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“What if There is Nothing Wrong?” by Hans Christian King - Spiritual Radio Show transcription

with Hans Christian King
and Alfred Ricci
Topic: What if There is Nothing Wrong?
December 28, 2013

Hello everyone this is Alfred, the young Padawan to The Modern Day Mystic Himself. You all know that I work along with Hans Christian King. And this is GUIDANCE FOR YOUR LIFE. Hans and I are going to be on vacation from now until the end of January. And during that time we're going to be bringing to you the Best Of Guidance for Your Life and Modern Day Mysticism Radio Shows. These are the shows that people have listened to the most and the topics that people have requested the most. Hope you enjoy!

Tonight's topic – "What if There is Nothing Wrong”. A perception is merely an opinion of something. It is through out mind's desire to protects us that events are categorized as good or bad, right or wrong. What if there is never ever is anything wrong and there is no reason for your mind to create Ego. Could your body, mind and soul embrace the notion that the less you try to protect yourself and the more you are open to "feeling" the more readily you can achieve a spiritual state of "being". Without further ado, I present to you Hans Christian King.

Good evening everyone. How nice to be with you. Alfred and I are down here in Merida, in Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula. Weather's beautiful. So many times you've heard me say: “What if you found out there was really nothing wrong?” A lady asked me the other day: “Where did that come from?” Well, I've heard it twice. One of the two times I was in a place called Iutia to the north of Bangkok in Thailand and I was talking to a Buddhist Monk. I forget what I was talking about, but he said: “Well Sir, what if you found out that there wasn't anything wrong?How would your mind handle that?” And I have to tell you I simply started immediately looking to prove him wrong. But what if you actually found out that all the fussing, and the worrying, all the carrying on that goes on through your mind, doesn't amount to a hill of beans? Because there is nothing wrong. As Alfred pointed out a moment ago, it's simply our perception. 

On our journey to happiness, it is we who cause ourselves not to be happy. Can you hear that? On our journey to happiness, it is we who cause ourselves not to be happy. That's very hard to quite understand because your intention is there. You're saying, “Well yes, I want to be happy.” But the mind chatter, my famous mind chatter, does a complete about face and starts to have judgments about what is wrong. And as our mind begins to develop judgments of what is wrong, making us feel dissatisfied, our minds tries to protect us. Changing our behavior to isolate us. So what our mind chatter does is thinks that it is helping us. And so it builds this cocoon around us in the name of protection. In the name of loving us. But what it's really doing is changing our behavior to isolate us. You see? So it's making a perceptional judgment on it's own of what is right, what is wrong. And it's saying: “Oh this is wrong. Or that doesn't work.” And I'm here to tell you tonight that the mind chatter is absolutely incorrect. 

Our mind actually believes the media or others opinions. I was watching a TV show tonight, I think it's called "Network". And Jane Fonda is, I believe, on the show and she was talking about how we in the U.S. are led so much of the time by the media. Even when the media is lying to us and telling us the wrong thing. And because it's "on air", because it's being spoken by people who should know, we believe that it's correct. This one single thing has caused us to okay how many wars in my lifetime? All led by a perception caused by someone on the television. Our mind believes the media, or others opinions. Causing us never to be peaceful in the moment. So if you turn the TV on and you listen to everybody's opinion...I have a friend of mine, very well known person in the field, and he said: “All it is is a bunch of individual's opinions of what something is”. Opinions. And most of it is what "might" happen, what "could" have happened. Rarely the truth of what "did" happen. So that we believe there is something wrong. 

But what if really there really isn't anything wrong? It's just somebody's opinion of what they think is right and wrong. And we're listening to it and believing it. And the more you listen to this, the more you listen to this, the more you tend to believe it. So what I'm saying to you is: “Try to look at life this way. You make your own judgments based on the fact that truly nothing is wrong”. I know that is a very difficult concept my friends. Because you can make a laundry list of things you can point out to me that's wrong. And I would say to you: “But how do you know that's true?” “Well, because I know it.” No, that's your mind chatter that knows it. If you put 10 people in a room and they all listen to the same lecture from the same person they see on television, you will have 10 people with different opinions of what the person actually said. Now which one do you believe? You don't believe any of them. You listen to your heart. What if, doing less gave you more joy? Think about that. What if doing less made you happy? 

But I'll tell you something, the less you watch television, the less you listen to the radio, the happier you will be. If you turn to FOX Network, or MSNBC, or any of the stations, all you're going to do is put yourself in a position to become upset. There is nothing children, nothing you can actually do about what's being done on television except refuse to give it the power to upset you, to infect you with anger and rage and disappointment, judgments, opinions. You don't know the individual. You would have now way of knowing who Mr. Obama is or who Mitt Romney is. You would have no way of knowing it. So why not let go and let God? You do less and find more joy. What if worrying less gave you more time to be peaceful? Now there's a concept, isn't it? What if worrying less gave you more time to be peaceful? Just think of all the things you could do with your daily life if you just could stop having judgments, opinions, worries...all of that stuff. None of which is true. 

