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“Death and The Soul's Passing”- by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“Death and The Soul's Passing”- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: Death and The Soul's Passing
April 13, 2015

Hello everyone. Today's topic is "Death and the Soul's Passing." It's one of the toughest things that ever happens to us is the anticipation of someone passing and the actual passing. So many of us are connected to another person so strongly that the very idea of them leaving us, or abandoning us and going on without us, is terrifying. There's another fear, Alfred, that comes up... and I hear it a lot from people: Have they moved on beyond me? Will they still be here for me? Will they still be guarding me and taking care of me? The answer is "absolutely."

They don't move on beyond you. They go into their own new thing that they have to do. But remember that the time of the Spirit is very rapid. A day for them is like a month to us. Okay? So they don't view the time so much so they don't feel its been so long since they've been gone. 

But it is a terrible time when someone that you have loved very much has to say goodbye. But they're really not leaving. They're simply going into that dimension that you go into every night that you go to sleep. And therefore you are still totally available to them. It's in the nighttime. And then in the daytime, you can ask them to help you with specific areas in your life - what you'd like to have done. In other words, most people I have found let the person who has passed away go - literally. They let them go. Even though they believe in their heart that that person can help them, they don't include them, they don't give them things to do.

And that's one of the things that I think that a lot of people need to look at is why we feel that we need to abandon those that we love. And one of the things that Spirit has said to me was: They never leave us. But they, which is us, most always leave them. And I said: Why? They said: Because it's too painful to call us up in consciousness. He said: Include us. Include your mother, or your father, your grandma. Include them in your life. Your child... include them in your life - on a daily basis. Speak to them in the morning when you get up. I like to say: Give them things to do. They absolutely love that. Because they're not supposed to interfere, Alfred, unless we give them permission to do so.

Absolutely. And the truth of what we're trying to say here about death is those souls who have passed, in reality, love us even more, and support us even more, and want to be with us and help us even more from the Other Side.

Very true, very true.

And since they've let go of the humanness...

Their human perceptions.

Yes. All they are is unconditional love. So the normal way, should we say, the human way, the mind chatter way, is to view death as something wrong. Yes, of course, you can mourn the person. Yes, of course, you can remember all of the good things that happened. But the truth is that that soul is around you and wants to be involved in you, at least, if not more, than that person was when they were here on earth.

Um hmm. Do we have any other questions on Death, Alfred?

Oh, we absolutely do have more, Hans. How do you deal with the mind chatter of somebody passing?

That's a tough one. Because the mind chatter has its own perception of your relationship with that person. By that it may say: I never got to say this... or they never said that to me. And it gets the mind chatter involved. Rather than say: I love that person and they love me and I know they're going to be there for me as I proceed down the path. We start going into memory and finding pain and say: Oh, I wish this could have happened... or I wish my mom had said this... or my dad had said that. And we go into a place where the mind chatter just begins to explode in pain. And that's the time when you want to say: You know what? None of this is true. I'm not going to allow this mind chatter to interfere with my love for the person who's crossed over.

Sometimes, Alfred, when people pass over, there are a lot of what I'm going to call lost expectations - things that might have been, things that could have been said. But remember, that person only came into this life to assist you on your journey. And so no matter what it appears like, that person was here to be a mirror and a growth partner with us.

So is it okay to grieve someone's passing?

Oh, Heaven's yes. Absolutely. But in your grief, don't grieve for them. Grieve for the appearance of the loss of their presence. That's what you can grieve for. They're fine. They're beautiful. They're okay. We're the ones who are left with the problem. So yes, you can grieve them but remember we're really grieving the loss that we feel of their identity and their personage. We miss being able to hug them, or pick the phone up. 

I still picked the phone up for a year, a year and a half, after my father died to call him. I never told anybody that. But I did it all the time. Because for 47 years I did. And it's very hard to simply shut that off, Alfred, and say: Oh, just don't do that anymore. That's not how the human psyche works. Okay? But as I developed my relationship with my dad, after he was gone, the need for being able to do that diminished. Okay?

What about how we make them feel? For example, the difference between us being sad that they're gone or us being happy remembering their life. Do they feel that on the Other Side?

Absolutely. And this is what I try to say to people, Alfred: You're making them feel bad. Don't do that. And people get mad at me and say: How can you say those types of things? Because it's true. They feel... As I like to say: When you smile Spirit smiles. When you laugh Spirit laughs. Always. So if you're wandering around crying all the time and depressed and suicidal thoughts and all of that stuff, they feel that, they hear that, and then they feel bad that they caused you pain.

But each person in our life, for as long as our life on This Side exists, has a contract with us. And those contracts don't always mean that that persons stays with you for the entirety. It doesn't mean that. So enjoy the person while they're here, love them while they're here, knowing that they did not go anywhere you're  not. There's the key, children. They did not go anywhere that you're not going. And Christ said: I go before you to prepare a room for you in my father's house. 

In other words... Let's say your mom or your dad passes away, they're going back home again. And when they do, they prepare a space for you when your time here is over. The love never dies. You don't love your parents, or your lover, or your loved one, or your doggy, or whatever... you don't love them less because they left you. Love was eternal.

And I think that's it for the questions we have on Passing, Hans.

Alrighty. This is a very, very difficult subject everyone. And each and every one of you will face this subject, if you live a normal life span, several times in your lifetime. But remember, they are right beside you “always” in consciousness.

Okay, Alfred, I think that will conclude the lesson for today.

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