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“Fear and Doubt Can Only Live in the House You Build” - Rebroadcast - by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Fear and Doubt Can Only Live in the House You Build” - Rebroadcast 
- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Fear and Doubt Can Only Live in the House You Build - Rebroadcast
April 26, 2015

Today’s show is a compilation of an excerpt “You Are Already Okay” from Hans' CD “Stop Searching and Start Living,” plus a classic radio show replay of “Fear and Doubt Can Only Live in the House You Build.”

Part 1 of 2 – excerpt “You Are Already Okay” from Hans' CD “Stop Searching and Start Living”

When you are having an experience where you are needing someone to validate you, or a situation, or a circumstance to validate you, to make you feel okay... Remember something: You already are okay. This experience has nothing to do with you. “What someone thinks of you is none of your concern. What you think of what they think of you is, in fact, very much your concern”. So the process is about, once again, turning to that fear, that need, that sense of vulnerability, and saying to that inner child: No, you're perfect. We really don't need anyone's permission to be who we are. We would like it. It would be nice. But we do not need.

So we go from “needing” to “not needing. So the experience or the lesson is about letting go of our perception of what we need to be safe. Once again, every time that fear, that need, arises within each and every one of us, we need to turn to our inner child, our inner thought processes and say: No, once again we don't need this. This is what we would like. But we don't need it. And simply give ourself the gift... give ourself the gift of ourself and make ourself enough. That we are enough for our life. We are enough for our dreams.

There is, my friends, a huge investment that we have in getting an "okay-ness" from someone else. We are are taught as children that we're good if this happens, then we're bad if that happens, and here's what you have to be to be loved in this world, this is what you have to do to get along in this world... And for many, many people, they just don't fit. And part of this program is to help people to understand that "not fitting is arriving." I so not fit in the world that we make jokes out of it. I mean I'm to the point now where people say: Well what do you do for a living? I said: I talk to the dead. Now that gets people's attention. 

But I so don't fit that it's wonderful. I have a sign on my refrigerator that says: I'm so far from perfect I'm pleased. And I have another one that says: The longer I live the more I'm certain of how little I know and it's just fine. Learning to "be" and to not listen to the mind chatter will change your experience in this existence from the dark to the light.

Part 2 of 2 – GUIDANCE FOR YOUR LIFE - Wisdom For Your Soul 
“Fear and Doubt Can Only Live in the House You Build” -  Rebroadcast from August 30, 2014

Hello everybody. Welcome to the show. Today's topic is "Fear and Doubt Can Only Live in the House You Build." We are very happy to be with you today. It's a beautiful day. And you know, at a certain time of your life every day is a beautiful day. And I wish that I could help people to understand that every day is a beautiful day. We're blessed to be on the planet, we're blessed to be doing what we're supposed to be doing, and I'd like everybody to hold a thought for our dear friend Joan Rivers as she hopefully tries to regain consciousness after her medical emergency. She's brought a lot of laughs to a lot of people. Made a lot of people really angry. But I think she's pretty remarkable for 81 years old. So I am praying. I hope you all do too. 

A couple of days ago I tweeted, yes, Hans King is tweeting if anyone can believe that. I tweeted something that Spirit said to me. Guidance said: "I'd like them to understand that fear and doubt can only live in the house they build." I want everyone to stop for a moment and think about that. What does that mean? It means that fear and doubt are an illusion manufactured in the mind. It is not really true. Yes, there are horrific events that happen in some people's lives, wars, accidents, things of that nature... But for most people that does not happen. And some day we will talk a little bit about what happens when those events occur. 

But for most of us the greatest, probably most difficult thing we face in life is the illusion generated by the mind chatter. I once said to someone: Do you realize that nothing you are saying is actually going on? And she stopped me and she was quite angry and she said: Well of course it's going on. It's this and this and that and that... She went down this list and she said: I've been afraid since I was a little girl and all of these things that could have happened to me... And I stopped her. And I said: Could have happened to you, but they didn't. No, but she said: I was afraid and I was eager to get out of the circumstances. And I tried to help her to understand that she built a house to receive fear and doubt. 

They're old friends you know. They go out together, have lunch, what have about how they can best mess up what you're doing in life. But if you would understand that deep inside of you are a series of rooms and doors, love is one of those doors for those rooms. Fear is one of those rooms. And when you begin to understand: Oh, wait a minute! Are you saying to me that I'm attracting the fear and the doubt to myself because I actually have built the room to receive it? And I would say: Yes. And then you begin the long journey of trying to prove to me that isn't so. 

Remember all that is coming towards you is coming out of your own fear, your own mind chatter. Alfred would you jump in here for a little bit and tell me of your experience. The reason I bring Alfred in is he has a much younger experience and it is different than my experience.

