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“The Appearance of Lost Dreams”- by Hans Christian King Spiritual Radio Show Transcription

“The Appearance of Lost Dreams”- by Hans Christian King 
Spiritual Radio Show Transcription
with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: The Appearance of Lost Dreams
March 8, 2015

Hello everybody. What a beautiful day today. Thank you for joining us! Our topic today is "The Appearance of Lost Dreams." I opened my emails this morning and I had 122 Prayer Requests. And I started busily on those as I do because I open each one and pray on the issue for each person. And I would say that probably I've gone through 30 this morning and answered them as best I can. And all of them, almost all of them, had to do with Lost Dreams - The Appearance of Lost Dreams.

Something doesn't happen that we put our heart into. We work so hard and a relationship may flounder, a business may flounder, a job may flounder... Any number of things happen as we're moving through our life. But I would like you all to remember - that the Spirit sees everything. And sometimes They try to warn us and They'll say: Oh, the timing is not quite right for this. Or: Not quite right for that. And we have this little hesitation before we set out but we're going to do it anyway. So sometimes what happens is, we're actually Alfred, in front of our own timing. You've had that happen to you haven't you?

Absolutely. Even if you know something is "for you," you just have this gut feeling - “time is not real” - especially in terms of spiritual awareness. You may be aware that something is for you. But when it happens in physical form, when it manifests itself on this side, it's all about the flow. Are  all the important people in the flow? Are you in the flow? And sometimes things just don't flow, they just don't gel, and sometimes you're just way ahead of things. That's really tough.

Yes. It is because, Alfred, so many times what we do is we pin a hope or a dream onto God loving us. You see? And when it doesn't happen, in our time-frame, it's not necessarily that it's not going to happen, but if it doesn't happen in our time-frame we begin to think: Oh my God, God must not love me, what did I do wrong, maybe my belief system isn't correct, and we begin to tear our belief apart. 

Now what I want to say to you... Remember I always talk about my friend Alexandra, everybody? And when anything would have the appearance of harming her dream, or anything like that, she would turn to it and say to God these words: Oh, I wonder what lesson is in this for me today? And she said to me: Honey, it almost was always that I was doubting my own belief. I didn't know, she said, when God had this. This is when I wanted this to be done. And she's now 102 and she said: But I've learned in my long life, she said, that most everything I ever prayed for came true. One way or another, it came true. And so the lesson she learned was not have a time-frame affixed to a dream. 

When you remove the time scenario from a dream, you let Spirit run with it, literally. And yes, you may say: I'd like to buy this house. And you and your partner, you get together, you put your resources together, you iron out your financing, you look at the possibilities and the cost of moving and everything and you finally get it together and you say: Okay, this is the house we want and this is the dream we have. And you say: I'm giving this to Spirit. And then Spirit doesn't buy the darn house. Oh, dear what happened? You weren't supposed to have that house. It's very simple.

Alfred, have you noticed that in your short life, that you get what you're supposed to have at the right time?

And that's really, really, really tough to reflect upon. But the most wonderful thing is the more spiritually aware you become, the more you let go of your past, the more you see your past for what it is... I never saw all the miracles that happened to me in my past because I was so angry at the time. But once you let go of the anger, the blame, the could've, should've, would've, you let go of all that stuff. Then you finally get to see your past and what really happened and all the miracles that happened in your past. You don't really see them when they happen. It's when you can really reflect upon your past clearly, that you see them.

Absolutely, Alfred. And therein lies the crux of the teaching for today. BELIEVE. If you hold absolute belief... Now, let's use the housing situation... You can attach it to anything that you want. Rather than say: I would like the experience of having that house. Say: I would like to have the experience of a house that has some of these and many of these characteristics and here's how I would like to feel when living in the house. Then you remove from the 'have to have that house' from Spirit. And you say: I believe that a house like that, that has everything I need, is on the way, at the right time. And that's how you begin to dream. A dream is a wish the heart makes. Okay? I think Disney said that. "A dream is a wish the heart makes."

Life, for most of us, is actually longer than we imagined. It's short, but it's longer than we can  imagine. And you're not going to pass away, you're not going to get sick, nothing's going to happen to you on the way to your dream - if you believe. You're going to get a cold, there may be a fender-bender, there may be a lost job. I remember very well, Alfred, this young couple, husband and wife, and they wanted to get their dream house as all couples do. And they applied and they barely passed it because they were both very young with their credit, but they got the loan. And the day after they got the loan, she was let go. Through no fault of her own. The company just decided that they were going to down-size, first hired, first fired. And she says: Hans what do I do? And I said: Tell the loan company. Be honest. Go to the loan company and tell them. 

Do you know what the loan company did? They talked to the escrow people and they gave them a 60 day extension on the deal. And during that 60 days, within a week and a half, she actually got another job that made her, not much but maybe $300, $400 a month more. She called the loan company, the escrow people, and boom they were in the house. And she said: What did it for me Hans, is you told me to believe that the experience was mine.