What if you could go back to acting like a child? Do you remember way back then we you made up life? You made up your experiences. You fantasized. You were a buccaneer or a fantasized on flying. How many of you used to go flying? Do you fly anymore? No, because the mind is so weighted down now with all the stuff. I want to just add something here for just a second. You remember awhile back when I said to you: “When I was a very young man I asked Spirit what the bottom line in life is.” And I did not hear anything. And I waited, and waited...still didn't hear anything. And then one day I heard these words: “Hans, how you loved and how you allowed yourself to be loved is all that there is; there is nothing more. Now get on with your life, son.” How you loved, and how you allowed yourself to be loved...I have a dear friend of mine who's under tremendous pressure because they believe that certain things have to be done at a certain time in a certain way. All what's going on in their life they created. All the stress they created. All in a very decent, honorable intention. And so the other day I said to them: Why don't you just let it go? And they proceeded to give me a laundry list of why they couldn't just let it go. And I said: “Why not?” “Well...” “No, that's not true. That's your mind's perception of what's happening.” 

Sometimes children, sometimes you have to sit your mind down. Okay? And you have to say: “We need to have a chat.” We need to look at why it is that you pour tons of work on yourself and then claim you have no time to get anything done. We need to understand why it is that every third thought in your mind is of a "worrying" kind. What if you started each day and made yourself calm enough to change your day by staring at a single flower? Think of what I just said here. What would happen if you made yourself calm enough to change your day by staring at a single flower. Can you imagine how that would change your day? Not running to find the car keys, not trying to find your wallet or your purse, not a laundry list of what has to be done today and oh my goodness, where's the list? I can't live without the list. I have to have the list. I have to add something to the list. What if you just got up and stopped for a moment and stared at a flower? In that moment is all that there actually is. There is no pick up the laundry, there is no pick up the kids, there is no get to work on time...none of it. 

All those things are things your mind literally throws at you in order to make itself feel important. Could you ever be still enough to feel that love that flows through you and around you from the Other Side? Could you silent your mind chatter enough to hear the angels that watch over you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear? “You're okay. Don't worry. We've got your back. Everything is fine. It's okay.” Don't listen to your mind chatter. You're good enough for us. Could you allow yourself to know: That you are enough? Just who you are in this moment, right now is enough. Think of that. You've heard me say it for years now. From the Spirit, what if you found out what you are doing, where you are, is enough? There's nothing you need to be. No one you need to become. Nothing you need to do. All that has been manufactured by your mind chatter, your family's mind chatter, your boss' mind chatter. 

You've heard me often say: “That life is an illusion.” “No, it's not...” “Life is an illusion. You're living in someone else's illusion, they're living in your illusion. You live where you chose to live. You married or partnered with a person you chose. You buy the clothes that you choose. You go see the movies that you choose, the restaurants...” But we got caught somewhere along the way to believing that that was happening to us as opposed to our making it happen. We would never want to believe that we are the root cause for all of our pain. We would never want to believe that we bring most of our sadness and sorrow to ourselves. We would never want to believe that we're not good enough. But we say it everyday. You've heard me say that some of the happiest people I've ever known have very little. 

I was talking to a man one day. And he said to me: “I'm so happy to have so little.” And I said: “Why?” He said: “Because I don't have to worry about it. I don't have to worry about someone taking it away. I don't have to worry about insuring it.” He said: “I have way more than enough.” He said: “I have my family, I have friends and I have love.” So no matter what your dharma is, you are already enough, now. Could you ever believe that all there is is this moment? You don't have yesterday, because it's gone. You don't have tomorrow because it hasn't arrived yet. You just have this moment. And if you have that conversation with the brain and you said: “I choose, from this day forward not to listen to your erratic behavior. I choose from this moment, to be peaceful. I choose not to be fearful. I choose to live in joy.” Now when you do that, lots of your friends, family members will look at you like you're slightly cuckoo. But that's not your problem is it? I know people who deliberately think all night about what they're going to say to somebody the next day. Unbelievable. Rather than getting rest and relaxing, they're busy thinking about how they will dialogue with people. Causing themselves stress. 

What about "believing"? That thinking about the past or the future are causing you stress or pain. Do you realize that is happening? Do you realize that you're worrying about something that already happened? You don't need to know why. It happened. When you're crossing other people's illusions and they're crossing yours, there's going to be anger, mis-perception. It will happen. But that was then. So why should you bother with it? And why in the name of all that's holy, would you be worrying about anything that's in your future? It's in the future. It has nothing to do with now. You don't know where you'll be in 5 years. You don't know where you'll be next week. You don't know what's going to happen to you. What if thinking you have the answer is actually limiting your opportunities? Hear that again. What if thinking you have the answer is limiting your opportunities. Oh my goodness. Is that what you want to do? No. Your mind chatter limits everything you do. If you had the answer you wouldn't be asking the question, would you? So thinking you have the answer is limiting our opportunity. 