Fear and doubt really, from a spiritual perspective, don't exist. And what does that mean from my point of view is the worst absolute thing that can happen, that you could be fearful of, that you would be doubtful of is you leave the human body and go back to the Other Side which is reality. You're only here temporarily for the existence of the soul having a human experience.

And the illusion of being in the existence.

Yes. And the illusion and the difficulty of overcoming the illusion. So if you think about what's the worst thing you fear... what is it? Going back to the Other Side, going Home, going to a wonderful world of peace and harmony?

Well gee Alfred, aren't we all going to do that anyway?

We are. And if you put it in that perspective, what could you really fear? Oh, I may not succeed this lifetime. Okay. Well, you go back to the Other Side and say: Oh, let me give that another shot. And you come back down. There is no time. You can come back down and reincarnate as many times as you want. Just because you didn't do as well as you think you could, fine. You go back up to the Other Side and review it and you have another go at it. I think that's probably the other thing that's most worried about is: Am I going to do well this life? Well you don't have to worry about that either.

No, you don't Alfred. You couldn't be more correct. Because you see folks, this is but a "click" in time. If you've ever listened to a Grandfather Clock, "click"... "click"... "click". That's your life. The largeness of your life is that you have billions of "clicks". Now I'm not saying to you that you should hurry up and run Home. No, no, no. On the contrary, what you want to do is hurry up and learn your lessons. You've heard me often speak about: And what makes you think that anything is wrong? 

Things are thrown at us and... For instance, I made the mistake yesterday and I don't know what I was thinking... of turning on the News. And the 2 channels that are side-by-side are FOX and MSNBC. And I watched one for 5 minutes and watched the other for 5 minutes then turned them off. Because all they are is someone's "opinion" of what's going on. People who have absolutely no comprehension, no inside information, nothing. They're just making it up. You see? 

And that's what we do in our life, Alfred, is that the way we are trained, the way life is presented to us as a child through our family, our fears are the fears of our fathers. Our fears are the fears of our mothers, our grandmothers, our grandfathers, our siblings. Our fears were never with us when we came in. There are, children, exceptions to that rule. Always an exception to every rule. The exception being sometimes someone has suffered what you have hear me refer to as "a trauma to the soul." And when that happens, when that occurs, sometimes there's what I call a "carry-forward-memory." That's when I find the value of past life regression. 

Now I know Alfred you've gone for past life regression and you found some things and I believe you found it quite helpful. Is that right?

That really was amazing because I remember a long time ago when I was in the Boy Scouts I actually had my Life Saving Merit Badge. I was a Lifeguard. But for some reason, during Lifeguard training, they wanted us to dive beneath the pier. And about 15 Lifeguards dived beneath the pier to check if everything was okay and popped up the other side and I sort of looked at that and I said: I'm not doing that. And I was the only one. And it just... pure white fear came over my body and I absolutely could not understand why I did not like swimming underneath things. I could swim anywhere. I could swim a mile no problem at all. But not underneath things. 

And then finally I had a past life regression and it was because I had drowned because something had been on top of me like a ship or something.  And I specifically remember the exact same feeling when I went through my past life regression. Now, did it exist? Does it exist? It existed in the past and it's a carry-forward memory but it doesn't exist in the "now."

No, it doesn't. And folks, here's a little homework you can do over the next week. If something's bothering you, something you heard strikes a little bit of a fear cord in you, or some doubt arises on a subject, stop yourself for a minute and say: Is this true? Is any of this true? Is this an actual fact or is my mind making it up because I have a place inside of me to believe something bad could happen. But is what is going on right now actually true or is it my mind chatter's interpretation? And if you start to do that, Alfred, with everything that comes up that's fearful or scary, you will literally change your life forever.

And that's an interesting way to look at it is is look at fear and doubt from a spiritual perspective. Fear and doubt are "human." I'm not going to have enough money, I'm not going to find a partner, this is not going to happen or that is going to happen. All of that is about control, security. Those things are the complete opposite of spirituality which is abundance is unlimited, love is unlimited, your soul is unlimited. The humanness of us worries about: Do I have enough time? Am I going to run out of time? Spiritually speaking Einstein knew this - there is no time. 

No. You can't run out of it then.

So if you get into a place of fear and doubt about anything, look at it and say: Am I being human? Am I looking at this from a human perspective? If I look at it from a spiritual perspective can those things I'm worrying about even exist? 

Excellent. Thank you very much. And that's the interesting thing is is what we're thinking about true? Does it actually exist? Or have I been so programmed that I've built a room in the house of my soul that provides me a space to put that fear, to put that doubt, to put that anger? You've heard me throughout the years... I love this old British saying that says: You see what you look for you know. But does anybody actually hear that? It's an old metaphysical saying that comes out of pure truth - You see what you look for you know. That's the room in the heart that you provide for the fear and the doubt to scare you. 