Don't give up on your dreams because your mind chatter is busy telling you it didn't happen this way therefore it can't happen. Because nothing children, nothing, can be further from the truth. You remember that old saying that says: The Lord moves in mysterious ways, the wonders to be hold.

Where my sadness comes is when I see my beautiful students and all my friends out there and they have a dream and the dream gets squashed in their opinion. In their eyes they see their dream squashed. I'll give you an example. I know this gentleman... Met this wonderful lady and they just hit it right off and within 6 months he asked her to marry him. And she said: Well of course, I'd love to be your wife. Okay, sounds great. So he's busy and she's busy making all of these plans and she woke up one morning and she said: I don't think this is going to work for me. And he had said to me already: I don't think there's anybody I could ever love more than her. So he was pre-setting it. So she came to him and said: Honey, I love you very much but this isn't going to work for me. And she said, rather than continue the relationship, I think I will end the relationship. But know that I love you very much. But I don't feel marriage is the place I need to go.

He was devastated. He called me, he's crying. Set up 2 appointments to try to work it out. And I said: What you are saying isn't true. He said: What? I said: You said: I'll never love anyone as much as that person again. I said: You don't know that. You don't know that whatsoever. He said: No, I know how I am. He said: I'm 42 years old. This is the greatest love I've ever had. I said: It is an opening for you. It has taught you how to love. Now your true love will come in. 5 months lady, sure enough, in comes this other lady, out of nowhere and they are now married and have a little daughter. And he said to me during his Christmas salutations, he said: Hans, I would never have believed it without you. I said: It had nothing to do with me. You changed yourself enough to allow for the miracle to happen. 

So "The Appearance of Lost Dreams" is only an appearance. It is not a reality. Alfred, anything you'd like to say on this so far? You always have these pearls of wisdom.

A lot of it has to do with simply trusting. Number one, that if you have a dream, that Spirit did hear you. You don't have to pray a million times. That They heard your dreams. But even more important than trusting that They heard you is the simple belief that each one of us has a dharma - a path in life - that we actually had a huge part of creating. And when we come down here, the Other Side has agreed to help walk us through those experiences that we asked to experience. If your dreams, if your requests, are in bounds of helping you experience those things that you wished to, according to your dharma, then they probably will appear in one form or another. 

But the huge aspect of this is those things that you dream for that would take you off your path, are purposefully excluded, as per your instructions.


Okay? So you really have to believe in the cycle of incarnation and the review process and that 'you' actually created your dharma. 'You' are the one who determined what would be in and not be in your life.


So if you get over here and all of a sudden you see something oh, shiny, pretty, I want that! And the Other Side says: No, you purposefully told us not to give you that because you wanted this over here.

Right. You know Alfred, this conversation feeds into spiritual teachings that say: What makes you think anything's wrong? It sounds sort of crass, but there's a teaching: Why are you thinking that anything's wrong? That's using a lower vibration. Okay? Many of you may not be Country and Western fans but I'm a huge Garth Brooks fan, and in one of his songs he says, and I've said this many times before... He says: Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers. 

And I think we need to all hear that. You're not abandoned. You're not alone. Spirit hears you. No matter what your mind chatter says to you, They're working on the deal. Doesn't matter what the deal is kids, They're working on it. And you can say to me: Well Hansie, I've been alone for 20 years. No, you're not. And then I would say to you: And why are you making yourself alone? There are 320 million people in the United States of America. But you think there's no one for you? 

But sometimes when somebody leaves us, or a relationship doesn't pan out and we're heart-broken, that's a real term – heart-broken - we believe that we better lock ourself in a closet lest we get hurt again. On the contrary, turn to that little child inside of you and say: If not this one, God is then sending the next because God has my back and God knows what's best for me. And you can go ahead and cry, you can go ahead and moan and groan, and  you know have a good cry-day. And that's perfectly fine. Spirit doesn't care. But don't stay there and don't believe what its telling you. Okay?

That's a really tough one, a lot of times, for people to hear that they are the reason something or someone is not showing up in their life.

That's right. It's like the man who's standing at the subway station and all the subway trains keep going by because he never gets on when the door opens and saying why can't I catch a train?

Yes, I don't know how many times you've said...even recently at Agape, where we're going to be teaching classes, that when somebody says I want a relationship and you tell them: Well you need to take the Not Available sign off your heart...

Off your forehead actually... 

ALFRED: your forehead. And they wonder why they're not getting a relationship.

What I say is: How about taking the No Vacancy sign off your forehead?

So a lot of that again has to do with the inner work to see not just your past clearly but see where you are presently clearly. To say: If you want a relationship, did you do your inner work so that your soul shines through so that your soul mate can find you. Okay?

Alfred, I think that will conclude the lesson for today.


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