid. And we constantly are doing battle with the “not enough” syndrome. Things are not enough.

A wise person would say to you: Have you all you already need in this moment? If you listen to the emails that come in today, and every week, almost all emails are about what “could” happen... what you'd like to see happen... why isn't this happening... why isn't that happening... And each time you do that you invalidate the lesson of "the now"... the moment of now... how important "the now" is in your life. Remember, we put a series of "nows" together and that creates our life, you see? Not what we fantasize on, not what we imagine, not what we prayed for, not what we hoped for. 

Life is in the moment. Accepting the moment in your life, right now, as the most important time in you life right now. And finding a value. Going out in the garden, finding a flower. Yesterday Alfred and I saw an Iguana who was doing battle with a bunch of blackbirds over some bread and chasing the blackbirds because they were stealing his bread. Now all he knew in that moment was he wanted that bread, and so he scattered everybody else away and puffed himself up and nodded his head up and down and showed how tough he was. But really, he just wanted the bread.

So in your daily life, when you wake up in the morning, say something like: I love this day. I appreciate that I have this day. I wonder what this day holds for me. Not immediately start wondering about this thing or that thing or something else... but just "in the moment," what's in this for me today. Alfred, do you have something on this topic?

A lot of our clients are confused about the difference between everything you need is “in the moment" and us teaching, and everyone else... a lot of spiritual teachers teaching about manifestation, abundance, things that you want in your life and how do you reconcile the difference between the two? But the reality is they go hand-in-hand together. And how can they? If you have everything, why do you ask for something?

The reality is that in the brain's way of dealing with things.... it holds the energy.  I'm going to happier “then,” I'm going to be peaceful “then,” “when” I'm abundant,  “when” this thing manifests. That is very human way of going about it. Spiritually speaking, you hold your energy in the moment and when you are abundant, you are abundant in the moment. Now asking Spirit to work with things... You can create the energy, ask for the vibration, ask for the feeling, but "release it."

See, that is the major difference... you're not holding the vibration about something manifesting or abundance happening. You are releasing your wish, releasing your desire, and going back to being in the moment. So there is no problem with asking Spirit for something. It's whether or not you are holding onto that energy or releasing it and trusting the Other Side.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. As I do this show, I have flowers on my computer... it shows me my different kinds of flowers. And I have to tell you each and every flower is living it its moment. It's not worried about tomorrow. It's not worried about anything. It's just in the moment. And then comes the bee along to sit in the flower. The bee is where it wants to be and the flower is where it wants to be. So in the moment, it is perfect.

I'm just going to run a little scenario here. This is Spirit speaking... this is me speaking. Let's say that you have a nice little one bedroom, or for that matter a studio apartment at this time in your life, and you long for a larger apartment, you long for a bigger experience. Perhaps an experience of living somewhere that's different than where you're living. We spend far more energy producing those thoughts than we do being grateful for where you are at the moment. Acceptance. Being available to know that this "here," wherever you are right now is the foundation or the groundwork for that tomorrow. 

We've set our intention in place. And we "know" that this is so important because we cannot get "there" without being "here." It's impossible. There's an old saying in England that I love that says: The person who starts at the top is certain to drop. This I have found to be absolutely correct. You must climb your way up the ladder. But you start, number one, what I have I taught you - Intention. Making the moment okay for now. Not struggling, not using this to say: Oh, my apartment's too small... or you know I don't like the area that I live in and my neighbors don't like me... No, no, no. Being grateful for “the moment of the now"... that's what's important.

And being grateful for what you have also goes hand-in-hand with manifestation and abundance. Because if you hold on to what you don't have, you're telling Spirit: I'm not grateful for what I have in my life right now. Why would They give you anything more? The lesson here is to be grateful for where you are in the moment. That understanding where you are is perfect. And if something happens to show up in your life well that would be fine. But it does not take away from your gratefulness for which you have in your life right now... or where you are in your life right now.

And this is very difficult for older souls. Because older souls, as we know, go through more difficult lessons. And that is a very difficult thing...

That's very important, Alfred.

… is to understand that regardless of how long the lesson goes on... how old we are in our lives... to be grateful for the situation that we're in because it's a lesson that we asked for. Okay?

Yes. Isn't that one of the keys?

It is the key because even if your life isn't as you want it to be... as your mind tells you it "could" be, as your mind perceives the way it is, the truth is, for many of us old souls, we're in the middle of what we asked to work for, to work through, to learn, to experience. And it is "that" which you need to be grateful for. It is then that Spirit realizes that you've learned the lesson.

Absolutely, Alfred. If I have a deck of cards and it looks full but only one card is missing, can you actually play a game without that card? It would be very hard. So by accepting where you are, in the moment, in the wisdom, in the knowledge, in the understanding that it is part and parcel "of" your dream. Not trying to go to a better place from a place of victimization, from a place of something is wrong, from a place that is the appearance of lack. But a quiet knowing and a quiet understanding that I accept this because this is where I am to be and am supposed to be here, at my request.

This is part and/or parcel of my tomorrows. And when someone comes into your life and they're in your life for a long time but the relationship just doesn't seem to work anymore, we should never throw stones at that person - ever. We should be blessing that person, loving that person, wishing them well. That's what's important is appreciating the moment. Because it's out of the moment that all of your tomorrows come. Okay?

Alfred, I think that will conclude the lesson for today.

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