I once told you that 96 to 98% of everything we ever worry about - this is a scientific study – 96 to 98% of everything we ever worry about actually never occurs. But we spend upwards of 37% of our waking day being concerned about it. Now folks just think what you could do with that 37%.

Be peaceful. Be happy. Be joyful. Be grateful. Be in the moment.

Be peaceful. Go to the park with a loaf of cheap bread and feed the ducks. They don't care whether it's cheap or not. They love the carbohydrates. Just do something. Do something differently. Don't operate any longer out of fear and doubt because you are all baby angels having this incredible human experience. 

And stay off the News. We've got so many wonderful channels out there now from the Discovery Channel to HGTV. All kinds of wonderful channels doing all kinds of wonderful things. We have that now. If you want to watch TV, watch those things. I drive my folks a little crazy because I'm really fond of HGTV. And I watch how things are built, I watch how things are cooked. I like the Food Channel. That type of thing. And that's really, to me, quite enjoyable. Alfred he likes his Jeep Building and Car Building Shows. So find something that's fun, that's light. But watch even when you're doing that often the mind chatter begins. Okay? 

Alfred talk about that a minute. That in the middle of doing something quite wonderful the little devil tends to creep in.

Well if you're in the moment usually it doesn't. But sometimes if you're out, say going for a walk, there'll be something... oh your mind chatter, your ego, your program that says: Shouldn't you be thinking about this? Shouldn't you be worrying about that? And it will take you out of the moment and bring you to what possibly could happen in the future or what you should be considering doing or what you could be doing other than being in the moment.

Um hmm.

Okay? And that I think is your best spiritual defense is to say... The thing that I do is if something like that happens, I say: Okay, if this is a valid thought, I kindly request the Other Side to remind me of it when I'm done being in the moment.


If it's not a valid thought then They're not going to remind me.

(Still Laughing) That's right. Get the heck away from me... Folks find always the humor in how you succumb to the mind chatter. Make it funny. Make it a joke. You know every once in awhile I'll say: Oh, there you go again silly thing! There you go again. So even in my life and all the teachers I know, to the person, I can tell you people who periodically the mind chatter gets the better of them and they forget to lock the room, the door where they are saying it's okay to come in. 

You've got to lock that up. Draw a picture. Get some paper, draw a picture of a room with a big lock on it. Picture yourself drawing some keys and mark that room "Fear and Doubt." This is your home for Fear and Doubt.  But as of today, this very moment, you're going to lock that door. And you're going to take that key and you're going to throw it into the woods, you're going to throw it into the ocean. And when you're doing that you are saying: I give you no more power to exist in me today and for the rest of this incarnation. I am free of this fear. I am free of the doubt. It has no home here. I am free. 

Now you may have to do that, gentle friends, over and over and over again. But in the end you will win. Always. Because it was never attached to you in the first place. You already had all the love, all the acceptance, all the non-judgment, all the joy is your birthright in the human form as your soul entered that form. You were complete at that moment. All the rest is an add-on. It's an addendum. It has nothing to do with who you are. Now you didn't know you were building the room to hold the fear and the doubt. Because we were born into a world that segregates out humanness and replaces it with fear and doubt. 

I remember watching a movie... it was something out of India or Indian... I forget who it was. But I remember the Professor Godbole when James Fox is running around and saying: I can't find my tie pin and all... And he says: I have to get to the court because she's up in the court for the trial and all that. And Professor Godbole said: What are you going on about? He said: I have to be there. I have to help. And Godbole stopped him and he said: Young man what makes you think that you have anything whatsoever to do with the outcome of this trial? It has it's own life and it will proceed down that road.

That's a really good point is one of the most important aspects we're taught, as human, is that "you" are the person who is in control of your life, "you" are the person who can get what you need to serve out of this life. That is a very human thought. That is a very separating thought. In that line of thought you are separating yourself from the humanness. You have yourself. And God's going to say: Okay great. If you think you've got it figured out, go for it. We're just going to hang back here and relax.


And as many of you know, spiritually speaking, the complete opposite is to surrender the outcome. So what we're doing is we're pointing out that the reason fear and doubt exist in your life is because there is an aspect of your life that is human and simply consider applying a spiritual principle in that area such as control and surrendering.

Lock the door. Because the greatness of your spirituality far exceeds any power that any mind chatter, fear or doubt, could ever have over you. When we say to you: Not my problem - we don't mean to insult you. What we're saying is your problem that you're going through is made up by you. It is not my problem. I don't wish to be upset by what you're doing. Why are you doing that? 