What if the path to true happiness is by doing and thinking less? Wow, isn't that great? What if the path to true happiness is by doing and thinking less? I know people who have lists of everything they're going to do the next day and the next week. They have it so categorized that every hour, every 1/2 hour, every minute of the day has already been planned out. And if you were to say this to them: “Why don't you stop at the beach on the way back? Talk to the seagulls for 1/2 an hour?” You completely and absolutely throw them...they go crazy. “I can't do that, I have to do this, I have to do that...” 

I've watched these shows..have you been watching these Reality Shows on TV? Have you ever noticed even on the Cooking Channel: “Hurry, Hurry, Hurry -  We're running out of time!” Hurry, Hurry, hurry, hurry... That is what's happened to the United States of America. It's hurry, hurry, hurry. The joy, the peace, loving each other, doing things for each other is gone. Now it's how much can you get done in an hour? And you're not good enough if you're behind. Terrible things. You know one of my favorite songs is: Don't Worry Be Happy. I can hear that song in my head anytime I want to. Think of the simple brilliance of that statement: Don't worry, be happy.  And I can hear people right now saying: Let me me tell you why I can't be happy. Let me tell you why I need to worry. Because this could happen...or that..."could" happen. Stop it. Think of the simple brilliance in that statement, Don't worry, be happy. It sounds like such a simplistic thing. But if you were to incorporate it into your life, oh my goodness, how your life would change. 

We all, at sometime believe something is wrong. But what's the worst that could happen? What is the worst thing? You can die and return home to bliss, alright? So you could die and return home to bliss. Someone around you dies, that person returns home to bliss. Let's say nothing good happens for you this life. You can return and try it again. I know, I'm sounding a little sarcastic here, but I just want you to understand: “Nothing is left to chance.” Nothing. You are so loved by the Universe and you're so busy distancing yourself from the very thing that you're trying to have in your life. You want love and compassion. You want peace and joy. You can't have financial prosperity if you don't have prosperity of the heart. For some people, what is enough? I was talking to a friend of mine awhile back. He was busy complaining to me about his net worth has declined. Folks, his net worth is currently nearly $800 million. But he's afraid he could run out of money. Think about that. Money doesn't solve your problems. You do. You solve your problems by learning to be happy. 

By learning not to worry. Sure there are other things that can happen to you while you're in human form. For instance a bad person does something bad...well, it's horrible and it's sad but God will determine what happens to that person. You don't need to worry about that. Nobody ever gets by with anything. Your job is to continue to let go of trauma and do what you came down here to do. You came down here for all kinds of things. Many times we cause ourselves sadness and pain...many times. Check your behavior. Look at your behavior. Say: “Do I intend everyday to make myself happy today?” Today folks I was in the pool. There were big thunder clouds that went by. And the wind blew. And it blew this leaf into the pool. It was a beautiful leaf and I was looking at it and it was sort of red was a beautiful leaf. And for that moment, there was no other place in the world I wanted to be. For that moment, I was where I wanted to be, doing what I wanted to do and I chose that. Now there are many things that are going on in my life right now that I can choose to fuss and worry and... No, no, no, no. I chose to be in that joy, in that bliss, at that moment. 

You know folks, every once in awhile someone or something does not meet our expectations. We've all been there haven't we? Let's go back to something that we said in the beginning: “What makes us think that anything is wrong?” Just because someone doesn't live up to our expectations of what we want or what we need at the moment does not make them wrong. It makes us wrong. It makes us wrong for demanding that someone else do what we want them to do so we can be happy with them being in our life. Doesn't work that way. Let go of judgment. Let go of opinion. Sometimes what's happening is not what you thought it was going to be. Not what you thought would happen. Remember always that God knows better about what you've asked to experience than what you do. God knows how it's supposed to work in your experience. And once you fully understand: “Oh maybe I'm looking at this wrong.” Have you ever just said to yourself: “Today I intend to be happy.” Self imposed sadness and pain come from trying to control the outcome of what's going on around you. For all of us this has always been a big problem. Trying to control the outcome of that which is around us. 

How many hundreds of thousands of hours have we sat trying to figure out what went wrong? What if nothing went wrong? What if trying to control the outcome caused you the pain? Sometimes children, if we're without a partner we'll run into someone in a restaurant or on the bus or buying a loaf of bread in the market...and we'll look at that person and they'll look at us, and we can hear ourselves say: “Wow, wouldn't that be nice?” Feel grateful that you feel that. By saying: “And it's on the way. And it's on the way.” Not what went wrong. How come God didn't send me a partner? I'm so lonely. You know, I'll never find anybody. We've listed so many ways that we cause ourselves pain and suffering. If you place happiness at the top of the list of things to accomplish this life, wouldn't that be something? Follow my advice: “Don't worry, be happy. Let go of as much judgment and opinion as you can. Let go of your past. It's not you. Find time to be peaceful. Believe you are enough already. Realize you have all you need already. Trust that less is more. All of these things children, if you will listen to them, will change the course, the direction, and the quality of your life.”

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