I had the pleasure to speak to a woman yesterday. She was so caught up in fear and doubt that it had literally destroyed all the possibilities in her life. She never took a partner because her mother once said to her: Yes, but they can leave you. Because her father did. She never got a good job because her mother said: It's a shame you're going to have to find a man someday to take care of you because you're just not bright enough. She bought that. 57 years of it. None of it was true. None of it will ever be true. 

But she provided a space. In other words she built a house for that sadness, that pain, that doubt to live in. And she made certain that she fed that by proving that nothing had happened good for her and what she couldn't see was that she had never allowed anything "good" to happen for her. She became a victim of her own consciousness. And when I tried very hard with Spirit to remove it, she tried very hard to put it back in place. 

For those of you who are healers and teachers, for those of you who work in the work that I work in, Alfred works in, sometimes folks, people have built such large homes to house their fear and doubt that you couldn't knock them down with a bulldozer. Alfred you know this to be so.

If you identify with it, if you think it is you, if you think you're past makes up who you are, there's really nothing we can do to help you.


That's it. If you understand that your past is simply that - the past. It is nothing more than a memory, if you understand that your past has made you stronger, built your character, be grateful for your past - but it is not where you are. Where you are is in the moment. Then you have a place to move out of that to say: No, this is where I am. That does not exist. It is not who I am. I am where I am in the moment. Those things are now are not me. I have choice. And that's what we're trying to teach you.

Okay, that's very good. Just hold it there for a second. Choice. Alfred, do you know that most people don't believe they have a choice out of fear and doubt?

Because we're not told we have choice...


We're told you have to drink Coke and... And I just saw on a commercial today the newest thing - exercise your face to look younger.

(Hans laughing)

You have to look younger so you have to exercise your face.

Yes, that's it.

You have to look slimmer, you have to earn more money, your car has to be newer. Are you tired of driving that boring old car?

Oh my goodness...

Wouldn't you want a nice new car to show everybody how successful you are? 

Isn't that funny how we're taught from Day 1, and as most of you know, I have a soapbox for this... We're taught from Day 1 - we're not quite good enough. Here's what we have to do. We have to eat Wheaties so we look like an athlete. We have to have our hair colored so we can look like the gal on the box of Clairol. We have to look and dress a certain way. Our bodies have to be a certain way. Folks, 99% of all people age and there really and truly isn't much you can do about it but watch your eating, exercise and be sure that you have a good mental attitude. 

Our friend Joan Rivers, whether you like her or you don't like her, has actually gotten better with age. She truly has. She's at the absolute height of her career. And for those of you who've ever watched, I think it was in 2011 or 2012, her movie... It's amazing because she is, without a doubt, what many of you are - Survivors. She doesn't have a place in her heart to say she can fail. 

I want every one of you to not have a place within you that says: I'm not good enough. You know one of the biggest products that we have out that reaches more people than anything we do is: “You Are Enough.” Why? Because most people don't know that's true. There is nothing you're ever going to do for the rest of your life that  will ever make you better than who you already are. 

Oh, you can dress differently. You can live in a big house. You can have lots of money. But it all goes away one day folks. It all goes away. And what you are left with is the essence of you. Just the divine baby angel who came to visit in the human form. You are eternal. You are love itself. You are the radiant aspect of the Spirit in human form. Therefore what you want to always understand is that Spirit is your Source. Spirit is walking with you. Spirit is holding you. Spirit is saying gently to you: Mmmmm... You deserve better than that. You see? You deserve better than that. Don't build a room or a house for fear and doubt. Build a house of love, acceptance. I am enough. Not only for today but forever. 

I had an interesting experience, Alfred, today. I had a wonderful client who had called and in speaking with her, she was still caught up in her childhood and her teens and early 20's with her family. She was so caught up with this that she actually believed that she was still in that. Although the parents, the grandparents, were all dead. They were all gone. They were all back in the Other Side. 

But she was still living in the pain, in the doubt, in the fear, the anger, the resentment. She was still in that place screaming out: Why? Why? Why did that happen? Look what happened to my life. Rather than say: Whew! I'm glad I'm out of that! I'm not going to let that come into my life anymore. That was then. I'm not that person. I'm a different person. I'm this person here. A person in love, in light, of myself. 

Now folks, many of you actually believe the pain in your life. You believe it. But if you stop for just a moment and you say: You know, let me think about this for a minute. Why am I still in pain over something that happened 25 or 30 years ago? You see, you're in it because you built the house for it to stay. You built the house for it to live and you feed it continuously. And until you stop feeding the pain, the disappointment, the fear, it will continue to live in the house that you have built that you don't know you built. 

So folks, right now what I want you to hear... what I want you to hear is that “love abounds”. You may everything in the world that you need. But if you don't have peace... and you don't have love... you don't have anything. And you're in charge of that. Because if there's not someone in your life right, you be the one who you need to hug... for now. Okay?

Alfred, I think that will conclude the lesson for today. 

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